Park Yuchun, The Unfinished Book I Found In June











Dear Mr. Park Yuchun

I am delighted to meet you.

First, let me introduce myself.

I live in Kyungkido in Korea and have worked in a professional field for 20 years. I am a middle-aged woman who has a husband and two children.

From here on in, I will tell you my story. The story of a woman who has lost her sensibility over time and has been living with no interest in society, and how she was transformed after coming to know Park Yuchun …

For all of us, especially for you and your family, last June will remain a painful memory. But for me, it was a time of experiencing heartbreak, but at the same time, gratefulness. On June 21, 2016, the time when I met you, I had not known you at all and had been thinking people were trampling on a young man with a perverse interest.

I happened to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal by chance. As Chapter 1 approached to finish, my fingertips started to tremble. I had been frantically falling for Sunjun’s heart during the whole night, and by the time dawn broke, I already turned into your fan. Devilishly captivated by you…

And then, I started studying Park Yuchun. My study of you still continues, and I don’t know when it will end. Because you are the book which hasn’t finished yet. There are many things of you to watch, to learn by my heart, and to cry out against the ridiculous society…

After I came to know you, I could define the meaning of the word “fan” which I didn’t even realize could exist in my dictionary. “Wholeheartedly thanking someone, ceaseless praying for him, silently crying to call for justice for him, and the love of a community which has the same heart of love toward the very same person…” My definition of a fan.

I adore your hands very much. You impressed me with the way in which you convey the feelings with your hands. I was able to solve this question when I broadened my interest in you from the actor Park Yuchun toward the singer Park Yuchun.

I came to know you were a person who knew how to sing the truth, a person who knew how to dance elegantly but dynamically, a person with such a gentle sensibility, and a beautiful person on the inside as well as on the outside.

Then, I applauded you for being a man and a singer who have made his way into the world with a firm self-awareness. I am awaiting for the next chapter of the book, you Park Yuchun, with joy.

Although I found you through such an unfair incident for you, it didn’t hinder me from falling for you. On the contrary, it rather had sparked my anger that such blatant lies have entrapped such an actor who is capable of being too immersed in his characters to hide himself, such a talented artist who always tries his best, such a good person who always put other people first, and such a good son and a nice brother.

I know it is the time now for us fans to be stronger warriors to bring your name back when the injustice for you has been revealed to the world. ‘I’ may be weak, but we ‘Chunsas’ are strong. And, Yuchun, you’re stronger.

Some may say your prime has already passed, but I believe that this crisis in your young days is an episode in your life that will keep you running towards your apotheosis. I believe in you. You can reverse this crisis and change it into a glorious apogee with your pure passion.

Park Yuchun, my only star in life! I pray that you always have a life full of peace and full of gratitude to God. Please remember the souls that pray for you somewhere you do not even know. So, please stay strong even though the road ahead of you isn’t easy just like the one you have faced up to now.

You’re not alone. Someday in the future, when you bid a farewell to the world, we wish you can smile because of us Chunsas who have prayed for you and struggled like warriors against injustice of this world.

I wish you are contented with the fact that you have a good life.

I pray for you that you spend days of grace in God Whom you love and Who loves you.

A day in February, 2017

From a fan of yours


Written by:  Iisée


Original Korean version here

English Translation by: Uttunfan






7 thoughts on “Park Yuchun, The Unfinished Book I Found In June”

  1. dear Iisee .. thank you for your story .. again and again chunsas stories make cries .. i agree with u .. so many things we can learn from yuchun , he gave us how to face a hard life .Yeach ..we always pray for him.
    Chunsa will always beside him to support him no matter what.


  2. Dear Iisee,
    Thanks so much for this beautifully written letter. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m sure YuChun can feel our love and support. And I’m sure he will thrive and this turmoil will even make him stronger! Let us all pray for YuChun and wish him all the best for his future endeavours! I’m proud to be in the Chunsa family where we can stand up for YuChun!


  3. Dear Lisee,

    When I read your story I am filled with a comfort I can’t fully describe, and struck once again by the common threads joining the hearts of Chunsas in their love for this man. Each of us came to know him at different times and in different ways, but every one of us fell for Park Yuchun, the man… A man who shows so much love in everything he does, you cannot help but want to return that love to him; you can’t help but want to support him; you can’t help but want to see him smile again, and you can’t help but pray to God for his peace, healing, and strength! It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand that desire. We do.

    I’m so grateful that although I cannot do much to help on my own, I can trust in God’s love. I know that He cares for Yuchun and He hears the prayers of all our hearts. He is with us in our efforts to support him, and I truly believe He can mend what is broken and cause something new and beautiful to be born despite this season of pain.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I pray for your blessing! I’m glad to have met you, even if only through this letter.



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