This Man

Headnote: Chunsa, please read this with a light heart.  And please bear with my uhmm… Lucid Dreaming. I wanted to test myself if part of me could still have fun while the whole of me is awfully missing someone.

Have you ever seen, whether in your dreams or in your waking moments, This Man? Have you ever felt being pulled into his universe, being held captive, and being happy to be so? Have you ever felt like you knew him from somewhere or from a time you don’t remember? Have you ever associated him with people in your life, or felt as if he actually is one of them, like your son, or your brother, your best friend, your boyfriend or –Heaven help you- your husband? If your answers to all questions are YES, then WELCOME TO CHUNSALAND! You are a Chunsa.

This Man is Park Yuchun.

 This Man is as elusive as an enchanted butterfly, flitting from dream to reality, and reality to dream, of every Chunsa. One minute he is visible, then suddenly he is nowhere to be seen. You would be so lucky to see his back. Or his car. Suddenly hearing his voice for a few seconds made a certain Chunsa’s numb heart feel like it had been kicked from within its protective shell. The voice of This Man may actually be the link to that Chunsa’s dream. To another Chunsa it could be his gaze, or even the numerous Chunfaces, or any of a thousand other Chunthings. A Chunsa doesn’t really know for sure.

 A lot of Chunsas will have seen This Man from a distance of a concert stage or from airport entrances and exits. Or even from across the streets of Gangnam-gu. All will have seen him several inches from her face,  but a lot is yet to be lucky enough to get a glimpse of his bowed head. To actually get to look him in the eye… nah, that’s reserved for the very few who have saved lives from hundreds of years ago.

Words related to This Man:

Chunsas: A group of individuals who are attracted to, beguiled with, bewitched by, This Man. These individuals are unrelated to each other, have different backgrounds, age, education, culture, religion and color. Most, if not all, have never met each other before they became a Chunsa. But because of This Man, they are now connected by an invisible bond.

Lucid Dream: “A dream during which a dreamer is aware of dreaming.” In Chunsaland, Chunsas are experts at Lucid Dreaming. And who else would they be Lucid Dreaming about other than This Man himself. They are aware of being in the dream; they have some degree of control over what they dream about so they are able to balance things out. In other words, they are not delusional. That’s why Lucid Dreaming in Chunsaland is safe enough.  Control should never be lost, or else it becomes dangerous somehow. Heartbreak awaits, or at the very least, a prolonged state of bachelorette-hood.

Shared Dreaming: One or two or a hundred thousand Chunsas sharing the same dream environment. There is one dream content in this dream environment, This Man.

Seven different conditions for dreams to be defined as Lucid Dream in Chunsaland.

  1. “Awareness of the dream state” A Chunsa is aware when she is dreaming; that she is dreaming.
  1. “Awareness of the capacity to make decisions” A Chunsa knows she is capable of making decisions even in the state of Lucid Dreaming. E.g. when to splurge or when not to splurge. 😁 Or when to ogle him or when to let him be. 😜
  1. “Awareness of memory functions” Her cognitive functions are working just fine, thank you very much.
  1. “Awareness of self” She knows and is aware of who she is. E.g. She is Jellybean in Chunsaland, but she knows she is the little beancounter when not in Chunsaland.
  1. “Awareness of the dream environment” She knows she is in Chunsaland of course and that This Man is responsible for her being in it.
  1. “Awareness of the meaning of the dream” She knows the meaning of being a Chunsa, the meaning of protecting This Man first before giving way to her wants and needs. E.g. Whining for fan service which she isn’t likely to get anyway.
  1. “Awareness of concentration and focus (the subjective clarity of that state)” Uhmm…ehhh?  Help, Chunsas. Okay, let’s concentrate and focus! Concentration and focus, meaning we CONCENTRATE on This Man, we FOCUS on This Man. ^____^





This Man will grace the silver screen tomorrow, appearing in someone else’s Lucid Dream. Lucky are you who are able to see it. Yes, I’m referring to you Kr Chunsas, 😘 and all other Chunsas who will have a chance to see it, if not tomorrow, then one day soon. You don’t know how many are emerald green with envy of you. If we lived near enough, we would join you in droves in supporting This Man. Please, let us tag along with you in spirit at least. And after you finish watching, we will be waiting with abated breath for your accounts/reviews. Well, maybe not for spoilers, but anything that you could share with us poor souls living across oceans.  주세요.    😊

Thank you, Park Yuchun, the This Man of our dreams and our waking life, for making us so proud and happy once again.

This Chunsa will always be yours.





Note:  Wiki is where I did my ‘research’ on Lucid Dreaming and all other stuff related to it.




4 thoughts on “This Man”

  1. i was chunsa living in chunsaland and have always dreamed about YU .
    This Man “mysterious man ” who i love so much .
    i wish success for Lucid Dream and receieve much praise from the critics ..especially for YUchun .
    thank you JB .


  2. Darling unnie,

    Ooops… you did it again. You played with my heart.

    I’m amazed at your ability to relate things to each other. How did you even come up with all this? You have my sheer admiration.

    And thank you so much for indulging this nagging person… You’re so much nicer than I am. XDD


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