A Chunsa’s Rant

Sometimes we tend to keep quiet about certain things because saying too much might worsen the situation. But there are times when one has to release some bottled up feelings to unload a burdened heart. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now.

I am a fan of Park Yuchun, a Chunsa. But before I am a fan, I am an ordinary human being. I am a human being who believes that God has bestowed in me, as He had bestowed in ALL human beings, the heart to differentiate between right and wrong. And I know that in spite of all that, humans are not perfect, we never were and we never will. But because of that precious gift instilled in us, there will always be that voice telling us when we are doing something wrong. And we should know that hatred poisons that heart. I’m so sorry for the random comparison but I can’t help but compare it with black lungs. Coal miners usually get black lungs through long exposure to coal dust. It’s tragic, but they don’t seem to have a choice. It’s their livelihood. I imagine hatred and meanness would cause a blackened heart. The more we hate, the more our heart turns black. But unlike the coal miners, we have a choice. We have a choice to not hate. We have a choice to not be mean. We have a choice to be decent human beings.

Before I continue, let me first put out some disclaimer. I don’t presume to know in depth (or otherwise) the laws in South Korea, the culture of South Korean media, nor the Korean people in general. What I’m going to write in this post is just my own personal opinion, my rant if you will, based on my observations, using my human common sense and judgment. And I’d like to reassure you that I am no flighty teenager, nor am I someone whose head is not screwed the right way. I was never interested in celebrities, until Park Yuchun, that is. And I’m pretty sure he is the last celebrity I will ever be interested in.

From June 13 to this day, a little over two months already, what has really happened? Who has come out as the real offender? Who was wronged? Who was the victim?

No. 1: Irresponsible and unethical journalism: Nobody knew the truth at that time, only Yuchun himself and woman A, the first accuser. But the media took it upon themselves to broadcast and plaster Yuchun’s face on TV and all over South Korean cyberspace, without knowing whether the accuser was telling the truth or not. They could not even afford him, in the early days at least, the anonymity of a letter in the darn alphabet or a silhouette photo with a big question mark. Why? Because he is a celebrity? But other celebrities who have had scandals were somehow protected from exposure, at least in the early stages of investigation.  But why not Park Yuchun? Is it because he is a huge celebrity? Is that it? Because people will take pleasure in the downfall of a big celebrity, never mind if he is innocent? And since sensational news cause viewership to skyrocket, so why the hell not? Never mind if a life is ruined? From the very beginning that JTBC broadcasted the sensationalized news, it had been a frenzied circus of hatred and malice hurled at Yuchun. Lies were fabricated right and left and taken for truth. Letter after letter in the English Alphabet turned up with their own lies, using the same story, with different dates. People – netizens and the public – just jumped in on the bandwagon of hate and malice. Any and all would throw in their meanest two cents and call it freedom of expression! And anyone not on the bandwagon was called delusional, crazy, a fan. Defenders would get blocked from certain sites, or called names such as Park Yuchun apologist, rapist supporter, or the most common: stupid, brainless, delulu, bitch.

You not only wronged Park Yuchun, you wronged all those rational thinking people waiting for the investigation results first before they formed their opinion and those fans who decided to stand by him while waiting for the truth to come out. They did not ask you to support Yuchun. They just wished you to refrain from hurling insults and calling Yuchun names while the facts about the situation were still unclear, while the police were doing their job!

No. 2: Guilty until proven innocent. Or rather, guilty EVEN IF proven innocent! Whatever happened to basic human rights? Even persons charged with penal offence have the right to be presumed innocent until proved otherwise. That is the law of the land. It is a universal declaration. Park Yuchun IS NOT an exemption to that rule! South Korea is NOT a primitive country that shouldn’t know and practice that maxim. He was not even summoned by the police then but he was already guilty in your eyes! Was it easier to believe he was guilty rather than think, Heaven forbid, that the female accusers were lying? Because why? Women don’t lie? Come on!

