Chunsa On A Mission

Just like Fiya, I really wanted to help Jellybean Unnie in any way possible for Pages on Print Vol.2. I wanted to be a part of it. Like in preparations and stuff. I told her I am willing to help, just let me know how.

When my sister told me that our trip to Seoul in February was all set, I was so happy and excited to tell JB unnie the good news. I volunteered to bring Pages this time. As it happened, she was actually in a dilemma since the printing was not finished in time to get to Angella, who was in Seoul until January 15th. And so the delivery of the book was entrusted to me.

Two days before my flight, JB unnie and I met up at a bookstore in Manila. Where else to meet Chunworm but in a bookstore? Haha! She gave to me that precious black box containing Chunsas’ love for Yuchun, The Pages On Print Vol. 2. When I saw the printed magazine, I felt so happy because it looked so beautiful. Not only physically but the contents of the magazine. It was full of words of love for our beautiful man 6002. And just like Fiya, I felt a bit crazy knowing I got the chance to touch and hold the magazine even for a short while, which will soon be in Yuchun’s hands. Hehe! I can’t help myself from taking a selca with it haha!

When the trip to Seoul was decided, I never imagined it would coincide with the showing of Lucid Dream. And I didn’t know later when it was announced that it will start showing on Feb. 22 because I am not always online to catch news/updates. When the news came out exactly a month before my flight, it was JB unnie who excitedly told me about it. My excitement doubled on hearing it, I decided I will definitely watch Lucid Dream in any Korean cinema on the very same day I land in Seoul. LOL But until a few days before my flight I didn’t even know the schedules and what cinemas near the place I would be staying in the film was on. JB unnie said she could try and ask a Korean Chunsa for help in getting the names of cinemas and the schedules of film showing. I am very grateful to the kind Korean Chunsa, @A_Jamais_Yuchun. Thank you, Iisée-ssi! I was able to go to the evening schedule at Megabox Dongdaemun.

Feb. 23

Outside Incheon Airport while waiting for the bus that will bring me and my sister to Downtown Seoul, I got the chance to see the bus station for Airport limousine bus no. 6002. I got so excited and waited for the said bus no. even if I wasn’t riding on that bus. Haha! And just a few minutes later Bus 6002 arrived! I can’t contain my happiness seeing that bus with number 6002!


Ok, that was just some random stuff… sorry for that…

After all the listed itinerary for the day was done, it was already night time and the last on my list was “Watch Lucid Dream”. And so we went to Good Morning City Shopping Mall at Dongdaemun where Megabox Cinemas are located. I was with my sister on this trip so I also dragged her with me to watch Lucid Dream. I managed to buy our tickets and then waited at the lobby, watching random movie trailers at the big screen on one side, of course there is Lucid Dream trailer, and observing movie goers that time. People were doing their own business while waiting so yeah I didn’t feel embarrassed doing my fangirling stuff, taking photos holding the Lucid Dream leaflet, taking photos in the area, selca in front of the cinema entrance where Megabox was written in big letters, etc. Kkk! Grabbing more of that Lucid Dream leaflets to take back home… aigoo! Haha! Even if Yuchun’s photo is not there I still took a few leaflets. Well, I should keep something as souvenir aside from photos I took and the movie ticket that is just only an official receipt, not the photo card that lucky Chunsas got at CGV cinemas.


At exactly 22:00 PM, the cinema staff let us inside. We got to watch random movie trailers again and then at precisely 22:10, the lights were turned off and the movie started rolling. You can’t imagine my excitement when the lights went off haha!

I told my sister earlier that she can sleep/rest inside the cinema if she didn’t feel like watching, since there were no subs, and I knew she was already tired from our activities that day which started very early in the morning to take our flight from Manila. But she diligently watched the whole movie with me. I told her that Yuchun has only a cameo role in the movie so she knew Yuchun is not the main lead. The movie started of course with Daeho’s scenes, much of it were already shown in the released movie trailers and news report about Lucid Dream. Even if my mind was struggling because it was purely Korean and there were no English subs, I was anticipating for when Yuchun will finally appear on screen.


I didn’t have to hold my breath for very long, in about 15 minutes (if I am not mistaken) after the movie started, “This Man,” played by our dashing Yuchun sporting a 1:9  hairstyle, appeared! Haha! It was the scene at the amusement park holding the mobile phone (like a  mobile phone endorser) that has been circulating on our SNS. OMG! I could feel my heart beating so fast, just like how fast “This Man” was running away from Daeho and climbing all the way to the roof top! That was also the scene that we have already seen. And in a split second when Daeho reached the rooftop, “This Man” disappeared!  Wow! That was like magic haha! Yuchun has the power to disappear, like a Superhero or X- Men haha! Just kidding!

And so the movie continued… and I patiently waited for Yuchun’s scenes. I got distracted actually because I was so happy seeing him again. My mind was messed up because of Yuchun, so I couldn’t actually remember the exact sequence of his scenes in the movie but, I do remember his scenes wearing that cap, when Daeho spotted him in the real world, his physical appearance in his scenes, his facial expressions, his chunface, his VOICE, OMG, his DEEP SEXY VOICE! HE HAS LINES… MANY LINES, IN FACT! HIS LINES WERE SO FUNNY EVEN IF I CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT! Haha! The way he delivered his lines was really entertaining plus the fact that he was sporting that pony-tail hairstyle, and also moving in a wheel chair and being that cool dream hacker in front of his computer! Wow! Haha! I am also amazed that his character is the GENIUS TYPE LITERALLY! Why? BECAUSE HE CAN HACK DREAMS! HE CAN SHARE DREAMS AND HE CAN ENTER AND GET OUT OF DREAMS as he desired! Come on! THAT WAS JUST AN AWESOME CHARACTER!

