One Year Down, 6002 Years To Go

Exactly one year has passed since I finally found the courage and declared myself a Chunsa thru Pagesboundby6002. I tried to express myself to let others know how my “Beloved 6002” has become a source of joy and has been like a candlelight that shone thru my darkest days. My days have become more meaningful afterwards and I am surrounded by a lot of lovely Chunsa friends who are always caring and are concerned about me, and friends who have shared the same pain together. It seems like a miracle to me, just like a quote that Seryn sent to me: “1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you.”

It won’t be far from the truth to say this past year has been like a roller coaster in Chunsaland, although my personal life was anything but. The past year has terribly hurt Yoochun and us, Chunsas. The chaos that came after the never ending “witch-hunting” cases, the hateful comments and bullying, have shaken Chunsas. But we can’t lose our faith. When weariness is starting to infiltrate our hearts, let us all go back to the day when we started to love him. From the very first day we asked ourselves why we love Yoochun, the reasons that made us love him so much – though we have never known the exact answers to these questions – let us go back and find the answer once again. We may end up as we started, because love does not come from our minds, but our hearts. Because of him, our lives have become more enjoyable and colorful, and for some of us, he even became an inspiration. “If you really love someone, even if there was a million reasons to leave, you would still be able look for the one reason to stay: (quotes cr. to owner). So I believe Chunsas still hold on to “Always Keep The Faith” and will patiently wait for him to come back.

Did anything change since that day for me? I can positively and honestly answer “NO, not even a little bit.” Not a single thing that had happened in this past year has lessened my “love” for this boy (sorry for calling him a “boy”, he will forever be like a little brother in this so-much-older-noona’s heart). Since he has become like a part of my family, the most important thing for me is his happiness… his love life… and his being able to do what he wants in positive ways.

I stumbled on a beautiful quote that I wish to share with you:

“The life of a person is measured not with the years. But with the footprints that he leaves in other people’s lives, thoughts and hearts”(cr. to owner)

It reminds me so much of him, of our Yoochunie, his voice that sooth our hearts, his acting that entertain us so much. We will smile when he smiles, we feel so hurt when seeing tears in his eyes. All those are exactly like footprints that he leaves in our life. Maybe not to everyone, but at least it is to me. So I will be here forever to “Stand By Yu,” to cherish your existence in my daily life.

Time will always be the best medicine in healing the pain.

To Yoochunie, here I would like to send you my birthday wishes:

Please don’t let obstacles of life block your view. You know you are an awesome person to be able to make it so far. I hope you stay blessed in your life, do what you love with unencumbered passion, get through all the bad days and open a brand new page in your life starting from today. Have a lovely and happy birthday, and the most important thing… be healthy!!! We are still here waiting for you. Let us look forward to the day when we meet again with smiles in our lips and hearts.

by:  Lily



A Candle In My Darkest Days




4 thoughts on “One Year Down, 6002 Years To Go”

  1. Lily, your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing this!! No matter how different our individual stories may be in how we came to love him, we will always have certain things in common… Our hopes for Chun-ah’s happiness and all the beautiful ways he touches our lives. May he be blessed as richly as he has blessed us!

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