Yu Drive Me Batty

It was around this time about four years ago when I first “bumped” into a man who I didn’t expect would make a BIG mark and would cause a DETOUR in my life’s journey…

Because I was so busy the whole year working and taking care of my daughter (tutoring and stuff), I found myself so bummed on this holiday season -no work, no classes, cemetery visit and trick or treating were all done. It was November 2 four years ago when I decided to watch SKKS online. It took me a while to find it since I only knew of its Filipino title “Secret Love,” teaser of which I happened to glance at on our local television. Out of boredom, I decided to give it a try. I’m not a Kdrama addict to start with. I stopped and controlled myself from watching it ‘coz the first time I watched a Kdrama (“Full House” – my first Kdrama) many years ago, I got so attached to it that I couldn’t let go and re-watched it for a couple of times more after it ended. My second Kdrama was “Princess Hours” and again all those mad feelings resurrected and the same dilemma happened. That’s when I decided to stop watching Kdramas. Until, for the longest time, I made a decision to give it a try one more time out of boredom.

Since I only had a couple days left of the holidays, I started watching SKKS at episode 6 ‘coz I thought maybe the first few episodes would be boring and I wanted to go straight to the real story. I was not attracted to Yoochun at first sight. I even said to myself “he looks like one of our local actors here in some angles.” That said local actor is a good-looking ahjussi but not my type. Yoo Ah In was the one who made a first impression on me since I’m really attracted to long haired guys. Anyway, as the story continued, I had a change of heart as Lee Seon Jun started to get my attention for the rest of the episodes, especially in the last part where he had a mustache and beard. I was like, “This man is really handsome!” I think not all men who are good-looking would still look good with facial hair on them, or would look even more attractive because of it. Yoochun pulled it off like it was really his. Chunsas, on cue, 1-2-3… eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


To cut this SKKS story short, after the final episode, Yoochun finally got hold of my heart. I watched it again from the beginning up to the end and as episode after episode went by, Yoochun was becoming more and more handsome in my eyes. I got really10x hooked and I then went to search for SKKS’ casts. From then on another chapter has opened as I discovered Micky Yoochun, the singer!

I searched and searched and watched his videos on YouTube. I even created a YT account for the first time – I mean I watch videos on YT but never cared to make an account. I then discovered he is a member of JYJ and the first music video I watched of them as a group was “Empty.” I got mesmerized ‘coz he was sooo good, very different from the serious, upright LSJ I knew. Seeing more videos of him singing and dancing, I said to myself “Ahhh, so this is the real you..” and my heart fluttered as I kept on watching him. Because of continuous searches, I didn’t realize I went too deep already for Yoochun that there was not a single day from the first time I had a glimpse of him that I missed seeing his charming Chunface.

I had sleepless nights for months trying to watch videos and read articles as much as I can ‘coz I felt like I missed so many things about him already that I needed to do some catching up. I’ve watched and re-watched his major dramas to banjun dramas, from MVs to concerts, guestings, variety shows, etc. I watched every video that was available from different sites, may it be with or without subs, HD or unclear, new or old, even if I had slow internet connection at times, as long as Yoochun was in it, I will watch it and had waited (even if I felt like I was about to explode every time there was slow connection). I did all sorts of things that I’ve never done before like CRAZY. He drove me BATTY!

And oh! Before I forget, this is a little embarrassing in a way ‘coz I have to admit that I never knew that girl/boy groups from Korea are called Kpop group. I don’t even call their drama as Kdrama, they’re just plain drama to me. I didn’t know any terms until I entered Yoochun’s world. I’ve heard of the term Kpop mentioned in our local TV before but I thought it was the name of a certain group from Korea because there was a boy group featured whom I thought then was the “Kpop” group! LOL! I mean I am not a fan of their music and more so do not care to know them. But that was before I knew of this spectacular man named Yoochun who made a great detour in my non Kpop/Kdrama life. Thanks to this man, I discovered something different from my norm that I am now loving. I love JYJ’s music and even the old songs from their previous group and indeed, I now understand why they were once called the “Rising Gods of the East” and why they have so many fans around the world.

And I have to confess that after knowing this man, another door opened up. I am now having more interest in their culture, even wanting to learn their language and became more friendly with Koreans who are somewhat misunderstood by some people here in the City I live in (but a lot love them too). I am now officially a Kdrama addict watching one Kdrama after another. And am now opening up to a new music genre which is Kpop (but not all!lol). I especially love JYJ’s, particularly Yuchun’s and his recommendations.

