Pages On Print (Volume 1)

Blog Creator’s Note

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela


It’s done! And it’s all because of you, Chunsas, who have shared your stories, your thoughts and feelings about one man who, in one way or another, however unknowingly, has touched our lives, yes, even through the exabytes, and has become an inspiration and a beloved. My big thank you to all of you for allowing me to post your beautiful, funny, heartwarming, hear-wrenching stories, poems and random thoughts at Pages Bound By 6002.

To Yoochun, I truly hope you get to read these stories. There must be hundreds of thousands of Chunsas, or even millions, out there. Just look at MickyWorld. But these stories only came from a less-than-measly portion of that, twenty to be exact. I know it doesn’t matter that it’s only from twenty Chunsas. So, here are the hearts and minds of those twenty, laid bare for you to see. I’ll do my best to encourage more of them to just write it down, no matter how confusing the feelings get sometimes, or how difficult it is to describe these feelings, always beginning with “I love you because…” and ending with “I don’t really know why I love you. I just do.” For inspiring in me this unique feeling, only felt for you and will only be for you, I thank you from deep in my heart.

To the following Chunsas, whose love for Yoochun made it possible for our cyberpaths to cross: to YC Love: my guru, my Yoda – not in age and looks[!] – but in her wisdom about everything and knowledge about Park Yoochun; to Alyne6002: my personal Korean translator, for being such a sharp proofreader, a funny spazzing partner and a great dongsaeng friend; to Angella, for living up to her name (Chunsa Angella, a positive double whammy if you ask me) and using her wings and pretty much everything at her disposal to help her Unnie deliver this Chunsa love on print to the nearest possible place (and accessible to us fans) where Yoochun might pick it up and read it; to Feby, in whose hands I entrust Angella and Pages on print; to Beanie, for being such a cool bean and adviser; to Grandma of Four, the coolest grandma this side of the universe; to Mraly, for trusting your Unnie with your deepest thoughts and feelings, whether it’s Yoochun-related or not; to Lina, for encouraging little mousey to talk AND to tweet and calling me out when I’m in my little cave, inquiring about my health; to my crazy and funny dongsaengest Jojo, who could always make me laugh with her outrageous tweets, and to all the cool Chunsas I have “met” and made friends with because of Park Yoochun-ssi, gamsahamnida. 감사합니다

And lastly, to the owners of the photos I used in the blog and on this print, I urge you to accept my apologies for taking liberties in using your photos without your express permission, only relying on the goodness of your heart, in the spirit of a Chunsa asking another Chunsa for indulgence, I thank you most sincerely.

And my wish: May there be volume 2.

pages on print 003-2


Pages on print03

Pages on print01

Pages on print04

Pages on print6

Pages on print4

Pages on print5

Pages on print7

Pages on print8

Pages on print9

Pages on print10

Pages on print11

Pages on print3

Pages on print13

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don’t know any other way of loving.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Pages On Print Here

(The file is kind of large so you have to be patient Chunsa. 😊)



16 thoughts on “Pages On Print (Volume 1)”

  1. I’m proud and happy to have been a part of this and I will always be grateful to you mousey for allowing this to happen!


  2. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ….. spechless …. this is really really great …. Owww … it makes me a bit disappointed and regret (to myself) have not been able to contribute . but I hope you will make volume 2 and then I hope I can contribute and share my story about Yuchun who we loved. Thank you very much for sharing and make a great project. Salam 6002. love you all.


  3. @Jellybean Unnie…
    thank you for doing this…it’s such an amazing thing, making this wonderful blog and have it printed and delivered to Korea… with the great help of course of another kind angel chunsa @Angella…

    this is so beautiful and full of chunsa love… I am happy and yeah proud for you unnie for making this possible… great job! Daebak!!!
    *hugs* ❤ ❤ ❤

    and thank you for your kind words, you are indeed my great Unnie chunsa friend… I had so much fun as your spazzing partner all the time kkk!!! 🙂
    I love u CHUNworm/Jellybean Unnie ❤


      1. ^_^
        I also miss your CHUNworm name…
        I really like calling you CHUNworm Unnie coz it’s really you hahaha!
        but anyways… whatever your name it doesn’t matter…
        we just love Yuchun… no matter what username each chunsa uses hahaha!


  4. @Jellybean, sorry for this late comment as I have been busy doing much about nothing.

    You are one talented Chunsa that Yu Chun should be grateful for. Your wisdom belies your years . I am amazed you, as an accountant who is basically a bookworm , comfortable in churning out numbers, is so eloquent with words. Your writings and expressions of love for Yu Chun is most admirable. envy your gifiing.

    I believe your blog is the only one where Chunsas can congregate to share their deep love for him through various expressions. It also fills in the void left by Yu Chun while he is away these 2 years in the military.

    Your generosity in getting the Chunsas’ stories printed into a book for Yu Chun will surely touch him when he realises the sacrifices of time, energy, money and even sleep you have done for him. Maybe you owed him in your past life ? LOL !

    Thank you, and congratulations for a task well executed single-handedly.

    Yu Chun ah, if you read this, I also congratulate you for the blessing of having a fan like Jellybean. Hers in not just words of love. But also works of love.


    1. @Yc Love, I feel shy reading your comment. I don’t deserve such compliments, but I thank you. Let me just say that it was not single-handedly done. You girls were with me. Your words filled the pages. Talking about it with you girls made me determined to make it happen. And without the help of Angella, I don’t know when I would have had the opportunity to deliver it directly, if I get the chance at all. My best bet would have been to post it to his mailbox haha. I know ‘thank you’ is not enough, but I say it in all sincerity coming from my heart. Thank you @Angella, thank you Chunsas.

      “Maybe you owed him in your past life?” – You think so? Haha! So then if I answer question #4 at “A Chunsa’s Thoughts” (Is this a “for life kind of thing” for you?) my answer would be: No. This is “for SEVERAL LIVES kind of thing” for me. We go wayyyy back! LOL! 😀


      1. My dear Jellybean unnie, you are such a dedicate Chunsa and you are amazing. When first time i received you draft i was surprise you can did it very fast.
        Unnie, no need to thank me. I happy to did it and I always think that everyone can do what I did for you ^^
        The magazine is really beautiful and yes Chunsas the magazine was really close to Yuchun now.


  5. @Jellybean..congratulations and thank you once again for doing this. You are an amazing Chunsa. Thank you for allowing me to contribute.
    I sincerely wish that Yuchun will be able to read this very soon ( maybe he has!!!)and am very sure he will be so touched.


  6. Whoever reads this post ( and may not be aware of the outcome) , please know that Yu Chun has acknowledged Jellybean’s compilation of the chunsas’ love for him ,and has autographed the book. A great moment of joy for Jellybean and Angella who delivered the book. We can only rejoice with these 2 girls!


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