A Letter To My Prince Chunnie

Dear Prince Chunnie,

I can’t believe it has been four years now since I became a Chunsa. It all started in one drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was aired here in the Philippines way back in 2012. You portrayed unexplainable charm in this drama, and to think it was your first drama series. It’s not hard to fall in love with you. You caught me off guard every time you laughed, especially in making Chunfaces. My feelings grew bigger when I searched more about your past. You proved you were strong enough to fight for your right as a musician, even if there’s no assurance of what will happen. But you, together with Jaejoong and Junsu,  bravely faced these challenges, as Korean artists who were banned from promoting their music in the industry. It is truly heartbreaking for a musician to be deprived of what they want to do. But still, you and JYJ actually proved enough to us that there’s no reason to give up.

My Prince, I am writing this to you because I simply love you. Not as an artist or an actor, but as a person. I know you have a genuine heart. You gave so much love for people that sometimes you forget that you also need to love yourself.

I want you to know that all those false accusations on you will never change my thoughts. You will always be my PARK YOOCHUN, the dorky Micky Yoochun, and My Prince Lee Gak 🙂

Always know that Chunsas will always stand by you. You are our sunshine. I can’t wait to see your bright smile again. Please don’t exhaust yourself. 😦 Eat well, don’t deprive yourself to be happy again.

I will understand and respect your decision if you retire after these trials. 😦 But still, we will be here. I will be here. We will still support you. If you’ll have a family soon, we will be happy for you. I just hope your wife will love you to bits of her heart, just as much as you love her.

요천아…. 화이팅 !!! We’ll get through this. We will continue to pray. Always keep the faith.

오빠, 너모너모 사랑해 !!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you no matter what.
Be healthy.
Be happy.
Live the life the you want 🙂

by: Melanie Acapulco



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