Your Angels

It was a bright afternoon with warm sunlight shining through the window. The view of mountains that surround my city perfected the sunny weather and mood that motivated me to write my final assignment. Until all of sudden the rain poured and caused all the birds to fly away from trees; the mood drastically changed. The picture of ‘that’ day is exactly like that. That day in the middle of June, a bloody day they said, which obviously every Chunsa will never, ever, forget. What a coincidence, or it seemed like the sky understood what we were feeling and sent down the rain. In that short time, rain of blind hatred also poured towards everyone who was linked to the person reported.

Some lyrics of your or JY J songs I suddenly heard in my mind.


Meanwhile many of us still couldn’t believe the ‘first’ report when the second, third, fourth and so on came out that it sounded very, in every single perspective, unbelievable. I didn’t even want to remember those details, what the hyena reporters did to you, but I can’t forget it either. The situation was like, no matter how much we want to fight, silence was the only option we had. However, there was at least one thing we can do, capture and report all malicious news to CJEs, until their email crashed due to too many reports received. Once again I witnessed the strength of Chunsas, who didn’t give up even the faintest hope. They still looked after you in the right way, even in the early stage of the report. Meanwhile, I couldn’t think straight as my head was in a mess so I just captured and sent everything with a frown on my face T.T. This was the start of the support acts for you, the proof of fans’ love, the very beginning stage before those countless and never ending support, only for you, dear Yoochun.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, I believe in you”

JYJ, Only One.

Believe. Faith. Just these two words could bring energy to many of us. I clearly remember how much hate people threw at us and I was moved by Chunsas’ stance of not paying hate with hate. In the midst of chaos and confusion, what I saw next was a flood of love in support for Yoochun. I thought it was how the first campaign was created. Hashtags #Believein6002 and #StandbyYoochun went viral among Chunsas. It started a domino effect on Chunsas worldwide. Be it letters, selfies, videos, petitions; whatever form was done in a flash across nations and continents. We even stood together as one under the Korean and Foreign Fan of Park Yoochun Union to announce our stance; that we definitely stand by you. Because we believe in you, there’s nothing to be afraid of.




“Instead of thinking about the road that becomes farther and farther,

I think about us becoming even closer”

Park Yoochun, until the last album

When the fan union happened, we knew that probably it would be a long and tiring fight, that’s why we should support each other. Things didn’t go as we thought it would. We were hit from the front and back, from the right and left. Everything felt different and gloomy. But once again, Chunsas proved that their love was never out of stock, so were their ideas. Not long after the #standbyyou, a fun and well arranged campaign #6002smile was released. A simple and sincere hope that we can cheer you up and make you smile through our best effort. We were aware you might find it hard these days, so you needed to be reminded that you fully deserve to be okay. We wanted to reach you with our love wishing you would get stronger. No amount of hate can decrease our love; instead it grows stronger and stronger.




“No matter how hard life gets, happiness is about being together.”

Park Yoochun, HMLDYHIYW

Another impressive idea came up in an event with hashtag called #YuchunWeek following the announcement of JYJ Membership Week 2016. We flooded all our social media with our love for you. We shared what made us like you, what we adore about you, or simply spamming timeline with our favourite Yoochun’s photo or quote. I expected it to be fun, yet it turned out to be touching and I became emotional and missed you even more. I miss your angelic smile, your crunchy laugh, your dorky acts, your jokes, your humble interviews, your hardworking stories, and so on. I also came to value you more after I found out what I knew about you was only a grain of sand and sharing those feelings together was really a good thing. Isn’t it a blessing in disguise? We became closer and stronger as we were together, no matter how hard the situation was.


We can only wish that you are happy. We will climb our stairs one by one.
We are still waiting for you, imagining our future.”


