Under A Peaceful Sky

Several months ago, due to the intense popularity of the drama DoTS and its male lead Song Joong Ki, a rerun of Sungkyunkwan Scandal was shown on TV. When I learned about this, I thought to myself, Mr. Google will be very busy directing Song Joong Ki’s new fans to his old dramas. I dared fate. Let there be another twist of fate. Let me meet one unsuspecting woman, one who will fall for Song Jong Ki, who will not stop at DoTS, who will certainly search for his previous dramas, and who will be led to Sungkyunkwan Scandal; unbeknownst to her an unescapable trap awaits her, and before the drama ends she will have been mesmerized by another man; a man who will only need to smirk and she’s melted butter, whose gaze she will have no power to look away from, a man called Park Yuchun, under the guise of Lee Seon-Joon.

Here she is, the woman I dared fate to cross my path. 😊


Kloudzh - page1

Kloudz - page2

I could like many persons, but I could only love one, deep in my heart. When I decided to follow him, it’s become my fate.


Chinese Translation

Written by: Kloud Zhang



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6 thoughts on “Under A Peaceful Sky”

  1. @Kouldzh I cannot speak on Yuchun’s behalf, but I cannot help but feel he will be touched by the sincerity and love in your words! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! With each new Chunsa I meet, I become more and more grateful for being introduced to such amazing people! I pray you will be greatly blessed! 🙂


  2. Dear Seryn, I just sent the email to you. I am so happy to see your comment and encouragement. And I have the same feeling to be grateful to the new world which Yuchun has brought to me, especially after knowing each new Chunsa in Internet.


  3. “However, the beauty of your appearance is nothing compared to the beauty of your soul.”
    Absolutely AGREE! ^__^
    Beauty of a person’s appearance catches the eye
    whereas, beauty of a person’s soul conquers the heart.

    Yuchun owns both ^__~
    I know it’s unfair, but… yeah… hahaha… WELCOME TO CHUNSALAND!


  4. Yuchun really has this amazing effect on people. And the more you learn about him, the more you will be attracted and care about him.


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