When Fate Turns To Faith (A Quirk of Fate Part 2)

When I became aware of Park Yuchun’s existence, and in less than one week got caught in something so out of this world for me, I believed it was fate. It was a spiraling experience from IBUSHIO to that very moment when I didn’t know what hit me. It hasn’t been all that long, only a little more than three years, and yet it feels like I have known about him since forever. It feels like I knew him from hundreds of years ago, his voice pulling some chords in my memory of someone I used to listen to. In the here and now, in these more than three years that the name Park Yuchun has dominated the quiet life of this little mousey, when that certain smile could make me forget my woes, when that spine-tingling voice could make me close my eyes and wonder at the emotions it is provoking in me; I am as caught up as my imagined self was, hundreds of  years ago.

Being a Chunsa is no walk in the Park (pun intended). I wouldn’t say it’s either easy or difficult, but rather unique. It is a special experience. Sometimes one doesn’t have much of a choice. One can only succumb to it when one couldn’t resist anymore. But not all are given the chance to resist. It’s a spiral as if in slow motion, then suddenly, all at once, you are one; you have become a Chunsa. And you go through the process of shaking or scratching your head, wondering to yourself what has happened. You want to find out more. You want to see more. You thirst to see him your every waking moment, even your sleeping moment. Now tell me, what Chunsa doesn’t want to see him in her dreams? Then you learn he IS as elusive as a dream! He is a ninja! Sigh. He does “now you see him, now you don’t” to perfect T. But the ratio is 1:10. Obviously Chunsas know which is 1 and which is 10. And you learn he rarely does fan service, if at all. And he doesn’t act cute as what fans always want from their idols, because he doesn’t think he is cute. Silly boy. Didn’t he know he is the cutest when he doesn’t want to act cute, when he is being his natural self? While other idols are showering their fans with albums after albums, a Chunsa’s idol gifted her with one un-extravagant, un-pretencious, full of love Wallet to sustain her during the long wait ahead.

But until when can we say that we are a Chunsa? Up to what point does Chunsahood flourish, and when does it dwindle into nothingness, or worse, into hate and denunciation? Or should I change Chunsa to fan? Because for me, a Chunsa is no ordinary fan. The bond that was forged between her and Park Yuchun has turned her into a friend, a family.

In this turbulent time, seeds of doubts and lies are planted in the heart of the very people who thought they will Always Keep The Faith. It depends on the heart itself whether these seeds would easily take root and coil around it. Once overtaken, the heart will easily give in to the lies, will believe the lies; will forget to keep the faith. And if you could easily turn your back on him now, without even listening to what he has to say, you have allowed the seed to take root into your heart. I guess  you were never really a fan, nevermind a Chunsa.

He did not ask us to love him. He did not seek for our adoration. He couldn’t have imagined he would touch lives, that his own experiences and decisions would inspire others to fight and be strong. How could he? He is always trying to be invisible. He is always low profile. But we did love him. We adored that adorable boy. Our lives have been touched. And we freely gave in to our feelings. No one forced us. If we were, I would call it a force of nature. After all the facts have been unveiled, after the truth have dimmed all the lies, only then can we fairly have the say in whether we continue with what we have begun, or end it now. Nobody, not the least Yuchun himself, is keeping us from leaving. It is our choice. We follow our heart. We go by our instincts. We go by our faith.

But I have faith in Chunsa, because she is family. A family trusts. A family listens. A family will never abandon a loved one who is being hurled with mud and stones. A family would protect and shield. When a loved one is proven to be in the wrong, a family would help him get back on his feet and put to right his wrong. That is what a Chunsa is doing. That is what a Chunsa will do. SHE IS NOT DELUSIONAL. SHE IS NOT CRAZY. She is only following her heart and what she believes is right. She is just being herself, Yuchun’s family.

#Waitingfor6002: It’s a promise, a very simple but unbreakable promise: “I will be here when you come back, right here where you left me. Some things in you may have changed, some things in me will surely have changed, but the one thing constant until that time comes will be the love. The feelings that I had from the very beginning, will still be the feelings I have when I finally greet you when you come back. That’s my promise. I am #Waitingfor6002.”

When I wrote this several weeks ago, I’m sure I was referring to normal, personal little changes that come with the change of time. I never imagined a magnitude of change was looming just around the proverbial corner. But no matter how huge, how catastrophic these changes will be, my promise still remains. “The feelings that I had from the very beginning, will still be the feelings I have when I finally greet you when you come back. That’s my promise. I am #Waitingfor6002.”


I have faith in this boy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.46.39 PM

I have faith in this Hyung, who always worried over his little brother, who always took care of him.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.32.46 PM

I have faith in the boy who wrote this letter to his mum.


To Mum!! MUMMY!!
These days I hadn’t done anything good, but I will do even better next time~
Since I didn’t write letter for a long time, its weird, isn’t it? no?
I wrote a birthday card, but I guess Yoohwan wouldn’t be doing this right? HEHEHE. 
Because its your birthday today,so??? How old are you exactly? BUT STILL! Wishing you a very very happy birthday, actually I wanted to write this birthday letter with charisma and touch you, but mum will cry right? so…am I kind? I will take good care of Yoohwan and listen to mum, don’t worry, understand? Lastly! Happy Birthday!!!

I love you! (love you)Prince (son) Yoochun! 

Source:64_6002 @ micky party 2013
Chinese trans:暖日呀呀 @ weibo
English trans: Sixzerozerotwo

Shared by: 6002Sky

I have faith in this guy who treats his dog like a family member. No matter if his allergic reaction to the dog was worsening, he wouldn’t let Harang go.

“How can I do that to one member of our family?” – Yuchun


I have faith in this son who acts like a daughter for his mother’s sake.

She talked about his cute behavior. When he is back from drinking, he does back-hug her in the kitchen and he sits at wine bar with his legs swinging up and down talking to her until she finishes her kitchen works. “There’s no son being like this?” she said to him and he just smile at her. When she changed her hair a bit and no one even noticed, he would be the one to know and he would ask ”You did something with your hair, right? It’s beautiful. Where did u do it? And that was so cute of him.

She explained that when she looks at Yoochun and Yoohwan, Yoochun is so feminine, cute and scared of lot of things, while Yoohwan is rather dignified and more manly.

She said Yoochun is not perfect but more than that he’s hard-working. She said sorry to Yoochun so many times. She felt sorry that she made Yoochun face all bad experiences and have to work at such a young age. He should be like other teanagers studying but because of their family he had to grow up so fast and did so many things. She felt like she could do nothing for him but instead he did many things for her and she said sorry for not being there when he got 100m competition because she was pregnant at that time.

Credit to mickyfan translated by khiddy


And I have faith in the man he has become.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.29.41 PM.png


“We won’t be able to meet each other for a while, well, for a long time, but I hope that it will be good time for both of us to mature before we meet again.” – Park Yuchun (Translation by: @inheaven_wJYJ)



By: Jellybean

(Photo cr. to owner/as tagged)

(Youtube video by micky mong)

(Featured Image by @RIKARUDO22RECOR)



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  1. @jellybean… I have no words to say.. I am crying…I really.. really wish.. this worst moment will be over soon…. all chunsa faith remain.. yoochun and his family will be happy again….

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