Be Strong YU, My Love

To be honest, I don’t know how to start. I’m not a good writer. It’s confusing to me because it seems all the  words in my head want to get out all at the same time. But I’ll try my best to be clearheaded.

I started liking YU after watching Miss Ripley. I will always be grateful that YU took that role. Through Yutaka/Yuhyun, I became a ‘Yufan’ and I began to find out all about YU. I started watching all his dramas, variety shows, concerts, etc. After knowing more about him through his works I was totally smitten by YU.


I was really touched when I found about his life before becoming an artist; how devoted he was to his parents, how he loved his brother. Really… I can’t imagine such a young child in America earning a living by working at so many jobs and using the hard earned money on his brother. No wonder Yuhwan said “MY OLDER BROTHER TOOK CARE OF ME LIKE A FATHER.“

YU went through much suffering to succeed and make his dreams come true. But he never used his pain  to gain sympathy. He gained and became popular through talent and hard work. Even when the lawsuit was hanging over them (JYJ), YU, together with his members, worked hard to open another path for themselves. I was really amazed by the persistence of YU. I AM TRULY PROUD OF YU. Ach… talking about YU & his life always makes me cry. Honestly, I was never like this before I knew YU. He really affected me emotionally.

I was initially a Kdrama lover, but now I just watch YU dramas. When I try to watch other K-dramas I find it hard to watch until the end. Or I would imagine YU as the lead character. Then I will re-watch YU’s dramas…again. That’s why I often can’t finish watching other dramas… poor me.

I wasn’t a Mickey Mouse lover but I became one when I knew YU loved Mickey. I have gotten into collecting Mickey stuff and now I have all sorts which are related to Mickey, besides all the YU stuff I have collected.

Don’t ask me about what character of YU I prefer the most because I can’t choose. For me,  each role that YU played is special and I love each one of them. There were always different things from each role.

If there is a project for YU I will participate as best as I can. I don’t know why but I always want to tell him “STAY STRONG” in every message that I write. Maybe because I know about his life story. Even when people ask me “What do you want to say to Yuchun when you meet him personally?” “Stay strong” are the first words  that come to my mind.

When YU went to serve his country, I was thinking of going on hiatus too and wait until he comes back. But I didn’t do it. I think I did the reverse. I’m active like usual, posting anything about YU on my social media. I’m glad to do it because it’s a form of relief for the longing I feel to see YU again. It never crossed my mind to leave YU.

And the bloody days that came and changed his life 180 degrees… Shocked … yeah, I was shocked when I learned about it, my whole body shook and I cried. I did not know what to do. I wanted to run  to him and say “Stay strong YU… please stay strong.” But I can’t. I can only pray for YU. Every day I pray for him. I ask that he be given strength, given justice, and those who have ruined his life to get punishment. I wish that this pain would make his personality even better and stronger, and I hope he will understand more the meaning of “true friend.”

I am proud of loyal Chunsas and touched by their never tiring support for YU, in spite of what other people and K-media are doing, and proving the words that I wrote in every message to him. “Just remember, there are always loyal Chunsas all over the world who support and will always love YU.”

YU… I am always grateful to know YU.


Thank you for being in my life and thank you for inspiring many people. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but we, your Chunsas, hope YU will still be running forward, bringing with YU  your beloved music and passionate performances (in dramas & movies). I still miss those moments when YU sang while playing the piano.

YU … there is a very far distance separating us… but prayer and love will always be there and bring us closer. If I can’t touch YU with my hands, then I will touch YU with my prayers.

Stay strong and be the Yuchun who have always bravely faced the hardships of life. For your sake, for your mother, your brother, your family, friends and also the people who are always loyal to you and love you.


Stay strong, YU.

I’m here for YU.

I will always stand by you, no matter what.

Written by:  Anna


To my friend, Anna:  Happy birthday! Stay blessed with lots of happiness in life.


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