But if it were ‘easy’ you wanted, wouldn’t it have been easier to wait for the police investigation to tell us who was guilty or who was lying? It would have been easier on the conscience, anyway. But no, Yuchun was hounded by media like a criminal. And you netizens cheered the media on. You were so blood thirsty for those unconfirmed, defamatory news. You took malicious glee in condemning him in this despicable trial by media.

No. 3: Wasn’t it character assassination? The media coverage from Day 1 up to when the police investigation was in progress, have been relentless. Phrases like, “The police said…” or “Someone from the Gangnam Police said…” were often on the news. But nobody questioned who it was from the police who gave out those unconfirmed information. Nobody was interested in the source. Who cares if it was the telephone operator in the police department? Nobody was named, but everything the media spouted was taken to be the truth, taken as coming from the authorities. They were not interested in evidences; they were not concerned with justice. Sensational news was always the order of the day. But comes the final result of police investigation, when Yuchun was CLEARED OF ALL ASSAULT CHARGES, where were all the media who were shoving microphones on his face? You are not interested anymore because the authorities say he is not guilty and it’s official, not just rumor; and you cannot embellish it with lies. You’re not interested to tell the public the truth because it will make you look stupid: because you’ve already assassinated his character. And because you think the truth doesn’t sell. You think news about his innocence will not help increase viewership or clicks. Is that really all you care about? Is that what MEDIA is all about? Well, shame on you! Now all those ignorant people who thought him guilty are still ignorant about the truth because you chose not to do your job, to inform the public of the truth. Such irresponsible, unethical practices should be condemned. You shame South Korea!

No. 4: You psychoanalyst, you have a special place in my heart. I have a tremendous respect for health professionals. But I could never respect someone like you, who calls himself a psychoanalyst (who should know and consider his social responsibilities) and SPECULATES on someone’s mental health, someone who is not even your patient, and makes it public by posting it on a community site. Casually suggesting a mental health diagnosis on someone you have never met, never spoken to, never mind performed analytic work needed in psychoanalysis, and making it public, is not only irresponsible and unethical, it is despicable. So what was your agenda? Or need I ask? And what was your basis again? A f*cking random drawing from years ago! From that drawing and from a random interview, you arrived at your conclusion that he has a bathroom fetish, that he must have been traumatized while potty training. This is so cringe-worthy, Mr. Psychoanalyst! It deserves to be flashed in the toilet. And you deserve to be sued, is what!

And to the program that aired it on TV, particularly you writer-nim, of course we know your agenda. You are more concerned with creating buzz rather than acting professionally and doing your job with integrity. What can we expect from people like you except trash.

Doesn’t psychoanalytic work involve LISTENING to a patient for a period of time (some even takes years!) and trying to understand how his mind works? Have any of you ever listened to Park Yuchun? Have you ever talked to him? Did you know that that guy could come up with a short poem from just 3 unrelated words in a matter of minutes even when he was young? Or that he could come up with a new word just by looking at a dish? So him saying he thought of the words ‘conversation,’ ‘sigh,’ and ‘bathroom’ when hearing the word ‘beautiful’ is not something to go all Freudian about. Come on! He is an artist, he is a lyricist; he writes songs! But even non-artists could love bathrooms too. I am no artist, I have an ordinary mind, and yet I love bathrooms, beautiful bathrooms. Sometimes I read my books in the bathroom! It’s the first thing I check out when I get inside a hotel room. Does that mean I have a bathroom fetish? SMH at you both, you unprofessional, unethical persons!

No. 5: To the TV show that specializes in “slip-of-tongues,” distorted facts, unconfirmed information, one-sided stories and half-arsed apologies after damage has been done. I don’t know what to say to you. “Bring better broadcast in the future,” is what you promised. Then why didn’t you broadcast that the female you interviewed was caught lying through her teeth and has been brought to the prosecutors? That would have somehow made up for your first (intentional) blunder. That would have been better than the apology you posted in some obscure corner of your site.

