Pages On Print, Volume 2

We did it once again! It has been delivered last night. Thank you Chunsas (and half-Chunsa) for filling the pages with your love for Yuchun. Thank you so much Chunsafiya, for taking over the printing, for saving JB unnie. Thank you so much Alyne, for delivering to MicKiss the box containing Chunsas’ hearts. From the Philippines to Indonesia, back to the Philippines, and on to South Korea. And an assurance from a very nice lady that it will go to Yuchun’s hands.

After doing Volume 1, I thought it would be a stroll in the park doing Volume 2. Boy, was I wrong. I was too confident. Doing it one time doesn’t make one an expert. Silly me.

Volume 1 is special because it was our first, but Volume 2 is no less special. The journey it took was fraught with pain and tears, but it witnessed the strength and substance of the deepest roots and new shoots breaking through despite the fiercest of storms. It was witness to faith being kept, even when there were times when it must have been easier to let go, to give up. It is proof that family is not only about blood.

It was also witness to a personal loss that would never be replaced.

I won’t go so much into the nitty-gritty stuff of compiling it into a book. But Fiya will let us in on her exciting journey with this volume. First, here’s a bit of how it ended up being delivered on February 24th.

I started in October 2016 and finished in January 2017. That long, I know. Even before October, I was already hunting for photos to use as cover pages (front and back). And even before that (I think), I had an idea of making a collage of Chunsa contributors’ photos, make it part of volume 2 and call it A Collage of Angels. But there was a problem. I didn’t think Chunsas would go along with the idea. Well, you know how shy Chunsas are. I myself wouldn’t want my photo out there haha. But I couldn’t let go of the idea. And after a while I got so enamored with it that I decided to make it the back cover if I succeed in persuading Chunsas to trust me with their photos. Yuchun on the front, his angels on the back. So I braved it and asked them. I promised them I wouldn’t upload that certain page on the blog, it will only be printed on Yuchun’s copy of the book. Not even my copy would have it as back cover. And to my surprised delight, they all said yes! Then one of the contributor Chunsas, Samts16, suggested to name it “Angels For The Sky.” I loved the sound of it immediately and decided right there and then that it’s going to be the name of the collage. And so volume 2 had a back cover that early on. As for the front cover, it’s a gift from my bestfriend. I told him I wanted a drawing of Park Yuchun. He just rolled his eyes and after a week gave me the drawing. He doesn’t know I’m a Chunsa (he doesn’t even know what a Chunsa is), but he calls me Yuchun’s stalker. He calls Yuchun my stalkee. Hmp.

From October to January, volume 2 was created. It was also during this time that I lost someone, the woman I loved most in the world. She was the one who indirectly “introduced” me to Lee Gak. Some pages of volume 2 were done on a hospital couch, while she was sleeping, while I was trying to stay awake. The day I was supposed to send the electronic file for printing, she passed away. That was January 6th.

She was a very special woman, my Mum. Remember that time when we had to vote for Yuchun for Baeksang Arts? The vote apps worked on Androids but not on iOS. I was desperate to vote for Yuchun but my phone was useless, so I borrowed my mum’s phone and told her I wanted to try some of her games in it. You have to know I never play those games. Hehe. I didn’t have the guts to tell her I was going to vote for a Korean guy in a popularity voting contest. I know I’m bad! I secretly downloaded the Baeksang apps, placed it in a not very obvious part of her phone screen, among random apps, because why would she suddenly check on them when they’ve been there for so long. It was safe enough. It was so easy, I borrowed her phone for a few minutes everyday to “play.” One time, I borrowed it while she was watching TV. I was tapping on it when she suddenly said in a deadpan manner, “Lee Min Ho is winning today, not Yuchun.” Oh.My.Gosh. Hahaha! Girls, you could NEVER hide anything from your Mum! I could barely stop myself from rolling on the floor with laughter. Sigh. That was so epic of my mum. I miss her everyday. But they say she’s in a better place now, so I have to smile. And believe. Or the pain will never stop.

I digressed, I know. But I also know you will understand.

