For Yu, Let Me

Dearest YuChun,

I know you’re going through a lot and this battle may go for days.. bad rumor about you is all over SNS and I’m really worried for you.. I don’t believe any of it, I want you to know and remember that.. I only believe in you, I only believe in the goodness of your heart.. my mom once told me that if a guy treats his mother right/nice that guy will treat me just the same.. you treat your mother with respect and love, that will only reflect on how you will treat women.. this is one proof that you can’t do such accusation..

I know you’re in pain right now.. I know you’re worried for your family.. I know you’re more worried about them than yourself.. I know you’ll show us that you’re coping just fine, that we need not worry for you ‘coz you don’t want to become a burden to us.. please…. sometimes you need to share those pain, those worries, those that bothers you.. remember we’re just here for you, you’re not alone..

I’ve been vocal on how you inspired me and helped me overcome some of my shortcomings.. I want to be like that for you now.. I want you to know that there’s someone out there praying for you, lending you her shoulder to lean and cry on.. keep in mind that there’s someone who’ll never give up on you even if you push her away because she knows you can break too and she didn’t want you to get that far..

YuChun, this poem I wrote for you 2 years ago and this keeps ringing in my mind and my heart after the news broke.. I always have this poem in me every time I hear you’re going through tough times.. this best describes how I’m feeling, what I want to do for you.. please be strong for yourself, for your family, for those who believe in you..

Let Me

If you’re tired just hold my hand
I’ll keep my grip tight and take a stand
If you ever let go I’ll not watch you fall down
I’ll keep your head above waters and not let you drown

If you’re happy you can forget about me
But if you feel lonely just come to me
If you feel like fading I’ll run away with you
But if you want to go back I’ll look after you

Allow me to protect you from all dark shadows
And give back the colours to your rainbows
‘Coz you saved me from the black hole I was once living in
And put butterflies in my world so I’ve seen

6002…. I’m dreaming like I’m floating
I’m not ashamed of what my heart is shouting
The intensity of my feelings I want you to feel
And the promise of supporting you I already put a seal

With much love..




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