No. 6: Lastly, to the ones who should have stood by him or at least kept quiet while the investigation was on going, but were one of the firsts to condemn him and drop him: DC JYJ Gallery. What a sorry excuse for a fansite! You dumped him when everything was still in chaos, when nobody knew what was really happening, when we were all hurting so bad for him and worried about his well-being. And you had the audacity to say your youth had been trampled on? 🙄

A respectable man in his 50’s said when his wife told him about it, “Is that how fans behave? Aren’t they supposed to support him now?” He is a non-fan of course. He doesn’t know about fandoms. But he knows what it means to be decent. Do you, DC JYJ?

I’d really like to know how many members this fansite have? And how many voted to drop Yuchun? I’m an accountant; I want figures. Because I’ve seen people comment on Twitter that they did not agree with what the admins decided on. Was it only decided by the admins then? How many were they? Five? Ten? Fifteen? One hundred? One thousand? And the media took that as a huge chunk of Yuchun’s fanbase? You.Are.So.Way.Off.

The truth is out. All the lies have withered. It’s time to make amends, if one’s heart is still able to distinguish between right and wrong, if we choose to be decent human beings.

To C-JeS, you know we will always support Yuchun and we will wait for him. But you alone are in a position to do what has to be done. I know you are under a lot of pressure and stress too, and you have other artists to take care of. But you have to do what’s right for Yuchun. He deserves that. He worked so hard half of his life to reach where he is today. I have faith that you will not allow it to just go down the drain. And I have faith that you will make those people be accountable for tarnishing Yuchun’s name and trying to ruin his life. You have to fight for him, C-JeS!

To Our Dear Yuchun,

You have proven to the world countless times the strength you have within you. It’s time to prove to the world once again who Park Yuchun is, the caring son, brother and friend, who receives nothing but praises from seniors and colleagues. If this time a light doesn’t appear at the end of the tunnel, by all means, let us go down there and light the bloody thing ourselves! We will be beside you all the way. Count on us. You will always have us, your Chunsas.

“All the strength you need to achieve anything is within you. Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there…and light the bloody thing yourself!”
Sara Henderson, From Strength To Strength: An Autobiography



By: Jellybean

Korean Translation by Uttunfan  here

Chinese Translation by Kloudzh  here

Japanese Translation by Uttunfan here

Thank you so much, Uttunfan and Kloudzh, for painstakingly translating this post, for giving up valuable time for it.  Thank you for wanting to translate it, in the first place. My most sincere thanks to you both. 💙💙



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  1. Bravo! You’ve said it so well. I also want to add to the rant all those wailing banshees aka GG fans who use Yoochun as a punching bag to cover up for their idol’s stupid mistake. Why can’t they concentrate on loving and supporting their own idols instead of bashing others? They really make their fandom look pathetic and infantile.


    1. Their idol messed up. It was a stupid mistake that didn’t deserve the extreme hatred she got, just like 99% of “kpop scandals”. Instead of focusing on how to promote positivity though, some of them chose to take it out on Yoochun, Kangin, GDragon etc etc. Especially Yoochun. It really is an immature way to deal with things and it shows they don’t have arguments to support their views and are whining again for double standards as usual, completely ignoring the fact that Yoochun got tenfold more hatred than their fave, and for a crime he has yet to be proven guilty of. It’s pathetic and pitiful and a disgrace to sane fans.


    2. @jyjpathfinder: I can’t believe I forgot them wailers and whiners! Thank you for adding.

      The girl doesn’t deserve the extreme hatred she got, as @cherryinvain said, but her fans should know dragging other people’s name is so not the way to go about things.


  2. @Jellybean, you are really a Chunsa that I most admired. Your never ending support… really 👍. I can feel the fire when I read your rant, the same fire that I felt when I read hater’s comment. Really happy Yoochun surrounded by supporting Chunsa and I really want him to come back stronger..


