We Stand Up For Yu

Dear Yoochun,

I believe in Yu. I may sound unreasonable to others, but since this bad news came out I only believed in you and your innocence. I have known you as a filial son, a good brother, a loyal friend, a respectful and humble actor to his sunbaes and hoobaes, and that’s enough reasons for me to stand by Yu.

Yoochun, tell me how to ease your pain? My heart is also aching every time I think of you and the heavier burden you are carrying right now. I could only write you a letter for now. I want you to know that you are not fighting this battle alone. That there are people you can hold on to when you are too tired. That there are people from every parts of this world who will stand up for you. Your Chunsas.

In every victory and struggle that may come to you, you have US, your angels, your Chunsas. So, don’t ever give up. We always pray that this thing will be over soon, and we will be able to see your beautiful smile. The smile that brings joy to every Chunsa’s heart.

We love Yu!


(Photo cr. to owner/as tagged)



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