Thank God I Found You

Hi. I am a 30-year old ahjumma lol because I have 3 kids already. All of them know about Yoochun. Every time I arrive home from other cities for work, my kids always ask me “Why didn’t you bring Yoochun with you, mom?” lol. And I will just answer them, “Because Yoochun is so busy, he needs to work” ahaha. I will just call Yoochun Yoochun-ah or Chun-ie because we are born in the same year. (to sound close and friendly)

The first time I knew Yoochun was in the middle of 2014. I was watching Rooftop Prince by chance and without any special intention. I watched another K-drama before and RTP played after that, so I was just simply marathoning K-dramas. I know it was late, so sorry, hehe.

I began researching about him after watching RTP. I had zero idea who he was and I thought he was not that good looking an actor. 😀 So I began to explore who Park Yoochun was and his past. Strangely, I fell for his true personality, especially when I found out what he has gone through in his life. He is an impressive human being in my perspective.

I was in the middle of a low point in my life that time. My husband suddenly left me and our 3 children with nothing. He gave no financial help or anything else. He even left a debt that I had to pay. It was very hard… but reading about Yoochun’s ups and downs, I got inspired. He truly inspired me. Since then I always stick to his motto “always keep the faith.”

So, the starting point when I became his fan was when I found out about his life and how he overcame every hardship he was facing. And of course I also liked Yoochun’s acting… the way he portrayed a role, his facial expression when expressing something or some feelings without any dialog… I could really feel it. And I do love his voice when he is singing… a very nice and warm voice. His narrow eyes are also my favourite. Hehehe.

After I got to know about his life, I started to watch all his dramas, listening to all his songs, JYJ songs. I also started fangirling on Twitter, hehe forgive me Chun.. because I was such a passionate ahjumma hahaha. I am also grateful that I knew Junsu and Jaejoong through Yoochun. The three of them I love as one, JYJ. I don’t know why but I love all of them, their brotherhood, or maybe it is because I see he loves them as well. It isn’t fake, the love of those three.

Actually I had a hobby of watching Kdramas since I was a student and stopped in 2006. I was busy working, got married, and delivering babies. It was in 2014 when I resumed my hobby to watch Kdramas again. I had several favourite actors before and now. Bae Yongjun, So Jisub, and lately I like Yoo Ahin, Ryu Junyeol, and Jisoo. I like their acting, their expression without any dialog which I could feel. I believe they will be big actors too, just like you Chun.

But your position in my heart would never change. There would be no space for others. You warm my heart, you inspire me. None of the other actors or idols gave me that warm feeling like you do. You are totally different 🙂


So if other say I am cheating on you, I don’t care. Because they don’t know what I’ve been through and don’t know why I became a Chunsa, a fan of Park Yoochun. It is only between me and you. I don’t need any acknowledgement whether I’m a true Chunsa or whatever. I don’t have to only watch your dramas or only listen to your songs. I don’t need to keep on posting my craziness about you. I am just a woman who is inspired by a man because of his attitude towards life which is lovable. All I wanna do is wish you to be healthy and happy always. And I hope you will not quit from acting and singing. I still need to watch dramas and movies that you will be starring in. I still want to listen to your music and voice. Jebal, huh?

Last but not least, please give us a special present when you return from enlistment 1 year ahead. Okay? Promise me? Promise us? Hehehe

I thank God I found you, Chun-ah, during such a terrible time of my life, ‘that’ time.


Written by:  Wiwi



(Photo credit to owners)

Original Language:  Bahasa

English Translation by:  @chunsafiya



One thought on “Thank God I Found You”

  1. Wiwi, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to leave this comment! The more Chunsa stories I read, the more words seem insufficient to express my appreciation and admiration for the bravery and beauty of the love they have for this man. I hardly dare to call myself one while standing next to all of you. It took great courage to face the difficulties you’ve experienced, and I’m relieved that you were able to overcome that painful period of your life! I’m so happy that Yuchun helped you to do that! I’m very grateful that hopefully he will be able to read these words and that they will give him strength to overcome his own sorrow by knowing how deeply and positively he has affected the lives of others. Thank you for writing this letter and sharing it with us! I know it took great courage to do that also. I continue to pray for him, and I pray for you, that sorrow will pass and that you will be blessed beyond measure in the years to come!

    With love, Seryn


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