I know Chunsas would agree, there is really something about Yuchun that we couldn’t explain why he’s so special to us, that once you become a Chunsa, you will always be a Chunsa. He has this charm that could  melt our hearts and catch our souls. I mean, I really don’t know how to explain it and I’m no good in writing nor in expressing myself but I just love him the way he is!

Even on my first year of being a Chunsa, I already wanted to see him in person. I even thought of watching JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome in 2013. But I didn’t know how to go about it, I didn’t know anyone who could help me, and I was afraid to go alone. So I promised myself I will watch their concert when they have one in any of the nearby countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. And so I waited, and waited. At last, it was announced in 2014 that they will have concerts in those nearby countries I mentioned. I’ve already ‘met’ quite a few Chunsas and have become friends with them, so I had friends to go with. Someone was going to purchase the tickets, book hotel rooms, everything that was needed will be taken cared of. But there was a hitch. I was almost six months pregnant! Oh my. I really wanted to watch in one of those countries at least because I knew it would be a long time before a chance like that would come again knowing they will be entering the military service soon. But foremost in my mind was my baby of course! But I wanted to see Yuchun, JUSEYO!!!

I talked to my OB first, because if she said no, there was no need to ask my husband for permission. But if she said yes, then I would have a chance with my husband. So I went to my OB and asked if I could still fly. And watch a concert haha. I also searched for airline regulations regarding pregnant women.  Fate was on my side, my OB gave me the clearance! Next giant step was my husband.  He said I have to weigh and balance everything first. If everything is all good and since he can’t stop me anyway if I really wanted to go, he might just as well support me. But he was already in contact with his friends in Hong Kong, asking them to keep an eye on me during my brief stay and to be on standby just in case their help will be needed haha. I was confident because I was going with my Chunsa friends. Although I have never met them in person, but I knew I will be going with good people and I will be in good hands.

I thought the giant steps were all behind me, but alas, there was still another one! Going out of our country is such a suspenseful affair haha. You never know if the Immigration Official who will let you pass through his gate will be friendly, not so friendly, strict, or just plain moody. So there I was, queuing at Immigration, praying that I be given a friendly one. Unfortunately, my prayers weren’t answered. 😰 The Immigration guy was very strict, but I was positive I shouldn’t have any problems with the interview, I mean I didn’t do anything wrong. But still it was a bit nerve wracking. I was asked what I was going to do in Hong Kong. I said I was going to watch a concert. I showed him my printed ticket and hotel accommodation voucher and told him someone booked it for me, that they were from Manila but we were meeting in Hong Kong. Then he told me to go to the back office! Almost everyone queuing up to that officer were told to go to the back office for further interview! There were several people being interviewed when I reached the office so I had to wait for my turn. It was taking them soooo long I was afraid I was going to miss my flight. I was thinking if they cause me to miss it I was going to go ballistic and freak them out, I don’t care! After all the preparations and the excitement and the anticipation gaaaahhhh! Anyway, there were two officers there, the other one seemed friendly but the other one SO NOT! Guess which one fate picked for me? LOL! She was a tough-looking, tough-speaking, tough-everything woman! She almost made the poor girl ahead of me cry. So it was my turn… uhm let’s make this into a script-looking dialogue haha!

Tough Immigration Officer (TIO):  What are you going to do in Hong Kong?
Me:  I’m going to watch a concert.
TIO: Who’s going to have a concert?
Me:  JYJ
TIO: Who is that?
Me: They’re Jaejung, Yoochun and Junsu
TIO: What’s their name again?
Me: Jaejung, Yoochun, Junsu (I could see she was Googling their names on her desktop ahaha! She saw The Return of the King Concert in Hong Kong. )
TIO: So it’s Jaejung, Yoochun, Junsu (with a loud voice!)
Me:  (I think I was turning pink right then haha) Ma’am, please lower your voice down, I am so embarrassed right now. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is at my age to be going to Hong Kong just to see my idol?!
TIO: Oh you’re just like my niece. Her idol is Sandara Park and a boy band which I forgot the name of. So you like Korean guys?
Me: Oh my gosh NO! I ONLY like Yoochun and his group! (I showed her Yoochun’s photo in my iPad, it’s my wallpaper haha.)
TIO: He’s handsome ah… he looks familiar though. I think I’ve seen him on an ABS-CBN drama.
Me: Yes! He’s the lead actor in Secret Love (SKKS), Rooftop Prince and Missing you.
TIO: Yes, I think I’ve seen a few episodes of Rooftop Prince, it’s where I saw him.