Volume 2 was printed in Indonesia with the help of a sweet young Chunsa, Chunsafiya. Had she not helped me when she did, I won’t be writing this post now. She’s going to tell us that exciting part of the journey of volume 2, the Indonesia leg.

mickey ears copy

Pages On Print Volume 2: Indonesia Leg

By: ChunsaFiya

Who is waiting for Pages Bound by 6002 Volume 2? Raise your hand! Me too! After Volume 1 was sent to Yuchun and he gave us his precious sign, I couldn’t help but wish there would be news about Volume 2. Especially after Jellybean told me she was preparing Volume 2 in October 2016. I’ve been excited since then! Three months passed by and I heard nothing about it. I braved myself to ask her how Volume 2 is going. I never imagined it would bring me an unforgettable Volume 2 printing journey.

When I came to know Jellybean’s circumstances in printing Volume 2, I tried to help her find some alternative ways. Honestly, I didn’t know how to help her and out of nowhere I suggested her this and that. After a long consideration, Jellybean decided to print Volume 2 near my place. I didn’t know she would take my suggestion seriously! Haha! Since it was decided, my spirit burned. Thinking how precious it would be for Yuchun especially in this difficult time. Although the time frame was tight, it had to be done no matter what.

How was it like printing Volume 2 knowing that this will be given to Yoochun? I’m very very happy! I never imagined an invisible and passive chunsa like me will do something like this. I will cherish every moment from the first day until it was done. Now I would like to share with you the journey of Volume 2.

First, finding the printer and box.

Our first step searching the right printer. The day after our first talk, I was eager to visit some places but it turned out every printer was closed. Of course, it was January 2nd, everyone was on New Year’s holiday! Haha! We searched for the best printer considering the price, quality, paper material, binding method, sample of previous works, and printing lead time. It was the first time I encountered the term MOQ when Jellybean said I have to ask if the printer required it. Haha!

Jellybean lead me patiently through every detail that must be considered to pursue this project and finish it before Jan 15th, the day Angella will be leaving Seoul. We had a really long conversation before we finally chose a printer and we can move to other preparations. I was amazed at myself that I could go for this haha, with my limited English. I am often frustrated in communicating my idea using the right expressions and terms. Thankfully, Jellybean can understand hehe.

While Jellybean was finalizing the layout, the next step for me was to find a box. She showed me a photo of how she wanted it to look like. I went to a craft center I used to visit often during high school and luckily found it fast. Jellybean told me I found a box in a day when she had agonized over it for weeks. I also had no idea how this could happen! But we were of two minds whether to use black box or brown box. The black box gives off an elegant feel while the brown box fitted to the concept of Yoochun’s first mini album. We solved it by buying the two of them 😀 and just decide which to use later.

The next problem was to emboss the cover with “Pages bound by 6002.” But the box store can’t do it. An alternative way was to print the wrapping paper for the box. But I was almost running out of time! The box store closes at 5pm, I only had 1.5 hours to go to the printing place and back again to to the box store. I ran to afternoon praying before starting a race with time. I went to 2 printers but they can’t do what I wanted. I didn’t dare check my watch because I was so nervous by then!

Hoho! Luckily, the 3rd printer I went to can do it. What was amazing was I got 0 number on queue ticket, when this place usually have a super long number. After about 10 minutes it was done! I made it to the box store a few minutes before they closed. 😰 I was able to pick up the finished baby boxes in the next 2 days. I got a bit carried away I went shopping for some ribbons and stuff for the packaging on the way home. Kkkk. Boxes’ problem solved.

Second, transferring Pages file and printing.

In the middle of our process, I got news that Jellybean’s mum was brought to the hospital again. On the day that I was to receive the electronic file from her, I DMed her to ask how it was and asked about her mum. She told me the news that her mum passed away that day. I didn’t know what to say, I just wanted to be beside her and give her hugs. We postponed the project indefinitely. It won’t make it to Angella on time so there had to be another option. On January 15th she DMed me to tell me she’s going work on it again and she will add the latest story (Lina’s “Yes, I Am Still A Fan of Park Yuchun). She also had to change page numbers and such due to the latest entry. The following day she told me we had Option B, Alyne will be going to Seoul in February!

