For Park Yoochun and his Chunsas

To our Yoochun: I wanted to write a book for you, but alas, I am only a reader, not a writer. Nonetheless, this skimpy (for now), unsophisticated looking blog is humbly dedicated to you. I wish to fill it with pages from the lives of people you have touched, people who will stay by your side, wait for you and support you in whatever form, from their own corner of the world.

To Yoochun’s Chunsas: Each of us has a story to tell. Each story is an original but not unfamiliar. This is our book. Let us fill it with pages bound together by 6002.


3 thoughts on “Dedication”

  1. Yu Chun ,if you should ever read this one day, I hope you will be touched by the sincerity and honesty of fans around the world who love you for who you are. It does not matter that you don’t know we exist. But it matters that you continue to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground so we can continue to tell our children and children’s children about the role model that you have become – your hardworking, filial, responsible, courageous, indomitable spirit – serving as a rare example to the young, in this changing world.

    It’s not about your multi talents God has endowed you with. There are many more idols with multi talents, just like you. And many more talented but younger ones will join the industry , after you.

    But it’s about who you are, as a person. About the values you espouse. About what it means to be Park Yu Chun. So, please continue to be your humble, brave self we have all come to see you as. And pray you keep healthy and don’t let your asthma get worse.


  2. @Y C Love….you are so right…Park Yoochun being loved by Chunsa not as actor or singer or others…but just being him as a person.


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