      1. Dear Jellybean, your rants exactly represent words in my heart n mind, feeling bad why this injustice happened to a lovely and talent boy like Yoochun. Even till today, I don’t dare to call myself Chunsa since I never contribute anything to ths fandom, but I will always pray for him to have a better days ahead and more success in the future. With all fans like you all.. he sure will!


  3. When they say a rant they usually imply a thirteen year old foaming at the mouth to defend JB latest crime etc
    That was beautifully done.
    No other words necessary.
    Thank you.
    Hopefully he will manage to rise from that.

    I think this is something everyone should remember when someone’s name is on the news…
    Celebrities deserve common courtesy as well as human rights.


  4. dear JB ..
    thank you’ve written, it is very touching and full of emotion such as representing what I want to say to the world . thank u so much , YC proud of u… chunsa too.
    Let’s together keep supporting Yuchun no matter what.
    together forever by 6002side


  5. @Jellybean, a very well written and passionate piece of writing. Thank you! You voiced out our thoughts explicitly and precisely! I sincerely hope that YuChun will recover from this trauma and come back even stronger. YuChun, you are precious to us! Just keep you faith and work hard for your future! We will always standby you! Lots of blessings and prayers from a senior fan from Hong Kong!


    1. Thank you, Frances unnie. Yuchun will recover. That boy is a fighter. He may cry easily but he is made of sterner stuff. He’s going to bounce back. And we will be there for him. 😊


  6. Ang galing mo talaga @Jellybean eonnie! Sobrang bilib talaga ako na nasasabi mo lahat ng gustong sabihin ng bawat Chunsa. Salamat dahil dito sa Pages mas nalalaman natin na iisa talaga ang nasa puso natin.


  7. Bravo just bravo @Jellybean! You’ve just expressed the thoughts of most of the chunsas if not all. Hope this will reach the people who needs to know this.


  8. Jellybean, Thank you so much for summarizing all of the things I have thought and felt about this case, and stating them so eloquently and passionately! I am also a Christian, and I have been praying for Yuchun earnestly through all of this. I’ve sensed a strong conviction within my spirit that despite the evil intentions of the ones trying to harm him, there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, and that God will bring him through this season of pain, comfort him, and bless him even more abundantly than He previously had. However, I do not have your gift for words, so it warms my heart to see someone stand up for him in this way. Thank you again!!

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    1. @Seryn: when I read your comment I had the impression that you had it, the gift for words. When I saw your comments at JYJ3, my initial impression was confirmed to be spot on. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing this thread over at JYJ3. I’ve been a regular lurker (haha), a silent reader, at JYJ3 since I started searching for anything Yuchun-related three years ago. I seldom comment because I’m really just a shy mouse (who only sometimes turn into a fierce cat for Yuchun) haha.

      I learned that it was you guys (with @Mazelight3) who started the project Watch for Yoochun Week. We are definitely joining you. Thank you for this brilliant idea of uniting fans in watching Yuchun’s dramas and making each view count.

      It would be great if you could share the link to your project here. 😀 I’m sharing it on my FB account too. I’m so excited for October 1st! 😉


      1. @Jellybean Thank you! I do not consider myself an eloquent speaker, particularly when I make typos so regularly, lol, but I appreciate your gracious words very much! I shared the link to your post because you had spoken all the things I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words to express properly. I’m normally shy as well, but like you, something about Yuchun, and especially the injustice he has faced, seems to have brought out the lion in me. I came up with the idea for the marathon event about a week ago because I wanted all of us to have a meaningful and positive way to show our support. So many people who care about his future don’t have another way of expressing that, but it seemed like this would give the majority a very practical way to do so. However, it’s only been through the efforts of people like Mazelight3 that this idea has had a chance to take off, so I give all the credit to her and to others who have been spreading the word. Somehow I have ended up the de facto leader of this project because I thought of it, but I am still shocked by this fact. To be quite frank, I am entirely winging it and praying I don’t do anything stupid. lol I have NEVER been in this sort of position before.

