My Story

Since the scandal happened, I have thought of saying something on Pages. I had so many things to say but ended up saying nothing due to my lack of writing skills. Until the sentencing day happened.

I’m not here to talk about the court sentences for that woman and her accomplices since I’m sure we all have the same thoughts about it. Two years is just ridiculously short!

But the more I read the facts about the case from the media and K-fans, the more I hurt and get mad. His fans have accepted the thought of him having sex with her (though, it’s still unsure and doubtful ‘coz it could have been a trap), but reading how she easily accused him when after that she could dance and laugh normally, what kind of nonsense and absurdity is this? My brain just can’t accept it.

She is a woman, I am a woman and most of Yoochun’s fans are women too. Some called us delusional and biased just because we are fans of Yoochun and we will defend him no matter what. But even after all the facts are out and that Yoochun is obviously the victim in this case, still those ignorant people refuse to see and acknowledge that they were wrong. Their mind insists, “I won’t buy it, he still did it, Yoochun is still a bla bla bla to me.” etc.

Let me ask you, have you ever experienced being sexually assaulted or harassed? If you haven’t, and couldn’t trust Yoochun just because you’re a woman or you do it in the name of feminism, how about you read my story here because I have experienced it. YES, I HAVE EXPERIENCED IT. It may not have been a heavy sexual assault but it was sexual harassment nevertheless. If you have not experienced it, you don’t know how it feels to be in that situation.

This is the first time I am ever sharing this with anyone. I couldn’t even tell my parents about it. My only reason for sharing it here now is because I feel so outraged and so sad, my chest feels so stuffy that I need to vent out somewhere. I am so mad I am shaking badly while writing this.

He was my friend (or so I thought!), my male colleague. It happened during lunch break at my work place.  My case wasn’t even that extreme but I still can’t forget how mad and shocked I was at that time.  I still remember I yelled and swore like crazy after my colleague did that to me. Someone who had been sexually assaulted WILL NEVER be able to dance and chat happily after it happened. You have no idea how hard it was for me to stay calm. There’s no way she wouldn’t have yelled at all, if it did happen. How on earth are people still asking “Did the court clear all the charges just because she continued to dance and chat happily after she left the restroom?” You clearly have not the tiniest bit idea. You are trying so hard to ignore that Yoochun is the victim here. Does that woman think sexual assault is so light that she could easily use it to make money, that because of her, she added burden to real victims who already bear so much? She dared accuse Yoochun of an act so serious and ruinous, after which she could dance and chat happily. What kind of woman is she?  Did Yoochun have some kind of power whereby he could erase her memory, at least temporarily, so she could dance happily after it happened? LOL you watch too much dramas, Knetz!

It was so hard for me to go to work sometimes. I had to keep it a secret since I knew his wife and was quite close with her. You have no idea how I hated men sometimes. But I’m not blind yet as to believe that woman’s story just because I’m a woman and have experienced that. Instead, I think my experience may have helped a bit.

Yoochun is a victim! Women or men, it is no different. He gets hurt, too. He has feelings. He has a career and responsibilities. He is well known, a public figure, while that woman is still anonymous. How unfair is that?! How is the feminist group still siding with that woman when she even sent 11 letters of apology and admitted that Yoochun is actually a victim? Just because you’re feminists? I say, bullshit! You don’t deserve to be called feminists. You ruin that name for the ones who truly know the cause. You’re not helping the real victims. You’re just a bunch of ignorant females.

I’m glad that I waited patiently and not blindly judging him because you have no idea how hard it was for me too sometimes. But I said to myself, stay calm and LET JUSTICE PREVAIL. To all fans who stayed by his side since day 1, thank you so much. I’m happy and proud to be a part of this fandom, sincerely from my heart. And I’m sorry if I don’t say much about this case on Twitter and I hope by sharing my story here, I’ve made myself crystal clear to you, especially to those who are still doubting him, that Yoochun is a victim. Real victims know.

I hope Yoochun will get his strength back, can smile again, and do what he loves. I know you are stronger than me Park Yoochun.

Thank you so much for reading my story.

Written by: Anonymous Chunsa

Dear Readers,

I did not allow the Chunsa who sent me this letter to reveal her Twitter name. I know her, you most probably know her too. She’s very brave, willing to put her name, but I am not. I have a responsibility to protect her, to protect you, Chunsas, who share your stories on this blog.

I never imagined I would read a Chunsa story that would break my heart this way. But break my heart, it did.

I don’t know why Yuchun wore that shirt with this message printed on it: “Humans are scary.” Maybe he believes it. Now I’m thinking, he is right.

Thank you for reading her story.

Dear Anonymous Chunsa,

I am too far away from you, but my heart and my ears are yours whenever you need them.  😘

 Thank you for sharing your story.




8 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Thank you for this letter, anonymous Chunsa. You’ve said it all, I have nothing to add. Just my sincere admiration for choosing to share this story.


  2. Dear friend.
    it’s not easy (it’s actually a hard thing to do) to sharing your experience.
    Thank you for being strong and brave.
    You are strong and yc too. God bless you and heal you, and I love you


  3. dear chunsas whoever you are are brave than u think .. and thank u for letting us know your story .. and yeach .. yuchun got hurt too .. really hurt or pain than people who hate him think , haters accused him, pointing finger to his face .. character assasination .
    thank u so much .. thank for always be a chunsa like us .. once chunsa .. forever chunsa 🙆
    thank u my dear JB … again n again


  4. Dear Anonymous Chunsa,
    It must be hard on you to hide your pain in the closet of your heart for however long it took. I hope your decision to share this , is not only insightful to those who are doubtful over Yu Chun. But that it will be cathartic for you as you release your anger and heal.

    Thank you for baring your soul. In the process, you may have helped another chunsa in ways, you never imagine. God bless and touch you.


  5. Dear Anonymous Chunsa, I know it’s very hard to share this kind of story, thanks for being so brave and strong. And I believe you and Yuchun both are strong persons. Just Jellybean said human are scary.. just wish you have eased your pain.. and Yuchun will also… one day..


  6. Dear anonymous Chunsa,

    Thank you so so much for your sharing!!!just want to say We love you & We walk together!!
    Pray that our love Yuchun are gonna be alright & feel the love from us!!!



  7. Good heavens, the woman was a hostess/sex worker in a room salon. Having sex with the customers if asked was a part of her job description! If she had had a problem with that, she wouldn’t have that job! She wouldn’t have gotten that job in the first place!

    I have also been sexually harassed – in fact as a performer and songwriter in L.A., it happened to me virtually every week. The severity factor went from stupid and joking to creepy and awful. It’s not fun or funny and for me it led to all kinds of opportunities missed because I wasn’t having it.

    So there’s a big difference between an attractive woman who is attempting to engage in a work relationship with a man and a sex worker whose job it is to siphon off as much money as she can from the men she meets in the course of her job.

    Fortunately, the judge in the case was aware of that difference and he ruled accordingly.


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