So the tough-looking, tough-speaking, tough-everything Immigration Officer turned out to be not so tough when she saw this 👇 😂 😂 😂


When I reached Hong Kong, I had to wait for another hour because my flight was an hour earlier than the one my Chunsa friends took. I was meeting Abbie.Gaile and Jellybean for the first time! I’ve seen Abbie.Gaile’s photo on her FB but I haven’t seen Jellybean’s. So I was looking out for Abbie. When I finally saw her, I was still a bit hesitant to approach her because suddenly I wasn’t so sure anymore haha! I observed (stalked more like it ahaha!) her for a while, I saw she was with someone. After a while, I decided to approach them. I was quite sure already. The girl with her somehow reminded me of Jellybean’s profile photo (the bookworm) so it must be Jellybean haha! We also met with another girl, a JYJ Ph admin, who was Jaejung bias and became friends with her.

Just to get a glimpse of Yoochun, we waited for hours at the airport. We were like confused bees haha! When it was nearly time for their touchdown (of course we knew what time they were touching down… thanks to CIA fans) we were first row behind the railings. Some butterflies joined my baby in my tummy and started twirling around, my heart beat faster, I kept checking my watch, and my hands were sweating (lol). I started to imagine what my reaction will be when Yoochun passed by in front of me, from an arm’s length distance! All that, and BANG! They used the VIP exit! They were going into their vans when we checked Twitter! ARRGGGHHH!    All these 👇 emoticons represent how I felt in that moment!



I was super excited. We were advised to be at the venue several hours before concert time. If not for that advice, maybe we would have gone 1 or 2 hours before it started haha! Ohhh ignorance is no bliss at all. On the way to the venue we saw some signages/banners of JYJ. I was praying in my head, “Oh thank You, Lord, for making this possible!” I was going to see Yoochun in person!!! By the way, I specially wore something that wouldn’t make me look sooo pregnant. I was afraid people would stare at me, not so nicely maybe?. I took all the precautions, all the preparations, I know my body, I can handle it, I’m a sporty woman, I’m healthy, I can walk the whole day if I wasn’t pregnant, I do mountain climbing, I do adventure racing and most of all, I know my limitations, too. But people don’t know that and they may look at me and think me too careless of the safety of my baby to go to a concert in my condition. Anyway, I don’t think I looked very pregnant. Hah! Says the lying mirror! A friend who was monitoring the concert on Twitter through live Tweets from fans in the audience emailed us that she saw someone tweeted: “OMG, the woman on the row in front of me is pregnant!” Gosh, was she referring to me?? Was it so obvious? Was I the only pregnant woman there? Hahaha!

So anyway, this pregnant woman had the time of her life checking out every single thing… buying merchandise, getting free lights and Micky headbands from different support fan groups, meeting other fans, and most especially having fun. But Jellybean and I missed the JYJ t-shirt; only Abbie and her half-Chunsa sister got one each. I wanted to have that shirt because the design wasn’t so obvious a JYJ shirt. Only fans would recognize it, that if I wear it I won’t be outed from my fangirl closet ahaha! I think Jellybean and I were thinking of the same thing haha!

While queuing up at the entrance of the concert hall, we saw some Chunsas already wearing their Micky ears! They were so cute! There were so many fans, I even saw a group which looked like a family (Dad, mom and teenage kids), I saw some senior citizens, I saw a couple of senior citizens in wheelchairs! I wonder who their bias is ahaha! The queues  were really long, this is the first time I have been to a concert with this number of audience. Inside the concert hall, we were told not to take photos. Of course I took some videos of Yoochun’s performances, everybody was doing so. But I hid my camera every time a guard got near us haha!

But first, when Yoochun appeared, I can’t explain my feelings! Hahaha! It’s as if a dream came true! But I really wanted to be nearer. If I wasn’t pregnant I would have been on the VIP Standing area near the stage. But since I can’t do that because of my condition, and Jellybean is so small she said she would have a crick in the neck halfway through the concert fighting for view with the taller fans, we decided to just get the VIP seating area. But it was too far for me, I wanted a closer look of Yoochun!

The concert was great, I enjoyed all the performances, especially Junsu’s. He truly is a total performer. I also loved Jae’s voice and sexy performances. But most of all, I was again mesmerized by Yoochun’s deep, soulful, sexy voice. I felt almost in tears listening to him sing. After listening to his recorded voice for 2 years, I was finally hearing him live. The feeling was inexplicable. I felt like I was going to explode haha! If only I have seen him up close! I wanted to shake his hand, I wanted to ask for his signature, I wanted to have a photo with him! I guess I will have to make those come true in the future.