        Which leads me to another point… I wanted to convey my gratitude to the photographer of the photo we chose for our announcement. I did not know how to contact her or I would have done so myself, but I understand from Mazelight that you know her, and that she has given us her permission to use it. I chose it because it captures the intent of our project so well. You can tell he loves acting, and we all want to see him smiling like that again, whilst using the talent God has given him. Thank you so much for supporting us in our efforts to make that happen. We are trying to light the torch at the end of the tunnel! Here is the link you requested… https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ff/76/54/ff76542799fd9897b66e588c38b57e37.jpg

        I apologize that this comment was so long! Many blessings to you! 🙂 Should you ever wish to contact me, here is the email I have given everyone where I may be reached. It’s serynsong@gmail.com


  9. You have written such powerful words..it all echoes what’s in our heart..anyone who read this can realized that it’s not just a ranting of a stupid child, but an adult that is perfectly sane, even from the start i have supported and believe Yuchun. Thank you Jellybean,we will make that light ourselves.


  10. Jellybean, your ‘rant’ needs to be taken to the highest office of the Communications Division of the Korean government! Someone needs to be held accountable for what was done to Park Yuchun!
    I have your blog bookmarked and will visit often.


    1. Thank you, @Georgia Peach.

      How I wish someone from the KCSC will have the grit to follow through on their “recommendation measures,” whatever that means. Nobody is being held liable for anything, so it has become a free-for-all.


  11. Oh my… I’m so sorry! I need to stop trying to do things when I’m tired. Yesterday I accidently gave myself a thumbs up, and now I’m pretty sure I accidently sent two versions of the same reply. 😳 My sincere apologies! My ipad and I really do not get along sometimes! I am forever pushing the wrong things! 😣


    1. Haha it’s okay Seryn! I knew the second one was accidental so I didn’t post it. Thank you for sharing the link to your announcement. I wanted to post the photo but I couldn’t make it work. So I asked you to share instead. 😉 I don’t know if it’s WP or me. It’s been one year already and I’m still an idiot at these things. Sigh.

      “I have NEVER been in this sort of position before.” – That’s Yuchun’s doing alright haha! He does that to Chunsas. Makes us do things we’ve never done before; doing so many firsts in our lives. 😂

      There is no way Yuchun is gonna go through this tunnel alone. With the news today, the glimmer of light at the end is getting brighter. 😀


      1. lol… Thank you for saving me from my own klutziness! 😊 The second version was actually the one I meant to send. I hit the post button accidently on the first one, but it didn’t show up and my text was still there, so I just kept editing and hit “post comment” again. Then I saw my first comment… To my GREAT dismay! 😣 lol Oh well, it’s pretty much par for the course for me…. The original socially and technologically challenged, awkward penguin. 😒

        And yes! I was SO happy about the news this morning! The light is definitely getting brighter!! I just hope we get word of Yuchun’s acquittal soon. I refuse to believe they will send such a stupid charge to trial!


  12. A terrific piece, passionate and true. I have shared it on our Stand Up 4 JYJ Facebook page. Fight on! Thank you for your thoughts. Just like before, we fans will NOT let Yuchun be destroyed. We WILL go down that dark tunnel and help him find the light, just like we’ve always done. xo


  13. @Jellybean I read your blog for the first time yesterday, but I have been happily perusing past articles for the better part of the afternoon. I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading them and that you have a new loyal follower! I have felt very much alone for the majority of my life, for many different reasons. Mostly because it has been difficult for me to find like-minded people. My circumstances and my personality always made me feel like I did not “fit” anywhere, and that being myself was somehow wrong. I was the one who looked too deeply into the meaning of things, took things too much to heart, was too shy, too weird, etc.. However, since I became involved with Chunsas, it seems as though I’ve stumbled upon a whole group of people who think and feel like me. Not only in our mutual respect and appreciation for Yuchun, but in our overall worldview. It seems there is something about him that appeals to our “type”. Maybe it is his depth, his strength, his gentleness, his respectfulness, his sensitivity, or his humor? Maybe it is the way all those things combine that puts the heart of an old soul at ease? Whatever it is, he felt like a familiar friend, and the people who are drawn to him make me feel the same way. Then again, maybe I am going too far. I cannot speak for others. I only know that I feel a connection with you all, and for someone like me, that is a rare gift! I will be forever thankful to Yuchun for blessing my life with joy in more ways than I can count. One of those joys was in helping a lonely soul to find the unexpected happiness of not feeling quite so alone anymore… Even if only in the knowledge of the existence of other kindred spirits. I’m so grateful for that, and I’m grateful to have found this blog! 🙂 (Once again, I apologize for such a lengthy comment, but I had to express these things to you while I had the courage.)

