A Chunsa is initially an unsuspecting female (or male, but mostly female) of the species, minding her own business, who unwittingly encounters a Park Yoochun either through a drama, a TVXQ or JYJ concert, or a random video on Youtube. An encounter is like stepping into the gravitational field of a black hole. She would watch him for some time without knowing why she’s watching him. She would be unaware of the spell she is being put under until suddenly without warning, BAM! The portals have closed. She is entrapped! She is spiraling down the black hole. She is charmed out of her wits.

The age of a Chunsa is varied. It ranges from five to seventy-five (or >). She could be a Christian, a Muslim, or a Buddhist. Sheย  may be fair-skinned or dark-skinned or anything in between. She’s a daughter, a mother, a wife, an aunt, or a grandmother. She’s a student, an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an artist, a poet, a child actress, a film critic… ๐Ÿ˜œ and the list goes on. But whatever age, religion or race, a Chunsa will have at least one pair of Mickey ears in her possession, or anything that has those ears on it.

A Chunsa is faithful, generous, optimistic, plucky, passionate, witty and protective of a Yoochun. She is his angel after all. Although she adores a Yoochun, she is not blind to his shortcomings. A Yoochun’s imperfections are what make him perfect in the eyes of a Chunsa. She is known to have an inexhaustible patience when it comes to waiting for a Yoochun’s solo album. You can imagine what happened when the solo album came out.

A MIA Yoochun doesn’t alarm or agitate her, simply because she is used to it. A Yoochun may disappear for months on end but a Chunsa simply takes it in her stride. But once a Yoochun sighting is made, even if it’s only his back, pandemonium breaks out in Chunsaland.

A Chunsa is unwavering in her faith in Park Yoochun. The rougher the road and the darker the tunnel, the more a Chunsa will hold on tight. She will stand by him through the toughest times, protecting and giving strength. And even if she goes on hiatus, the moment she is needed by Park Yoochun, she will be back in a moment, without any doubt or hesitation.

Park Yoochun will always have his Chunsa; the strongest of hearts, the keeper of faith.


15 thoughts on “Chunsa”

  1. Yes, it takes guts to be a Chunsa. Nobody in my family was prepared for the dramatic changes in my life after I “met” Yu Chun in his debut drama. I used to be a sane, professional woman who does not suffer fools lightly. But now I am reduced to a fool for Yu Chun. My life is no longer the same after knowing who he is.

    Initially, I hang my head in embarrassment.But now I declare my love for Yu Chun openly with pride. And my family takes it in their stride. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I was reading through the attributes of a chunsa happily until the part where “a Chunsa will have at least one pair of Mickey ears in her possession”. Quickly, I searched through my memories. Do I have any kiddish Mickey ears in my possession? For a moment, I was worried as cartoon characters belonged to the long distant past. Then “Aha”! Yes! I do! The blue Mickey ears head-band that I had received during one of his fan-meetings. So I am in! Hahaha!

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  3. I’m absolutely loving this home. Reading through the blogs and realising woah I’m not the only one who has gone through same roller coaster ride after discovering Yoochun. I may not have a pair of Mickey ears headband but I definitely have a light stick that represents him. I’m a person who never ever waves a light stick or banners of any sorts in concerts but guess what?! This man got me doing things I never thought I’d do. LOL


    1. We’d LOVE to read the details of that roller coaster ride you had and the things he made you do! I, too, have never waved a light stick in my life, or worse, worn those Mickey ears headbands (at my age!), until I got entrapped by this beautiful man called Yoochun.

      I’m just an e-mail away @RespectJYJ. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. ” A Chunsa will always be beside Park Yoochun, always keeping the faith. ”
    what can i say JB…. hahahaha…
    your description so accurate ….and I am proud to have become part of what you described .. oww.
    thank you JB to always listen and share stories about chunsa and Yuchun someone special who became an inspiration.


  5. How can I not agree with you beanie, when I drag my family with me to that “black hole” and found an extra family member here..
    Always love every story you’re shared.


  6. OMG… even tho I’m passed age as crazy fan girl.. but after know Yoochun.. I’m still crazy a bit.. but the most important he makes me stronger which I really feel blessed. I think I still have no right to declare myself a Chunsa. I didn’t have that pair of ears or light stick. Never been to his FM or concerts. What I have maybe just his solo album.
    And also feel a bit sad cannot do anything for him thru his down time.
    Just… Yoochun ..fighting.. I’m sure.. you will go thru this n become stronger n better person..


  7. I don’t have a pair of Mickey ears, never been in any of his fan meeting or concert I’am just a new fan of him I love Chunnie so much hope in time I will have an opportunity to see him in a concert or FM and show him my love and support for him


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