I’m Not Okay, But I’ll Be Okay Because Of Yu


I'm Okay - Abbie


-i’m not okay, but i’ll be okay because of YU-

i turned the music on
i hear your voice so pure
i lay my head on my pillow
i think of you so soon
my heart beating so fast
i can’t keep it slow down
i stand looking out the window
and see the peaceful sky
the stars wink at me
the moon smiles proudly
so interesting to see
dark but sparkling free
let’s go see the moonlight
drown in its beauty
keep the memory in heart
hold it and never stop
now i went out my room
look around and found coffee
it’s my bitter sweet addiction
can’t stop even just a fraction
i wish you’re here with me
drinking coffee just for two
every sip is lovely
every drop is true

now i think of letting go
do i have to or just hold on
the grip i’ve been trying to keep
i can’t lose it even just a beat
my mind and heart are tangled
my not so graceful world is rattled
confusion is talking me so free
but reality is coming forth to see
darkness of the night is my witness
with falling tears a smile appears
those thousand words i can’t speak
stuck in my not so moving lips
i want to talk to you by heart
with every sob i have my peace
my heart now painting a smile for me
running towards you with glee
i love you and i keep holding on
an inevitable place for you will stay
be happy, be free and don’t ever forget
in my beautiful night sky you’re the shining star
i wish you’re here with me
drinking coffee just for two
every sip is lovely
every drop is true


With much love..


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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Okay, But I’ll Be Okay Because Of Yu”

  1. I feel you Abbie. My head is still reeling and I can’t seem to stop my heart from pounding everytime I think about what will happen. But, “always keeping the faith” helps calm me and then I think about how happy he is at the moment.
    Yes, the time for him to move on may come sooner than what we hoped for, but knowing that he is happy and at peace makes me happier and more at peace. The turmoil that he had to go through can now be the final pages of a dark chapter. He will now be writing a new chapter, a brighter one.
    For us, for me, I won’t be saying goodbye. It will always be so long my friend, my oppa, my aegi, my idol. Just like a family or a friend who would be moving to a place that will be harder to reach, I take comfort knowing that he is there, somewhere, in his own niche. Fate brought me to get to know him and make him a part of my world. That same fate will somehow lead me to “see” him again. I will constantly see him in each and every Chunsa that I got to know because of him – you, jellybean, Roxy, yc love, and a lot more. My virtual family has become real family. And I have yoochun to thank for.
    There’ll never be another Chunnie for me and I’m sure for him, we will always be his Chunsas – noona and imo. Saranghaeyo

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  2. As I always believe, every cloud has a silver lining. YuChun finds his true love during his dark days is a blessing. God has answered our prayers. She is the guardian angel for YuChun! Please protect him and comfort him! This is the only wish from us Chunsas!

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