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    1. @Seryn: You remind me so much of someone, several someones as a matter of fact, in so many ways.

      Welcome to Chunsaland! Yuchun did it again. He has you where you can’t escape from, where you wouldn’t want to escape from haha! And you are so right, he attracts a certain “type.” To this day I am still wondering what it is exactly that draws people to him and eventually become Chunsas. And it seems a combination of all the things you enumerated and so much more. You are not “going too far.” I saw it in Chunsas. I saw intelligent ladies who were drawn to Yuchun, not only because of talent or physical beauty (he has those in abundance!), but because of his character and personality; because of the old soul in him. When I fell for Yuchun, I fell for his fans as well, for Chunsas. Hence, this blog. As you get deeper into this fandom, you will meet a lot more beautiful-minded individuals who have stood by and will always stand by Yuchun and JYJ.

      Please don’t apologize for posting long comments. I love long comments, they’re a bouquet of roses in my eyes. 😍


    2. Seryn, so much truth to your comment. Especially this part: “Not only in our mutual respect and appreciation for Yuchun, but in our overall worldview. It seems there is something about him that appeals to our “type”. ” I’ve realised this as well, it’s like most Chunsas are kindred spirits with sth in common, but I also can’t put around my mind on what specific thing it is!


      1. I think it’s that we’re all smart, @cheeryinvain! 😉 After all, we all like Yuchun. I think that shows how intelligent we must be. Wouldn’t you agree?

        On a serious note though… I do know what you mean. I think I more or less know the answer, it’s just not something that’s simple to explain. 🙂 (It involves psychology and a five hour conversation. lol)

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  14. @Jellybean, why am I not surprised by such a great piece of writing. I am so glad Yu Chun has such a champion in you. Articulate, rational and fair. Bravo. We need more talents like you.

    BTW, I make the bathroom the prettiest room in my house. Because it’s the best place to read and think. And that has nothing to do with my parents teaching me not to wet my pants as a kid.

    @Seryn, we notice you are new here. Welcome to this place. We had expected these 2 years to be quiet here while we wait and pine for Yu Chun’s return from his military service. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect many visitors gathering here for a different reason.

    You sure write as beautifully as Jellybean. Hoping to see more of your contributions.


    1. @YC Love: I was in awe of Seryn’s writing. I teared up reading it. Several times! Sigh. I’m such a crybaby. I felt like someone took what were mere emotions in me and put them into words.

      As I’ve been talking with her for the last 2 days, I was thinking of words to describe this girl and this is what I came up with: she is a serene force of nature. It’s a contradiction in terms but that’s how I see her. 🙂

      Thank you @Seryn, for this beautiful, touching letter. I hope to be able to make it possible for Yuchun to read this letter and all the beautiful letters sent by Chunsas to Pages with the help of an angel (@Angella).

