You Are Not Alone

Dear Yuchun,

When the first moment I read about the bad news..or I can say a bad rumor, I was stuck at my seat and my mind went blank, why you need to experience this type of pain..again and again….

But please be strong…. we are not only your fans..your Chunsas will become the wall for you to lean on. We are your family. We will be by your side and support you. We will never have a doubt on you. Because Park Yoochun for us , in our heart, is INNOCENT.

Even though I have not been your fan for long…but you have become a light in my life….so I wish…our silent support can also become a strong pillar for you to walk thru this difficulty.

Will try hard not to feel sad…because we trust you..and because we know your sensitive heart will hurt a lot if you knew you have brought tears and sadness to your family or people who love you. We want you to be strong.. so we also need to be strong…and unite.. just to let you are not alone…

So just be calm and be at peace until we all can smile again…and surely it will come..

Always by your side,


(Photo credit to 박유천 Park Yuchun 6002 Fan Club)



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