Stand By Yu

Dear Yoochun,

Be strong and stand firm. Know that these are just one of the many trials in our lives. Prove all those accusers wrong. Once it’s over and done, take this in a positive way. A way that will make you a better and an even wiser person. I want you to know that I have never doubted you, not even once, not even in my dreams. I am not a blinded fan, I see your flaws yet I have accepted it and I have always respected you for who you are and the decisions you make. I BELIEVE in you and I will never desert you no matter what.

Please know that your true fans will always be here for you. We will STAND by you, we will walk with you and we will hold your hands in times like this.

Always remember the lives you have touched and how you have been an inspiration to many of us. Don’t lose hope and come back with your head held high. We will WAIT for you.

The truth will prevail. Hang in there and ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.



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