My World With Yu

Dear Yuchun~ssi,

I hope you are doing fine now. We miss you dearly and hope you will be back on your feet once again. We hope to see you again in your forthcoming performances and dramas. We will never forget our promise to you and I hope you too, will fulfill your promise to us too. We are looking forward to these moments after you’re discharged from your enlistment.

I am never good in expressing myself, neither am I good in writing, but I hope I am able to tell you how deeply you affected my life. Well, to be very honest, I wasn’t into any k-pop or k-fan, to be exact even though I knew about k-dramas. And even though I’ve heard of Tohoshinki, it never crossed my mind to check it out or even listen to their music or watch any of the performances. Yes, maybe I was too busy with my daily life, that I tend to overlook some little details that could change my life later on…

It was in year 2012, when my dad’s sudden demise left us, the whole family, devastated and lost. My family moved to another state to start anew and it was then, during those lonely moments, I found you. You see, my mum was a great fan of k-dramas. I was searching for some dramas to watch to fill my emptiness and I saw Rooftop Prince and your name on it. I did not know who you were then. I picked up that DVD and watched the whole drama and… gosh! I was totally mesmerized by your acting! From then on, I only searched for all your dramas and watched them countless times!



Then in 2013, I took up as an admin in a Park Yuchun Fanpage. Still having little knowledge about you back then, I was determined to learn more about you. I searched a lot of details about you, I read articles on your past performances and how JYJ was created. I read and watched your interviews, I watched all your concerts on the internet, I listened to most of your songs and I am truly glad I did that… as the more I knew about you, the more I felt for you.

I felt your warmth, your sweetness, your humbleness, your sense of humor, your love for your family and everything about you. You are such a great actor, a gifted singer, songwriter and knowing about how you learned to play the piano was truly amazing! A self-taught musician, you are truly one of the best and I loved seeing you play the piano. You are such a caring, attentive and loving son and also a wonderful, protective and respected brother. The strong bond with, and your love for your family and your protectiveness over those you love is so heartwarming. Even though I only have known you for 3 years, I won’t say I regret knowing you too late. In fact, I felt thankful that I have learned to know you better. Thank you for being YU, as we love who you are and not what you are.

Ever since I knew you and became your fan, I was able to know and meet a lot of Chunsas from all over the world, people from many walks of life. This is something that I may not have been able to do had I not known you. Ever since you were enlisted, doing the countdown picture edits has been part of my daily life. It really feels good to see the number of days decreasing daily till your enlistment day is over. Hashtag of “Waitingfor6002” has been part of my life ever since and I never seem to get tired of waiting… LOL! In fact, I am positive that every one of us here are getting more and more excited to see you again. I am praying that you are doing well now, as I have always hoped you will be happy and healthy during your enlistment.

I may not have the chance to meet you in person and sadly I have yet to attend any of your concerts, but then, I sincerely hope to attend your next concert/ Fanmeeting after your enlistment. I will eagerly look forward for this day to come and I promise to you that I will attend it!


C – Care for YU

H – Here with YU

U – Unitedly waiting for YU

N – Never leave YU

S – Standby YU

A – Always protecting YU

Lastly, please stay strong… ’till we meet you again…

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end,

   It simply means “I Miss You, until we meet again!”

Always here with you,

Cathryn Tan


by: Cathryn Tan


박유천 Park Yuchun 6002 Fan Club

(Photo cr. to owner)



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