I Believe In Yu

Dear Yuchun,

I couldn’t sleep the whole night. My heart was in pain and tears were flowing. The pain is not from those news but because I feel you. I feel your pain, I feel the obstacle and difficult moments that you and your family is being put through, I feel the pressure that you might be facing being a celebrity. But of all this, I choose to believe in you.

It’s during this moment, we no longer are your fans but as a part of your family. You are not alone as we will walk through these difficult moments with you. You have been through a lot of ups and downs and I know you are a fighter and you will be able to prove your innocence! No matter what the outcome brings, I choose to believe in you.

Let no news break you down as you will always have us behind you. We will always love and support you. We have faith in you and that the truth will be revealed soon. This is our promise to you. Above all, we choose to believe in you.

The “breaking News” didn’t break us down but in fact it united us all and it’s in this moment, we can show the world, we, Chunsas will never leave you. Stay strong Yuchun, we will stand by you and fight through it together. I prayed to God to grant you strength and peace.

Forever here for you,

Cathryn Tan

박유천 Park Yuchun 6002 Fan Club


(Photo cr to owner)



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