Yes, I Am Still A Fan Of Park Yoochun

Every Chunsa has at least once wondered in her fandom life, how it is that she has so much in common with her fellow ones. I realized that the answer, after all, is very simple: we resemble the person we bias. He isn’t the best looking of all, neither the most talented, and it takes some getting-to-know-him time to absolutely love him. He’s hard-working in things he likes, and lazy in things he dislikes. He’s goofy and childish, but also professional and mature beyond his age. He likes having fun and being around friends, but enjoys home time the most. He can dress like a model and be a slob the next day. He might be popular and a Hallyu star, but really, he’s just a guy that wants to be left alone at times and might even get angry if you step on his toes.

You need to possess at least some of the above mentioned qualities to decide to be a fan of such a person. He’s not perfect, but he’s real. In a sea of Kpop idols and actors, we choose him because he’s different from all the rest. It’s because we also feel different in our lives. Haven’t you always felt like not many people could understand you? Haven’t you felt that you’re a bit… weird compared to your peers? Haven’t you found a handful of people that just “get” you and stuck to them like glue? Didn’t you feel immediately “at home” when you met fellow aliens like you online, seemingly with the only thing in common your love for Park Yoochun and then you realized there were plenty of other things in common as well? Haven’t you wondered why you can get along so well with the majority of Chunsas you’ve met? We are one big happy family because we share certain qualities that other people may be lacking or having in a dormant state and not directly visible.

 One of these things is realizing that there’s perfection in imperfection. That it’s no use being perfect because it’s only a lie. We don’t fall for perfect people: we fall for flawed ones, because in our eyes, they’re perfect just the way they are, with their not-so-great qualities coming in hand. Yoochun never pretended to be perfect and no fan of his ever claimed that he is. Thus, when hell broke loose, it was easy to overcome the initial shock and think… yes, he’s not completely blameless because, after all, he could have avoided it. We all decided to give the benefit of the doubt and wait for more information, because it just wasn’t possible that the person we knew and loved did the things he was accused of.

Non-fans can never understand us. They don’t know and they don’t understand. They think us stupid, delusional, disgusting, terrible people who continue supporting him. They don’t know though, do they? They don’t know Lizzie who is talented with knitting, they don’t know Jellybean who writes beautifully, they don’t know Jojo who is quirky and funny, they don’t know Seryn who has a pure heart, they don’t know Lita who is sensitive and loving, they don’t know Nicky who is strong and mature beyond her years, they don’t know Alyne, Mong, Angella, Lily, Bubbly, Marie, Beanie and the many thousands more, among them writers, lawyers, translators, teachers, mums, grandmas, public officers. But we know. And we gain strength from each others qualities, and together we stand, protecting someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, someone who made a mistake by being there in the first place, sure, but paid ten-thousand-fold for it without deserving it. We’ll stand against people who accuse us, because we know what they don’t. And because we have never been the judgemental, holier-than-thou type who would drop someone just like that. Not in our real lives and certainly not in our fandom ones. People who want to score fandom points and be popular might do that, but we’re not exactly made of this sort of material stanning Park Yoochun in the first place, are we…

I admit I let comments get to me. Even yesterday, when it should have been a completely happy day, I was overcome with fear for the future and what may come, and utterly disappointed in people’s lack of empathy and mob mentality. Not leaving even one inch for the benefit of the doubt, even after so much evidence that he’s not guilty. But today I woke up remembering my optimistic side again. Hence, I wrote this little piece, so I can tell my friends and maybe help them deal with the constant hatred out there: not hatred just for Yoochun, but for us as people. It hurts sometimes, I know.

Cheer up, Chunsa, and lift your head. Always remember what you know, and what they don’t, and keep the faith.


Written by:  Lina





22 thoughts on “Yes, I Am Still A Fan Of Park Yoochun”

    1. dear lina.. so true ..yeach .. like u me too .. for yesterday , now, and forever. i always be a loyal fan of YUchun. … no doubt
      and yess .. can’t agree more with your words
      “We don’t fall for perfect people: we fall for flawed ones, because in our eyes, they’re perfect just the way they are, with their not-so-great qualities coming in hand. ”
      non fans never understand ab our feel for YU .
      Yu so mean to us .. we dont see him just because he’s popular or great artist .. but more than that .. we love him with sincere. ..
      even any fans who leave him just because he has case .. but there is always new fan came to love him .. and of course .. YuChun has so many loyal fans who always beside him .. always support him .
      really grateful to have you all .. i hope one day we can meet in event with Yu a man who we love .
      once again .. thank u for your story .. and of course … last but not least. Jelly Bean who always gave us special place in special page .. love you all
      – 6002theAnna –

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  1. And don’t forget our fandom has Lina who speak out our mind loudly.. Bravo Lina!!! Really love this writing.. so…so..much!!! We still stand by Yu, loves and hugs to all !!!

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  2. Lina, i am a weird people too hehehee sometimes i think im crazy…and i love to live in my Park Yuchun world…i dont care if people think im crazy bc i love being crazy. And my craziness of Park Yuchun bring me into so many new things and finding myself. So…beyond everything im so thankful that im in love with a man named Park Yuchun.

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  3. Awwww unnie!!! You’re too sweet and as always right. We know things others don’t know and it is that knowledge of reality that is the source of our strength and faith, not delusions like those on the outside think we have.

    Additionally, I’d like to thank all the JYJers, Jaeharems and Xiahpwas who just like us have come to know Yoochun and gave him and us their support.

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    1. You’re absolutely right that other fans deserve just as much merit, whether they’re JYJ only or DB5K. They’ve shown remarkable patience and perseverance.


  4. “Haven’t you felt that you’re a bit… weird compared to your peers?”

    It feels like you talk to me. I’m weird most of the time and often feels out of the place. 😂

    Thank you for speaking most of my mind.

    Let’s stay, holding hands, gather our strength to support chunie. He deserve to know that he was/is/will and forever supported by chunsas that love him sincerely

    Your weird friend

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  5. Thank you for speaking out my mind. I love reading it. It’s so beautifully written. I did worry about YuChun. He’s like my family. Wish he can overcome this and pursue his dreams. I will pray for him. Let’s meet someday in one of his events to show our support! May God bless YuChun and us Chunsas!

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  6. Only by reading the first paragraph got my eyes teary. Both touched and laughed. Thank you for writing this, Lina. I like your writing, always beautifully written ❤

    I was caught by those comments too. In that short time, I muted, unfollowed, blocked, and reported so many accounts I never imagined 😂😂😂

    I’m so grateful for everyone’s support miraculously flooded worldwide, I became understand that what’s more important is not giving attention for those who left but for those who stay.

    As many of us had said, it’s true that our road maybe will not that smooth but we have each other, this is priceless.

    For everyone who stay I want to say thank you, I love you🌻🌻🌻

    P.s. I love this: I’m weird and I proud! Haha

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    1. We’ve all been there, getting affected by haters. I also muted, unfollowed and blocked, lol. But from now on, I’d rather focus on US instead of THEM. It’s far more better use of my time.


  7. Wow. What a beautifully crafted piece of emotion. That speaks for all. I hope Yu Chun read this and be encouraged.
    We don’t know what tomorrow brings. But I pray his spirit will not be broken . That he will rise up and move on. And claim his rightful position on the Hallyu stage once he leaves the public service he is serving now.

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