In every scene of Yuchun, I felt my heart was going to burst, the fangirl in me wants to scream and squeal in delight because of too much happiness seeing Yuchun SO MANY TIMES, and no matter what the hairstyle he had on, OMG, I might sound crazy, but Park Yuchun pulled it off perfectly! He looked so HANDSOME in my eyes… hahaha!

And now I totally understand the news article which mentioned about him having a dandy and hilarious image at the same time. Like I said earlier, he has so many scenes. My initial expectation was that he will only have 2-3 scenes. But NO! I WAS SO WRONG! Lucid Dream contains quite a lot of “This Man” scenes. For someone like Park Yuchun, it is indeed a small role, but definitely it exceeds the description of cameo appearance in my head. And I believe every Chunsa will be delighted to watch this film because of Yuchun. And as mentioned in all news articles, his role is very important in the film. His appearance might be considered as a cameo type but HE ACTUALLY DID VERY WELL, HIS ACTING WAS VERY IMPRESSIVE AND MEMORABLE. HE WAS EXTREMELY GOOD!

Now I understand why Yuchun accepted this movie, the character is really fascinating, interesting and attractive. He showed another side of his great acting ability as “This Man”.

Just to make things clear, I did not scream nor squeal during the whole movie time haha! I managed to remain seated and behave as a normal movie goer. But seriously, I was sooooo happy and felt like I was floating, haha! I felt so high, I don’t know… haha! Let us just say I was blown away, Park Yuchun did it to me once again. He was just Totally Awesome!

I went to sleep that night with big smile on my face and yeah I wished Yuchun will hack my dreams too, but no, he did not. I was too tired to remember if I had a dream that night. But it’s ok. Some day, sooner or later, he will hack into my dream! Haha!

Feb. 24

“MicKiss” was listed as last in my itinerary for the day. I was a Chunsa with a Mission! I felt happy knowing I could help JB unnie even if only through this. When I saw the door of MicKiss at SK Hub Building, I was so excited and took a photo of the door! That was just so fangirl of me aigoo haha! It is just a door! And then seconds later two girls emerged from the hallway, and also stopped in front of MicKiss. Obviously they are also Yuchun fans. We smiled at each other but no words were exchanged between us. I guess language barrier did hinder us to talk. We entered at the same time. Only the lady staff was inside. She put the slippers on the floor, because upon entering one should change into slippers. Hours before I went to MicKiss though, JB unnie DMed me that Auntie Park was not in the shop but that she (Auntie Park) has already told her staff to receive Pages. She promised JB unnie she will send it Yuchun’s. So I just gave the paper bag containing the black box where Pages On Print was. She accepted it and asked me to write my name. I was surprised a little bit so I just literally wrote my (nick) name and added “from the Philippines.” If she asked me to write my cellphone number, address, or birth date, I would have gladly done so haha! I showed her the gift tag, where it was written that it’s from Jellybean and read to her that it was for Park Yuchun. And she looked at it and nod like she already knew.

After that, I managed to observe the place and yeah, it made me so happy that I was finally inside MicKiss! Seeing Park Yuchun everywhere made my fangirl mode buzzing once again! I took photos here and there, selca with Yuchun poster or standee behind me and of course, bought some Micky souvenirs. My MicKiss trip was short but it was also memorable. It was a haven for Chunsas. Like JB unnie said, you know you are in Chunsaheaven when everywhere you look, you see “This Man.”


Ok that was just too long. I am sorry if I took so much of your time reading this. I feel like I am writing in my personal diary so I got carried away, I even shared every detail of what happened.

And so that was it, I successfully delivered Pages on Print Vol. 2! I feel happy that I was able to help in some small way, for Pages to reach Yuchun.

Thank you for letting me help you JB unnie, you know what troubles I had to face but everything’s okay now as, I told you. For Yuchun and for Chunsas, I will do anything that I can. And Everything will be fine.



Written by: Alyne_6002



4 thoughts on “Chunsa On A Mission”

  1. hi @alyne_6002
    woooowww… finally your mission accomplished … congrats dear …. and thank you for your effort ..
    you are very lucky to hv been to mickiess a chunsaheaven like angella or others chunsa .. so happy right .. o f course ikr .. , about This Man .. hahaha .. spoiler ..spoiler .. thank u so much , and like u said & from others chunsas who have seen LD and talked to me yeach we understand why yc accepted this role .. he got what he want 👍👍👍 .
    thank u so much alyne for your story * 6002special trip * 😁 .. so wonderful story .
    to JB .. again and again ..thank u so much .
    let’s support and love YC without if or reason
    fighting .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Didn’t read the spoilers part, but all the rest. What a wonderful account Alyne! I was happy for you while reading. Thank you for the pretty pictures and descriptions!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Gosh, now I’m regret why I didn’t take selfie with it! 😂
    Thank you for your exciting account! I’ve been waiting for this. I was hesitated to read or not the spoilers. At first I was sure I’m okay with it. But seeing the spoilers in red color, I changed my mind and skipped that part 😆
    It wouldn’t be complete without you, thanks again for delivering Volume 2 and sharing w us. Love love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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