When one is bitten by the Chunbug and becomes a Chunsa, she will either keep it a secret (good luck to her!), or reveal her bitten self to family, friends, or only to someone very close to her. It would either be through voluntary revelation or through the normal course of things, that is, through her fangirling activities and habits. That someone could either be her mum, her husband, her boyfriend, her bestfriend, or her sister. These people are what we call the half-Chunsas. They weren’t one to begin with, but due to association, or merely because they share the same DNA, they get doses and doses of ‘Yuchun this’ and ‘Yuchun that’ everyday until hearing his name becomes so normal it becomes a way of life. Not hearing that name for a period of time makes the half-Chunsa worried about the Chunsa. “Is she sick? Is she alright? Is something the matter?”

The half-Chunsa is the first one to tease a Chunsa about her crazy fangirling, but he/she is also the first one to understand and support her. One may think he/she only tolerates the Chunsa’s passion for Yuchun with a smile, but without realizing it, the smile has become a spontaneous reaction to hearing the name or seeing a photo of Yuchun. And when this devastating incident happened, while a Chunsa was in pain, worrying over Yuchun, a half-Chunsa was beside the Chunsa, quietly worrying over her and Yuchun. Blessed is a Chunsa who has half-Chunsa beside her.

The letter I’m going to share here now is from a Chunsa’s sister posted at DCPYC, translated in English by @uttunfan, to give us encouragement that there are people alongside us who are sharing our pain, hopeful that justice will prevail, and anticipating a new beginning with the same heart as ours.

I thank Uttunfan most sincerely, for bringing DCPYC to Pages Bound by 6002, and Pages Bound by 6002 to DCPYC.







Posted at DCPYC on Aug. 22, 2016 


Written by:  A Chunsa’s Sister


English Translation by:  Uttunfan

(Photo credits: Blessing Yuchun, Lee, owners/as tagged)




6 thoughts on “Half-Chunsa”

  1. my elder sister is the best half-chunsa.. 😊😊😊 we watched a JYJ concert together with my chunsa friends and she enjoyed every second of it.. every time she sees something which is YuChun related she will ask me if i want them and buy them for me (some i need to pay and some are gifts).. 😉😉😉 when she read the news about YuChun, she called me and asked how i’m doing and she’s worried too.. aaahhh.. now, i’m starting to miss her.. 😭😭😭

    half-chunsa… yeah… my elder sister is… definitely… 🎆🎇🎉🎊

    with much love..


  2. I’m guessing this was written in June/July when things were still so chaotic, when one allegation after another with all sorts of nonsense were reported by the media. We all felt the pain and the hurt and I can’t imagine how many times worse it must have been for K-Chunsas, which must be why she’s worried for her sister. Hope her sister is feeling better now as we all do.
    Honestly I’m half in the closet Chunsa 🙂 . My family and friends know that I like Yoochun but not HOW MUCH I like him. I don’t fangirl openly. Hahaha they’d definitely be surprised big time if they find out that I have a twitter account set up especially for our dear Mr Park – me the anti-social one who doesn’t reply to WA texts or posts on FB. Nevertheless, as a Chunsa, I do feel abliged to share my love and obsession of Yoochun with my loved ones (in subtle ways of course) but sadly so far only managed to influence my young pre-teen nieces. Hehe oh well, they can be the next generation Chunsa army.
    The past 4-5 months have been the most difficult period for Yoochun and his family and it still hasn’t ended yet. My wish for now is for Yoochun to stay healthy and strong to keep on fighting. Don’t worry about the future. As long as you work hard just as before, things will work out and we will be rooting for you the whole way.


    1. @Budak kecil: “I’m half in the closet Chunsa.” Yet another thing we have in common haha! (Remember shoe-lover?) My family doesn’t know the extent of my “obsession” with Yuchun too, they don’t know about the SNS accounts and this blog omg haha! But they do know I love Micky. My younger sister posts Yuchun’s photos on my private FB account and say, “Look, I found Micky!” Oh gosh. And she would choose photos of Yuchun for me to use as my mobile wallpaper. Even my little nephews know about Micky. When they see me at my laptop and take a peep, they’re like: “Ohhh no, Micky again!” Just a couple of days ago my 6-year old nephew saw me sending DM to a Chunsa friend whose DP is Yuchun’s photo (of course), he asked me: “Auntie, why are you texting Micky?” 😂

      I haven’t told my sister about this incident yet. I’m glad she’s busy now so she doesn’t have much free time to go hunting for Yuchun photos for me. I’ll tell her later though, when she wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. She’s the nearest to a half-Chunsa I have.


  3. I had this workmate who marathoned Miss Ripley until 3am. I dont know if he (yes, HE!) only got curious about the drama because I kept talking about Yoochun. After that, he asked me for a copy of all of Yoochun’s drama and watched them. He enjoyed TGWSS the most. Even his whole family watched and loved Rooftop Prince. He even gave me radish doll! He would always listen to me when I started talking about Yoochun. He also have a video of JYJ singing “Found You” on his phone. This guy I am talking about, another half-chunsa in my life aside from my family is now my boyfriend ☺


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