Our next step was for her to transfer Volume 2 files to me. That time both of our internet were slow and the file size was really big hehe. This Volume 2 has 238 pages! Such hard work! Somehow when I received those files, I realized a bit how much time she spent on it and the effort she put on Pages.. Lay-outing the stories and making them into a systematical magazine is definitely not an easy thing. Especially for a 238 Pages full color and beautifully lay-outed.

After some downloading issues and discussions about printing matters, it was ready to be printed. On Jan 27th, I went to Western Union. This was my very first time doing a Western Union transaction. I had to get the exact cost in dollars, it was the first time I cared about currency exchange (haha!). Jellybean said being a Chunsa gives us many first time experiences, so true!

After receiving the money from WU, I went to the printer, which was another blessing because I didn’t have to get into a long queue or go through heavy traffic on the way. I told the operator in detail how we wanted it done but the operator passed me to his senior. I don’t know if it was because I talked too much or what. Haha! He said his senior could help me better. I got to see the fresh printed Pages after several minutes! It was so fast! I can’t stop from smiling! I took pics and they laughed at me. 😛 The operator told me to check the pages and margins and all. If everything was good, then they will proceed with the binding.

I picked up Pages On Print Volume 2 a few days after. I cried. It’s so beautiful. I was smiling on the fact that I was the first person that read this printed version of Volume 2. 😋  Every page captured my heart. There are stories, poems, thoughts about 6002day, thoughts about waitingfor6002, and so on. It brought many memories for each part. I remembered some stories from the blog, reading it once again in a printed format made me realize many things I forgot or missed from those stories. It’s not only beautiful with its appearance, but also heartwarming writings by Chunsas. I wanted this Volume 2 to be on Yuchun’s hand as soon as possible!

Third, shipping.

The final step is to ship Volume 2 to Jellybean’s place. She was to hand it to Alyne a few days before the 23rd. But the problem was the two magazines were a lot heavier than we expected, which means a higher shipping cost. We contacted all potential courier but the cost were all similarly high. And because of a sudden tight schedule, I became busy with personal matters. Plus my dad was hospitalized again and I fell sick. The project had to be postponed for a few days once again.

On Feb 7th morning, we discussed about the possibility of using EMS service. After some research and reading reviews, we thought EMS was the answer. And I thought it would arrive on time if I send it that day or the day after at the most. We decided to send it that day by EMS. It felt like another race with time.

I went to the Post Office with 2 big bundles of wrapped Packages. Fortunately, WU and EMS offices were in the same vicinity, so it would be easier for me to go from one office to the other. We raced with time once again. The office closed at 15.00 and I arrived one hour before! I checked the exact shipping cost to tell Jellybean so she could tell her staff who was on standby at the WU in her place. I filled EMS form and WU at the same time while waiting for the message from Jellybean so I can take the money and ship them. We chat like usual but in my heart I was so nervous my heart was beating fast.

At 14:51 Jellybean gave me the reference number, I could now process WU and EMS.

At 14.55 it was sent!


My legs trembled, it felt like a miracle that we made it that day. Now that vol 2 was sent, I felt sad parting with it. However the happy feeling was greater. At least I touched and dolled up the box that will be in Yuchun’s hand,  😋 we touched the same book hahahahaha! These little things can make me so happy :”)

Fourth, waiting for the arrival of the package.

The only thing I could do beside tracking the packages is to pray that both will arrive safe and on time. I was anxious about the box because I was afraid it will be damaged by the time Jellybean receives it. But she comforted me and said we just have to pray that it will arrive intact. And..

It really happened!

Criiied. On Feb 13th, Jellybean sent me pics of the package in her office! What amazed me was it arrived not only in good shape but in perfect shape. No injury like how we worried. Because of too much excitement, Jellybean chose to open the package first even though she was about to leave for a meeting she was already late for, which was 30 minutes away from where she was! (haha). I would do the same if I were her.  😜 What is even more amazing is it took only 6 days (4 working days) for it to arrive, when, according to Jellybean, it usually takes a couple of weeks or more when she makes online purchases from HK. And she was so afraid of their Customs because it takes them forever to release items. She told me she wasn’t really expecting it, she just asked her staff to go to the Post Office, just in case. She was planning to ask someone to go everyday. Haha! To her amazement, she saw her staff carrying a rectangular package when he came back. She said she almost run to the guy and grab the package haha! But she had to act very casual, just said “Wow, it’s here.” She was told it arrived at the Post Office just several minutes before it was picked up. This was the fastest shipping transaction experience for her.

