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“Nature is sparing with speech:

     a whirlwind doesn’t last all morning;

     a rain shower doesn’t last all day.

What causes these? Heaven and earth.

     If heaven and earth can’t make something

     furious endure, how could man?”

-Lao Tzu-



5 thoughts on “Untitled Page”

  1. Emotional rollercoaster is exactly what it’s all been. I still haven’t reached peace of mind and accepting heart both. It’s not even been a yr for me and already i have to let him go? Even though i don’t own him and he doesn’t owe me yet i feel it unfair somehow 🙁 I hope like you I’m able to come to terms with it all if i hear that from his own mouth. Till then im stuck in limbo 😐

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  2. @Jellybean. a roller coaster ride indeed. good thing i like or love roller coasters and i have chunsa friends with me too. thanks to you.

    with much love.

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