Park Yoochun Art Wall

“Human. Mortal. Heavenly.”

20150818150422_mObbCwwnCS copy

“Coated in Yum”

20150818150019_LHwDrCcfZt copy

“Sin in a Suit”

20150818150200_bsRlTkXNhW copy

“Soul’s Interpreter”

20150818150234_BqIJmYZcVV copy

“Dangerous Aspect”

20150818150252_RZYBwHqOZA copy

“Blaze Lighter”

20150818150313_NsETBARGAJ copy 2

“Languid Perfection”

20150818150332_zjjabmNmuY copy

“A Juxtaposition: Hot. Innocent.”

20150818150443_ZUczptvssR copy

“Swagger at a Standstill”

20150818150522_UlORcrMwiT copy 2

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

                                                                                              ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

(Photo credit: Marie Claire Korea)


7 thoughts on “Park Yoochun Art Wall”

  1. @Jellybean, I think many readers may not be aware of your new category on” PYC Art Wall”.

    When we are on Home page and click on his photo on the art wall, nothing happens. I did that yesterday and had no idea why his photo was above your story. It doesn’t bring us to the PYC Art Wall section showing all his Marie Claire shots.

    Unless one goes to MENU and notice the new category “PYC Art Wall” and click on it, we only see a lone photo taken from Marie Claire without any caption or subject. I clicked on your new category today and realised I may not be the only one who is unaware. That may explain why there’s not many comments.


    1. So sorry @YC Love for the confusion. Since this is a Page (not a Post), it is outside the chronological order of posts. It is designed to be in the dropdown menu along with the other Pages (About, Park Yoochun, Chunsa, Contact, etc.). I’m only learning about these things now. I hope I could get the hang of WordPress soon. 😊


  2. @Jellybean, thank you for your clarification. I hope others are better than me and are able to view this page because it’s such a beautiful collection of his pics with your witty captions.:)


  3. I hope to invite the poet Chunsas (ahem… @Yc Love, @abbie.gaile, @graymando6, and others) to write a poem for each of these photos. If only I had the gift, I would. It’s times like these when I wish to be a poet or a painter. Like @Lina says, if only these were real portraits!

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