Stand By You, Park Yuchun

So this is life in Chunsaland. How does one describe it? It’s surreal, yet so real. It’s of this world, and it’s out of this world. We smile, we laugh, we cry, we spazz. We gain friends, we lose friends, and sometimes we end up being sister to daughters of folks we’ve never met. We do our best to speak the language most would understand, some even learning the language HE speaks. For most of us, we rely on the goodness of heart of  translators, to enlighten us what he said or what was said about him. If nobody translates, we make do with Google-translate. But good luck to us on piecing together what Mr. Google gives us.

We get in a frenzy buying concert tickets, fan meet tickets, fan goods, albums, calendars, and those squishy, little dolls in the likeness of the man we admire. We are here to have fun, to de-stress, to forget our own little problems at home, at work or at school. We come here to soak in the beauty of a smile, to be touched to our core by the timber of that voice, to be transported to another world with his portrayal of a character.

Being a fan of Park Yuchun is inexplicable. I initially thought it would just be another form of hobby, not unlike reading or knitting or drama watching. It was supposed to be just an admiration from afar, from more than one thousand miles away, to be exact. It should have been just a fleeting interest; it should have been just for entertainment. Nobody told me I would be putting my very heart on the line, not much different from when one falls in love. Because I wasn’t just admiring, or getting smitten over Park Yuchun. I was virtually adopting a younger brother. Yes, I used to say Yuchun is like family to me, very much like a younger brother; and that his happiness is my happiness; his pain, my pain. It’s so easy to say those things. But you’ll never truly know the truth in your words until it’s been put to the test. I just never imagined it would be tested so horribly, so painfully. How was I supposed to know that my heart would be subjected to such pain for another human being, who doesn’t even know me? But I am here. Believable or unbelievable, this is my reality. This is where I choose to be. Because I am a Chunsa.

A Chunsa’s heart is strong. A Chunsa doesn’t cave in to negativity. A Chunsa is resilient. Unite these strongest of hearts together, these keepers of faith, and they will give a whole new meaning to “I will stand by you.”


6002 StandbyYu-14

6002 StandbyYu-13


6002 StandbyYu-12

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 2.48.44 PM

6002 StandbyYu-11

6002 StandbyYu-10

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 1.31.16 PM

6002 StandbyYu-8

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.53.26 PM

6002 StandbyYu-6

6002 StandbyYu-5

6002 StandbyYu-4

6002 StandbyYu-3

6002 StandbyYu-2

6002 StandbyYu-1

6002 FC Thailand


6002 StandbyYu-15.jpg

6002 StandbyYu-7

[micbaidu]Park Yuchun supporting video-stand by you



Dearest Yuchun, I didn’t know it was possible, but I love you more today than I ever did in the last three and half years. I choose you. It will always be you.




collage-2016-08-08 copy 2


by: Jellybean

(Photos used are owned by Park Yuchun fans all over the world)

(Video owned by Micky baidubar)



5 thoughts on “Stand By You, Park Yuchun”

  1. A very well said passage! I also treated my dear YuChun as part of my family, a son to be exact. I will accept the imperfect you, will forgive you for your mistakes and will embrace you when you are going through such hardships. YuChun, go on with your life with your head up high, never look back and remember that you have us supporting you!


    1. Thank you, @AdenYC. It worked! I thought I couldn’t make it work on the comment section so I included the video you shared on the article. Thank you for leading me to this video. 💞


      1. @Jellybean You’re welcome. I started knowing YC when I watched SKKS in 2010 and became a Chunsa after this Korean drama. In my early time as a fan girl, I actually visited THEJYJFILE site a lot and learn the hardship he has gone through after the lawsuit with SM. Later I found that’s more information about “only Yuchun” in China’s website in 2011. Because I can read and write Chinese, so I’m basically on Weibo and Micky BaiduBar since then. Anyway, I like your blog a lot so I am still coming here quite often….


      2. @AdenYC, I hope one of these days you’ll share your whole Chunsa story. 😊 Let’s have it on Pages on Print volume 2. 😉 E-mail me? 👍


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