“This is special so the Angels worked their powers to make it arrive early.”- Jellybean.

And I would like to add that the angels also worked their powers to the whole process. I guess it is more than luck and I can’t be happier than this. I had so much worries in the process but thankfully everything went well.

What then, now? Everything is done, my part is over. I will wait for Alyne’s account how Volume 2 finally made it to MicKiss and also a sneak peek on Yoochun’s character in Lucid Dream.

I know it is only a little part, but I feel so happy nonetheless. Four years of being Yoochun’s fan and I haven’t a chance to meet him yet. So again, let my spirit who visit Yoochun first. I wish it will lead and motivate me to meet Yoochun in the future. And I realize, it takes a lot of effort and people to make a fan project come true. I respect every fan project and fan support even more.

To Yoochun Oppa, thank you for coming in our life. I have so much to say but it will not be enough to show my feelings. I’m very grateful these 530+ days since you enlisted. Everyday went by slowly but it surely passed. Only 180 days left to your discharge from public service. I really can’t wait for that day! I guess you will be done reading Volume 2 by that time, 6 months is enough time (haha!). Be healthy and happy until the day. We always keep our faith. Let’s meet again with a smile. ^^

To Jellybean unnie, thank you for letting me be a part of this project and for being very patient towards me. Thank you for encouraging many of us to write, for giving your precious time, and many other things we might not know you’re doing. ^^ I wish there will be Volume 3!

Thank you to unniedeul ; Angel, who was once again ready to deliver Pages to Mickiss if only it arrived on time. Alyne, for actually delivering it to Mickiss and giving me tips on wrapping and shipping preparation. Lily, for motivating me during the process. Also thank you to everyone who directly or indirectly helped me. My brother who drove me here and there, my mum and grandma who let me use their phone (when I ran out of data) to inquire about the progress, my friends who gave me printer alternatives and advice about printing, another friend who told me where to buy bubble wraps, another friend who accompanied me in looking for shipping courier, and every half-chunsa out there I can’t mention one by one. I’m very grateful for what you did. May your kindness return multiple times!

mickey ears copy

Darling Fiya, I teared up reading your account. There’s not enough words to tell you how grateful I am. And it’s NOT a “little part” you did! Remember, Pages On Print will not be called that if it’s not actually ON PRINT.

Here’s a video I prepared to present to you Volume 2. I used the songs which speak my heart. And of Chunsas’.  Be prepared for the cheese overflow for my heart is full of cheese for Yuchun. I’m a mouse, remember?  😜

To the Angels For The Sky, I included that page on the video but don’t worry I blurred everyone’s face except Yuchun’s. Absolutely indistinguishable, I promise!

Watch Pages on YouTube  here

(Plays on PCs, but unfortunately not on most phones)






































Thank you, everyone! Until the next volume…





25 thoughts on “Pages On Print, Volume 2”

  1. Congratulations JB and to all contributors! I am so happy that this beautiful book which holds our thoughts, wishes and prayers have been published and delivered to Yuchun. While flipping the pages through the video, I shed silent tears of pride and happiness.
    Thank you once again JB for the beautiful and meaningful blog “pages Bound by 6002”. We are all indeed Bound by THIS MAN!❤️❤️


  2. I’m tearing up… Thank you for everything. Mousey, Fiya, Angela, Alyne, everyone who contributed to this little miracle.

    Mousey, the story about your mum… It had me laughing as well. So hard to be missing the one closest to you. But you’re braver than you thought and she would be proud. 💕


  3. I don’t have many words to say, you’ve been amazing since the day I truly know you and eventually learn about each other more or so we bound by the numerical 6💙💙2 indefinitely😊 My most sincere gratitude to your unending effort in making this blog a haven in disguise for Chunsas to share their love ❤️ for a man name Park YuChun😊 Thank You💙


  4. Sometimes the things in my heart can’t find the words…

    For Yuchun, for every beautiful Chunsa I know, for you (His angel. Our angel.) and for this… I’m so grateful!! 😭💙


  5. My dear JellyBean,

    I used to thank God for Yu Chun. But Vol 2 makes me feel Yu Chun thanks God for you.

