Writing An Endless Story

Marie - page 1

Marie - page 2

Marie - page 3

Marie - page 4

Marie - page 5



Written by:  Marie




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4 thoughts on “Writing An Endless Story”

  1. Marie, you have such a beautiful story! What Yuchun has been going through has broken my heart so badly, but knowing that there are others out there who care about him like you do, and who are also praying for him as I have been, makes me so thankful I cannot express it properly! I also wish to send you encouragement, because I understand the feelings you have had. Perhaps there are many of us who share them, but they are still a very personal thing and it is hard to bear sometimes, isn’t it? Be strong! I know you will! I know you will keep loving and praying for Yuchun! Thank you so much for that!


    1. Hi!!! Thank you for your kinds words. I do love Yuchun so much. I do. I’ll give my life for him if necessary. I just want him to be happy again and forgot all this crap and raise from the ashes and shine again, as he always. Thanks for your good energy. I send you lots of blessings from here to you. God bless you and keep loving Yuchun. ♥


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