6002 HK: Tattooed In My Heart

This day takes me back to that person I saw for the first time two years ago. A lot has happened and some things have changed; in me, in him, in my world, in his world. But that day, that moment, the feelings that rushed through my being when I first saw him, will remain the same and will always remind me that I adore that boy. And turning my back on him is not an option for me; it’s never gonna happen.

This is going to be so random, so nothing in particular really haha. I’m feverish so please forgive me for running around in circles. I just had to write something down, anything, to commemorate this day: two years since I first saw Park Yuchun in person. Okay so it was from a few or several hundred feet away (??), but still it was IN PERSON. I thank God I did not hesitate to go. But of course I had to at least know what my family thought of it. I asked my sister if I should go (although I would have still gone even if she said I’m crazy haha). But she said, “Go go go, you’ve been working so hard all this time. You deserve a break and see your Micky.” Man, my baby sister is just the sweetest girl. She has never seen her Unnie this crazy before LOL.

It’s tattooed in my mind and in my heart, what happened, what I saw, what I felt. But I wish I had the presence of mind to take a good video at least! Sigh. I did take a couple but I was too afraid to get caught by the guards (they were very vigilant I tell you) so it wasn’t much. I didn’t even notice I was not holding the iPod properly 🙄. And these were videos of the ment, not of the performances. I don’t think I could have managed to take a video of Yuchun while he was singing and dancing. I was just too entranced haha! And what with all the light sticks in my hands!

So, did I understand any of what they were saying? Uh-uh. It’s been two years and I still haven’t the faintest idea what they were talking about. (Attention: @Pink Sapphire 😜) I only understood Yuchun’s 1-2-3 and 3-2-1, which, one will have noticed if one had perfectly good, normal ears, were just too damn sexy! I know of a Chunsa who calls it pure eargasm. Ahem. Just a little 1-2-3 and we get eargasm. Sigh. Told you I’m feverish.

Yuchun-ah, my Micky, Noona wants to see you again. I will brave the standing area next time. And I want to see you in this 👇 place. I will wait and look forward to that day. I promise.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.15.40 PM

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

by: Jellybean



12 thoughts on “6002 HK: Tattooed In My Heart”

  1. Haha! Thanks for the special mention, Jellybean. Actually, during some quiet moments, I wondered whether I should have bravely joined you girls for that concert. It’s two years already? Wow! Time flies.


      1. Yes, I understand what the translator was saying.
        Here’s a rough translation for the first video:
        Yuchun said he thought something happened to JS. JS said he went out with ten staff members. YC said he heard from staff that they went out yesterday and had fun. JS said he ate (some kind of) fried crabs and YC asked why he didn’t bring some back for them. JS replied that it would not be nice to eat when it was cold. JS had not counted the number of times he had been to China and HK, but he had never eaten something so good. He ate 3 crabs. YC asked him again why he didn’t bring some back for him. JS then suguested that they go and eat it today.


      2. By the way, it’s only a rough translation of what the translator said and not what YC and JS said.
        Here’s roughly what they said in the second video:
        JS said that it is not good if (the audience) go home too late. And before they sing the last song, there’s something that they had forgotten to do. They wanted to hear the cheers (from the audience). Those who were adults were asked to do it and those who had not yet grown were asked to hold on. So they asked to hear the voices of the adults to the count of 3 2 1. Then it was the turn for those who were below 18, those who were not yet an adult. JS also warned the others not to pretend to be one as they could see their faces. Then the audience cheered to the count of 3 2 1.


      3. @pink sapphire: Thank you for the trans!

        “They wanted to hear the cheers (from the audience). Those who were adults were asked to do it and those who had not yet grown were asked to hold on.”

        Well I cheered for both 1-2-3 and 3-2-1 haha! I didn’t know what the cheer for, I just followed the crowd. 😂


  2. Why I love HK for concerts because thank goodness I understand Cantonese (a big help!) and the chances of buying concert tkts online is less of a struggle then other parts of the world.
    I was there too! I was very near the extended stage – super happy because I purposely bought the side Yoochun usually stands! That was me seeing him for the first time, I could literally hear fan girlies sitting around me just “sighing” & went on saying Yoochun is really really “handsome.” Even I had the biggest grin on my face seeing him w/ my own eyes is so much better then on screen! And the truth is he is indeed handsome, in fact the 3 of them are equally handsome.

    @JellyBean do you need help w/ what they said?
    1. video: Talking abt Junsu heading in town w/ the crew & had typhoon shelter crab. YC, said why you didnt pack any back for us to eat. JS: By the time I come back it’ll be cold and not nice to eat. (laughter) I’ve been to HK many times but I’ve never tried such delicious food. I had 3 full crab. YC: Really why you didnt bring back some.. JS: Let’s go tonight!


    1. @JYJRespect: Thank you! That moment when they were talking and I couldn’t understand a thing my fingers were itching to click CC for English captions ahaha! 😄😄😃

      Your reasons for choosing HK were actually my reasons too, well half of it at least haha because I don’t understand Cantonese. I chose Yuchun’s side of the stage too when I purchased the tickets. We wanted to be in the standing zone near the stage but we had a pregnant Chunsa with us so we didn’t dare! 😜


      1. @Jellybean glad to know HK is one of the preferred stops. The stadium is a good size so most area one can see the performer pretty well.

        Not only a pregnant Chunsa even for me I really need a seat.. I don’t think I could stand w/ my head tilted for 2.5hrs staring at our Yoochun!! LOL I do hope that he considers doing a solo tour in HK in the near future… If he does let’s go together I more then happy to be the translator!


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