Park Yuchun For Project Aral

It’s been a year since we took our first baby step. This year we take another. The dream is yet to be achieved, but the promise made will continue to be kept.

The girls of theMickyTrap decided to support National Bookstore Foundation’s “Project Aral” (Project for learning) once again this year, in behalf of Park Yuchun. This is our simple birthday gift for Yuchun. It’s not much but it contains our sincere heart for the man who has inspired us all this time and for these less fortunate angels whose sweet smile inspire us to do more. Already on its 9th year, we hope to support this project continuously in the coming years in behalf of Yuchun, as a way of showing that we are always standing by him and our wish to be of help to these children, no matter in how small a way we could.

These school kits will be given to approximately 260 children living in remote areas of the country. We hope that by the coming years, we will get to meet these children and hand them the gifts in person.  That’s our next goal for now at least.


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Thank you, Alyne, for your hard work, for a very well done job!

FotoJet Collage-alyne



National Bookstore Foundation



(Photo credits to National Bookstore)



Thank you to theMickyTrap for staying strong, for always keeping the faith.




To Yuchun-nie,

On your 32nd birthday, I wish and pray for you to be truly happy, to continue to be brave and take hold of your destiny, to show to the world that truth and a good heart will always, always win.

May today be the beginning of the best of your life.

Happy birthday, my love.

Yours always,





Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you all the best, most especially love, happiness and peace that you more than anyone else deserves. We wish to let you know that we’re always here to support and cheer for you, not because you’re an Idol, not because you’re part of JYJ, not because you’re an actor. But WE SUPPORT AND LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU – the person, man, son, brother and friend that YOU ARE, WHAT YOU STAND FOR, the principles that you uphold the life that you live. You have so unselfishly shared that with us, and personally you’ve touched my life in ways no one else did. Be happy and we’ll ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

Doc Cora_chun


Dear Mr. Park Yuchun,

Happy 32nd Birthday! How are you? It’s only a few months away and you will finish your military duty. We, your fans, are still here patiently waiting for your comeback. We miss you so badly. Hope to see you soon! Even if you will have your own family it’s ok. We want you to be happy as a family man. If time comes sooner that you will get married, just want to say my sincere “Congratulations to you and your future wife!” and wish to see your cute baby too!

Again, Happy Birthday and I love you! ♡♡♡


alyne_6002 (Philippines)

Happiest birthday Yoochun! One year had gone by so fast, many things had happened. May this another year bring you more happiness than tears. I hope that your heart be filled with so much joy. Soon you will be discharged from your service, it will be a new beginning. Please do know that I am still here and your other fans supporting you. Whatever decisions you’ll make as celebrity or even on your personal life we will respect it as long as you are happy 😊 Just please be healthy always.

I love you! 😘





Dearest YuChun,

It’s your birthday today, another year has passed, a new chapter of your life will soon unfold. With your every highs and lows, I pray that you’ve learned and gain strength from them too.

I’m still waiting for your return and it’s already like an arm’s length away. I’m still being patient and still looking out for you.

Birthday wish/es.. hhmmnn… I wish for happiness to always find its way to you and may all the love you receive be bigger than the gingerbread man’s vitality. :)⁰⁰

With much love..



To our 6002,

Long time no hear… 😁 We were all surprised with so many changes in you life. But nevermind, as long as you’re happy we are also happy, because love should be unconditional. As you celebrate your birthday, please enjoy and remember the old times.  Happy birthday, my love. Have a blast!





To my dearest Yuchun,

Your life has been a roller coaster these past few years and just like when you’re riding on it, with all the excitement and fears, I wish you’ll come down smiling and become stronger than you were before. After all that’s happened, please remember that we are still here waiting for your return.

As with you getting married, know that we are happy when you’re happy. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you and your soon to be family all the happiness in the world.

Happiest birthday to you my love! I ❤️ Yu!




생일 축하해요, 박유천!





3 thoughts on “Park Yuchun For Project Aral”

  1. excuse me, i need tissues. girlsssssssss, u know how to surprise us right? what a nice project u guys just did~! This is beautiful, a very heartwarming project definitely. seriously, well done girls ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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