Park Yoochun

A son, a big brother, a friend. An actor, a singer, a songwriter. This is Park Yoochun.

Born on the 4th of June in 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, he attended school in his hometown until his family immigrated to the United States when he was in twelfth grade. He grew up into a young boy who made people laugh to cover up his shyness. In the four years that he was in America, he had his fair share of life experiences which could either make or break a person. The lack of resources didn’t hinder him from learning. If he had to watch people playing the piano from the sidelines just to learn how it was done, then he will, and he did. He could not afford to pay someone to teach him, so he took it upon himself to learn on his own. The boy was as tough as they come and he was not going to take what life dealt him lying down. But he was a contradiction of soft and tough. Underneath the tough exterior was a soft and sensitive heart, a heart that secretly cried for his helplessness in wanting to ease the burden on his mother’s shoulders. He was a boy who had to be tough around his little brother but cried behind closed doors.

His desire to sing and at the same time wanting to provide for his family made him endure being away from them. When he was discovered by Brothers Entertainment from a singing competition in his new hometown in Virginia, USA, he was scouted to train under SM Entertainment, moved back to Seoul, and eventually became one of the five members of the boy band TVXQ or DBSK in 2004. And thus begun the unfaltering, albeit rocky and grueling, rise to stardom, without losing sight of what made him take on the journey in the first place: his family. Micky Yoochun of TVXQ is Park Yoochun of JYJ.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


2 thoughts on “Park Yoochun”

  1. Yes, Yu Chun, you must NEVER lose sight of your dream to be a singer. It will break Chunsas’ hearts if you should ever decide to give up singing completely to hone your acting craft. Anyone can be trained to act. But not everyone has that unique voice of yours that can be trained into that sound which has mesmerised us.

    In case you hear disturbing noises from those who debate on whether you are capable of singing solo, never ever lose sight of the fact you had won awards in two music contests in the past. God has given you a unique voice. Use it to sing ,to soothe others and help some get healing through your music.

    You have a good voice for a purpose. So please produce that solo album we have been waiting and waiting…….


  2. To Yuchun: Although it was Lee Seon Jun, the character in SKKS, that first got me interested to find out more about you, it was Park Yuchun the person that I see and read on the internet that keeps me interested.


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