As the concert ended, a photo of JYJ with fans in the background was taken. The longing started to take over. I wanted more, I wanted to see Yoochun again. Sadness was filling my heart, I wasn’t going to see Yoochun for a very long time. We stayed in our seats for quite a while. I was imagining JYJ coming out again with only a few fans left. If that happened I was so gonna go down there, pregnant and all, and hug Yoochun hahaha! But alas, it was a just a dream. The time has come for us to leave. Bye for now, my dear Yoochun, this will definitely not be the last. See you again next time. I hope you will also consider going to the Philippines and do concerts or fan meets. I will definitely fly to Manila for it.

We went back to the hotel with both happiness and sadness in our hearts; happiness because we finally got to witness Yoochun sing live, sadness because we had to say goodbye and won’t be seeing him for a very long time.

After a day in Disneyland to see the other Mickey the following day, we had to say goodbye to each other, friends whom I felt like I’ve known for so many years already even if we only met in person two days ago. I was sad saying goodbye to them because we grew closer with each other even in just 3 days. We have kept in touch to this day and even with our busy lives were able to talk with each other everyday haha! We do that at MickyTrap, our Viber group. This is one of the great things about being a Chunsa, I found new friends, the for-life-kind-of-friends, women who share this crazy side of me, who are as crazy as me, who will understand me, who will always support and encourage me.

They took their flight back to Manila, and I took mine to Cebu. Remember TIO? Not Yuchun’s TIO CF – although that commercial always brings a smile to my face – but the TIO at the airport! I met her again at the airport, and SHE REMEMBERED ME! In her usual tough, loud voice, she asked me about the concert. I said the concert was awesome! She was about to say (holler is more like it) something again that I had to susshh her to lower down her voice hahaha!

So that was the BATTY-FOR-YOOCHUN-ME! I think it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done as a Chunsa. Well, besides scuba diving and greeting him a happy birthday underwater.

And the six-month old fetus that watched Yuchun and JYJ with me – who must have been throwing her arms around inside her mum’s tummy, as her mum was waving her blue lightstick for Yuchun – just had her first trick or treating a couple of days ago. I guess she must be the youngest Chunsa huh? Hahaha!


Written by:  PYC Seasidewanderer




13 thoughts on “Yu Drive Me Batty”

  1. Hi @PYCseasidewanderer,
    How are you?
    When I read that part about someone booking the tickets, accommodation, etc, I thought of you all. The moment I read that you were six months pregnant, I knew it’s you!
    Thinking back, I wondered whether I should have just joined you all at the HK concert.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your story with Yuchun.
    And time flies and it’s nice to see your little girl in the picture.
    Please take good care of yourself and our youngest chunsa.


    1. Hi @PS,

      I’m doing great! Kinda busy with work and kids. How about you? It’s been so long since the last time we got in contact. I miss you all! 😉
      It would have been so nice to have you with us. Hopefully when Yuchun is out of the service and would have a comeback then we will all meet in Seoul to welcome him. 🙏


      1. @PS…. there’ll always be next time… we’ll meet and see YC together like what @PYCseasidewanderer said.. and yes…. i/we miss you all..

        with much love..


  2. @PYCseasidewanderer…. aaawww… finally… i’ve read the full story and it’s different reading it like this.. i really love this and enjoyed it so much you made me laugh, as always.. 🙂 i can’t say much coz you already know my heart.. i miss you dear..

    i’m still waiting for another JYJ concert or YuChun’s fanmeet and praying we’ll go see it together with Jellybean again and with MickyTrap too.. 🙂 and someday i know we’ll meet all those chunsa friends we met online.. (you all know who you are)

    with much love..


    1. The long wait is finally here @abbi.gaile. Thanks to @Jellybean for helping me with this. If it weren’t for her, this wouldn’t be done by now.

      I miss you too! I wish to see all of you soon. Hopefully fate will be on our side again and we’ll be able to see Yuchun’s comeback together. 😉


      1. @seasidewandererpyc…. our jellybean works her magic.. 🙂

        i’ll definitely wait for athat moment.. i’m keeping my faith.. 😉

        with much love…


    1. I’m glad you loved it! It also warms my heart reading Chunsas’ stories and how they support Yuchun all the way. Thank you also for always being there for Yuchun. 😉🙂😊

      Liked by 1 person

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