      (This was supposed to be a comment under Seryn’s article (This Is My Prayer) but adminnie got confused ahaha! Sorry, ladies! 😜)


      1. @Jellybean What to say to that? I have no idea. *blushes deeply* Thank you, sweet friend! If I had to describe you, I think it would be something like the first rays of sunshine after a storm… Light that brings hope! 🙂


      2. I appreciate your words for Yuchun (and for us), Jelly Bean. This is a wonderful, comforting blog you’ve created. You’ve written a heartfelt defense. I really needed to read an extended argument for his sake (and this is a considered, thoughtful, loving one). And, I also needed Seryn’s prayer. Maybe there are others, like me, who might never have found your pages if she hadn’t posted the link on jyj3. I want to say that it is so nice to have found company. Until mid-June, I had never much even read comments below articles and videos. Then, with it just being me and my laptop who seemed upset, I began to feel rather crazy caring so much about the damage being done to Yuchun, this artist and man, who has offered such beauty and kindness to our world. I had never doubted that he is (also) simply a man with a (deservedly) private life. It’s obscene to me that even very young fans should try to deny him a life of his own. From the second day, the charges seemed so incredibly set up by a controlling hand and completely suspicious. Articles are still not perfect, but until recently were all like paid, over-the-top assassinations of his career. I have so often felt angry. And, unnecessarily alone. I’ve embarrassed myself, but I’ll send anyway. Thank you for all the work these pages represent. There is love here.


      3. “Until mid-June, I had never much even read comments below articles and videos. Then, with it just being me and my laptop who seemed upset, I began to feel rather crazy caring so much about the damage being done to Yuchun, this artist and man, who has offered such beauty and kindness to our world. I had never doubted that he is (also) simply a man with a (deservedly) private life. It’s obscene to me that even very young fans should try to deny him a life of his own. From the second day, the charges seemed so incredibly set up by a controlling hand and completely suspicious. Articles are still not perfect, but until recently were all like paid, over-the-top assassinations of his career. I have so often felt angry. And, unnecessarily alone. ”

        @Cate, I could have written those words. They perfectly describe what happened to me as well. That’s why I was so grateful to have stumbled upon JYJ3. Now I’m equally grateful that someone sent me a link to this article. It’s so comforting to know there are others who share our feelings. If my letter did nothing else, I hope it will help to unite the hearts of all those who are praying for him and strengthen their faith. I really believe God has heard our pleas on Yuchun’s behalf. This storm will pass… God will bring him through it! 🙂


    2. Thank you for the warm welcome, YC Love! 😊 I don’t know if I’ll be writing anything in the future. I think I’ll leave that to @Jellybean and to others who are so gifted with words! This letter was unusual for me. It was more like I was given the words than that I thought of them. (I know that may seem strange. It’s just how it felt at the time.)

      Like you… I had expected it to be a quiet two years. I was hoping it would be a restful time for Yuchun. I am so heartbroken for him that it wasn’t. Yet, despite that, I’m grateful @Jellybean has created a place where we can come together to support him in the midst of it. 🙂 She is amazing!


  15. @Jellbean and @Seryn, why do I feel the two of you belong to the Mutual Admiration Club? Both so gifted in words. Yet humble beyond words. 🙂


  16. @Cate:

    Your words warm my heart Cate, thank you. This blog was created because I wanted to show Yuchun how much his fans loved him. No one knew a very painful test was coming our way. We may have been mere fans before this horrible situation happened, but now we can say we are his family.

    “…this artist and man, who has offered such beauty and kindness to our world.” – this pains me and yet it gives me hope that it wasn’t all in vain. There are many of us who saw and felt it and drew us to him.


  17. I totally agree with you. It is written so well.

    I wanted Japanese fans to read this post so I tried translation into Japanese without permission. Please forgive me.

    I am really want to see Yoochun’s smile after his duty. I am basically a JJ fan and Yoochun is his soulmate so I stand by Yoochun as JJ does.


    1. Hi Asako! Thank you for your kind words. And thank you so much for standing by Yuchun.

      A friend is trying to translate this post into Japanese. I hope you will share her translation when it’s posted. 😊


  18. currently reading this in 2017. who else?

    very well said! hands down! you addressed the issue well. final verdict was already out-! let’s just wait for him to come back from the military and bounce back!

    yuchun should read this in the future!
    #standbyYu #waitingfor6002


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