    Because you are so you. And so Yu.

    Love with all my heart, YC Love


  6. what can i say to you chunsas ….. except .. i’m grateful to know you , being chunsa’s fam and Yuchun very proud of you .
    thank u JB .. really appreciate your efforts also chunsas who help u .
    love you all


  7. This is an awesome work of love from all of you wonderful chunsas. Thank you all for making this possible. Hope this book of love will bring hope, encouragement and energy to Yuchun.


  8. OH MY GOD !! YOU ACTUALLY USED THE NAME I SUGGESTED *DANCES IN JOY* THANK YOU SO SOO VERY MUCH !!!! not just for that but for all of your effort and the love that you’ve shared with me as a fellow chunsa. It’s such a wonderful feeling reading the whole journey of these pages that bind us i actually felt like I was there with you during all your efforts.
    I thank all of you and all the contributors once again for giving me and fellow chunsas a lovely opportunity to share our stories and for your efforts in making sure that those stories reach our beloved Yuchun. At such a time it’s really a blessing !
    And although very late but do accept my condolences for your mother. I’m very saddened to hear about her passing. I hope you find strength and courage.


    1. Thank you, dear.

      Yes, I did use it haha. 😊 How could I not? You would hear Angels in the sky, Angels from the sky, or Angel of the skies. But never Angels For The Sky. It’s uniquely Yuchun’s. It’s uniquely us, Chunsas. 😉


  9. CRAZY people.
    Where do crazy brainies & kind-hearted people gather?
    Yup. At Chunsaland. hahahaha~^^

    Seriously. All of ’em @BritsJellybean, @uttunfan_, @chunsafiya, @alyne_6002 & @allthecontributors ………& @manyx6002 more. I need 10 full pages to list ’em all out here.

    /coughs/ Shy to say, I’m the ONLY exception here. I don’t have a story to share, I’m not a brainy, neither am I kind-hearted.. so.. ya..
    come to think of it.. what am I doing here?!! Goodness😂

    Well done y’all!!!👏
    I wonder if this is gonna put a smile on our most precious boy The 6002’s face? Yes? No?

    Dear Micky, you are much loved across the globe, don’t you dare doubt this.


    1. Bubbly, I would like to 2nd Uttun and JB’s comments. Your spirit gives everybody so much encouragement! If Yuchun knew how hard you fight for him, and what lit that fire in your heart, I know it would give him strength! So don’t be shy, okay! 😊 I really hope you’ll share your story with us and with him! 💙


    2. dear bubbly .. i know u have wonderful story with YU … so .. we will waiting your story to share with us … Pages bound by 6002 vol. 3 waiting for you .
      fighting 💪
      love you all my chunsas


  10. My heart is beating fast reading these accounts, like, omg this is crazy.. chasing after time &all.

    Given me, I would have collapsed before the book can reach our Micky boy😂 lol /salutestoy’all/ ❤❤❤


    1. In the volume 3 of the Pages, I want to see Bubbly’s story.

      “I don’t have a story to share, I’m not a brainy, neither am I kind-hearted.. so.. ya..” 👈 hum.. your words, of course, I disagree.

      Anyway, if you are what you claim to be, a letter from such a chunsa will certainly encourage the participation from more shy chunsas 😜


      1. I second the motion of disagreeing. You so have a story to share, Bubbly girl! I’m confident Uttun will get it out of you in the end. Might as well give in now. 😜


      2. @Uttunfan, @Jellybean, @Seryn, @annayooch

        Well, my story? Once upon a time, I’ve told our ever lovely JB that my story can be completed in 3 mere sentences😜 seriously!

        Something like, I don’t know since when I’ve subconsciously became a chunsa.
        But one thing I do know for sure is my love for our Micky boy has never faded since. It just keeps growing, growing & g.r.o.w.i.n.g~^^😊
        Guess if he was born to be a mega star, then Bubbly must’ve been born to be this mega star’s mega fan, mwahahahaha~^^

        The End

        ps: See? I’ve warned y’all. 😅😂


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