Waiting For 6002: A Chunsa’s Reality

ZPYC Waitingfor6002


Waiting for 6002

If I can paint a picture in my head,

I see myself at the end of a long road

standing there, pacing up and down….

looking into the distance

to see if the person I am waiting for is appearing.

Whether there is a speck ,

or a shadow of a silhouette lengthening and becoming

………the familiar form of 6002

returning from serving his nation.

Over a year has gone

but my waiting is punctuated with

Grief and pain

at injustice untold and hatred unbridled pinned

On the person I am waiting.


Then all is clear

Justice pushes its neck above the mire


His reputation returns

Next will be the glory

Of This Man who is not just a

Lucid Dream

But a Chunsa’s reality

Come August 2017.  



By: YC Love

((Photo credit to owner/as tagged)




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