Suddenly I remember the time when we arranged voting for Baeksang Awards 2014. I was a newbie that time, I didn’t have friends and knew nothing about how voting works. Well, that’s not the problem, for I received many help from Chunsas; they were so kind and intelligent hehe. What I can’t forget was when I found trouble with my phone. It can run the vote app but the paying system was not working. So I can’t vote. Meanwhile, another Chunsa lent me her credit card, which was filled with an amount of money. She wanted me to use her card, and for other Chunsas with the same problem as me. And when I asked how I could repay the money I used for voting, she replied ‘Chunsas don’t need you to repay, its okay as long as we can vote for Yoochun until he wins!’ Maannnn, I was touched! We’ve never met in real life before but they believed and trusted me. What if I were a fake fan or a devil inside me woke up and took all the money? How impressive their dedication really is, how can I not love them, too?

This time is no different, we only wish for you to be happy. We want to show that you still have our love and support! This newest support which is currently running called #watchforyuchun was initiated by U.S. Chunsas and was perfected by Korean Chunsas. We make schedule to watch your drama everyday via online sites, sharing our favorite scenes, raise click views and comment, or sharing our stories related to the drama. This is one of our ways of waiting for your return, Yoochun. It might just be an online support, but as to offline support, a lot of Chunsas did and are still doing activities like being volunteers, praying together, doing charity, and so on. I may have possibly missed many others. But they have all been there, done all that.



“No matter how hard life gets, we stay positive.”

Park Yoochun, How much love do you have in your wallet

In the end, it is about the angelic hearts of Chunsas shaped by a person named Park Yoochun. I have never truly understood before how these fans get strength and how strong they were in supporting you, despite all the hardships. Now I understand that it is because of love, faith, and belief. Love can inspire people to do good, give strength, and even make them fight with everything they have. I am sure you know this about your fans better than I do. But I still like to write about it as it has a special meaning to how I view my life.

I realize I do not know them best or know every story, but ever since I knew you and Chunsas, I have received many positive things. Recalling the first time of getting to know about you, if it was not for Chunsas’ best efforts to manage and update websites, blogs, Youtube channels, Twitter accounts, or doing various charity projects continuously, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t know you, I wouldn’t know Chunsas, and my life wouldn’t be this colorful. I’m so thankful, all of the time, to be given this blessing in my life. I have learned so much, I would look only at the positive side of life, no matter how hard it gets.

And let this be the closing to my letter. As the rain falls like it understands our feelings, it also makes our deadened heart feel again. Rain always brings many new and nice things, and the nicest is, even if it brings pain, it will always stop eventually. You have heard this so many times, but I will say it once again. I pray to God to heal your wound and give you strength to be better, bigger, and stronger than the storm that hit you. There is also a saying that a great storm is made for great soldiers. I may not be a strong one, but I know you are, dear Yoochun.

Written by: Chunsafiya



Photo credits as tagged, @mars_pink (Park Yuchun Week & Watch Yuchun, While Waiting for Yuchun posters)

Projects:  Stand By Yuchun – Yuchun’s International fans; Smile6002 – PromiseYC, Japanese fans; Park Yuchun Week – @yuerun6002, 6002sky Team;  Watch For Yuchun Week – Seryn, U.S. fans; Watch Yuchun, While Waiting for Yuchun – DCPYC/6002sky Team)



3 thoughts on “Your Angels”

  1. @chunsafiya.. this gave me goosebumps all over and moved me to tears literally.. beautifully written and as expected from a chunsa, heartwarming.. thank you for this.. i can read this all over again and it’ll sure feel the same like the first time i’ve read it.. and yes…. every word you said is just amazingly true.. when chunsas are one, no one can put them down.. our love for him will just grow.. again thank you.. 😍😍😘😘


  2. @Chunsafiya.. I really love this… all the angels gathers in Chunsaland… and all because of love and faith to one person. A person that give us inspiration.. bring us happiness in our hard days and a person who is Angel himself…..called Park Yoochun.
    As @Abbie.gaile said… ths is really heart warming… yes.. Chunsas are getting stronger.. and so is Yoochunie..😊


    1. @travellingwithloveweb.. agree!!! YuChun is an angel himself, he inspires us .. and yes… YuChun is strong so as his chunsas coz we rely on each other and give each other strength when one is needed (prayers are one big factor).. 😊😊😊

      with much love..


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