Turning Back to Page One

A Prologue to Page One

When we decide to do something, be it about work, family, love, or an idol who doesn’t even know we exist, or just about anything in this world, there is always that ‘why’ in the beginning. Why am I doing this? For what or for whom am I doing this?

I was thinking of a way to tell you without missing anything;  how it all started, where it started, why it started in the first place.  So I thought I’ll just share with you  the email where Pages Bound By 6002 started and I hope you get a glimpse of a mouse’s unconfident heart, which has fallen deeply for Park Yuchun and his Chunsas.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.34.33 AM


These were some of the comments/questions I received from my Chunsa friends, which helped me in going for the decision I took.

1) What are you going to put on the blog? – It’s really very simple. It will only be about Yuchun AND Chunsas. It won’t be about his activities or any news about him.  I think I want to show who Yuchun is through Chunsas’ stories. And as I said, I want to show the heart and mind of Chunsas.

2) Do you or us, Chunsas,  need another blog like the one you are going to start. – I don’t know about Chunsas but I need it, I think. If I could just post the real stories of Chunsas (I really don’t care how many), then I’d have answered back those unfair comments about Yuchun and Chunsas. And somewhere down the road, if an unsuspecting girl/noona/ajhuma Googles Park Yoochun and sees all those negative comments from 2 or 4 years ago and happens to stumble upon a blog where girls/women just like her have trodden the path she is now treading, wouldn’t that make her feel good and not alone? Wouldn’t that reinforce what she is beginning to feel about Park Yuchun?

3) What is the purpose of your blog? What does it serve? – There’s nothing anyone can do about the past, but it’s there on the web, viewable anytime by anybody. I just want one more blog to negate all those hateful ones. But as I previously mentioned, it’s not as if it will really change anything. Yes, maybe it won’t. But what if it does, even for a person or two? Then it’d have served its purpose.

4) Can your purpose and goal be achieved in another way? – Maybe it could but I don’t know how. If I knew, then I’ll have Option B I guess.

I just want to reiterate, what I’m thinking of is a very simple blog (if I’m really going to do it). Just post when there’s something to post. I won’t stress myself out when there’s nothing to post. If nobody reads it, well that’s just too bad.

5) If the blog master has a fulltime job, she tends to be overwhelmed and run out of steam later.  She needs TIME. Lots of TIME.  – This was my first and biggest concern when I initially thought about this . What if I ran out of steam? And my answer: I’ll do it until I run out of steam. If I lose steam later on, then I lose steam. I want to say I doubt it, but I won’t, because one can never really tell. So “I’ll just cross the bridge…” and all that.

6) Blog master cannot operate alone. – This is a big problem. I’ll have to think about it later. If I do go ahead with this, I guess it’ll have to be ran single-handed, at least in the beginning.

7) Above all, relax. – THIS! Yes, it’s what exactly I was planning to do. Just do it in a relaxing way, no pressures whatsoever.

 On June 12, 2015, I created a private account and posted the first story, my own Chunsa story. One year and 70 stories/random thoughts/poems/love letters after, the purpose remains, to share Chunsas’ stories, to present Yuchun through the eyes and words of Chunsas. And I can honestly say I have not ran out of steam. The source that generates this “energy” is just too hot that it doesn’t matter if he is ninja most of the time, it doesn’t matter if we could only see his car, or his back (if we’re very lucky). The mighty power of a Chunsteam is not a joke.

And then THIS happened… what kind of a weakling would I be to lose steam?

Park for Pages 2.png

In every story that I have posted, not a single one did not touch me deeply. Some stories made me laugh, some stories made my throat thick with emotions, some made me weep. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 7th or the 70th, the feeling is still the same.  Last week, as I finished reading Lily’s story, after giving way to tears (again), I was wondering to myself, “When am I going to be not affected by these stories anymore?” “Will I ever not be excited every time I receive an email from a Chunsa saying that she would like to share her story?” My answer was, I really don’t know. But now that I come to think of it, I guess that was like asking myself, “Will I ever stop loving and reading books?” As long as there are Chunsas’ stories to read and pages to fill, my Chunsa heart will beat with excitement, Pages Bound By 6002 will be running on full Chunsteam.

Thank you Chunsas, for filling the pages, for baring your heart and mind, so everyone can see the portrait of Park Yuchun from different angles, from between lines, and come to see a perfectly imperfect man, a man loved and doted on by those who have seen through walls of caves, bowed head and darkest pairs of shades.

Let us fill more pages, Chunsas! Let’s do this for our man, Park Yuchun!


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8 thoughts on “Turning Back to Page One”

  1. Unnie, I always admire your love to Yuchun and Chunsas. Not all fans can do it. And your courage for this pages has brought one of your dream become true ^^ Unnie, thank you for creating this pages and thank you for always helping my grammar 😀
    Happy 1st Anniversary to Pagesboundby6002!


  2. @Jelly Bean. Congratulations on “Pages bound by 6002” turning one today ! You are a FANtastic FAN!

    Yu Chun is so blessed to have you as his chunsa. We look forward to more exciting days ahead in your blog.

    I believe he reads your blog as it’s more than just your thoughts. It’s your harnessing the thoughts and emotions of all who love him. Facilitating them for him to come to a one-stop blog and get strength whenever he feels weary.


  3. Congratulations to “Pages Bound by 6002” and to all the Chunsas who helped in filling up the pages of this blog. Thank you @Jellybean unnie for making this not only for Yoochun but for all of us Chunsas who loves him dearly. ^_^


  4. @Jelly Bean, first..Congratulation to PagesBound by 6002 turning one year old!!! As a new Chunsa..reading this page make me more admire your will and your love to Yoochun..and also an understanding how this blog started. And thank you so much for you to create this blog for Chunsas to pour out their feelings and thoughts and their loves to Yoochun. And make us become one big family…Let’s keep up the steam!! Looking forward for more Chunsas stories in the future. Thumb up sister!!!


  5. Wow u’re a year older, congrats👍🏻 sorry for the late realisation of this wonderful house where chunsas came to share their love for Yuchun. As fellow chunsa I’m touch by your effort for Yuchun; he’s blessed to be love unconditionally; such precious gem that’s rare to be found. Keep up the good work JB😊


  6. Congratulations @jellybean… it’s been a year already?? Time flies… i remember back then that you have doubt in putting this blog up, sharing this to the world.. i know how private you are; you love writing beautiful pieces for YuChun but only keeping it to yourself or just sharing it to only few…. this day a year ago, you just jump off the cliff and fly; one daring jellybean was born because of her love for YuChun..

    again, congratulations.. i’m very happy and proud of you.. keep it up.. you know i’m just lurking around, always around, sometimes silent..


  7. You have done it and kept at it for a year already! It just seemed like not so long ago that we were discussing this idea.
    So well done and keep going!


  8. Am I away this long? From an IDEA you once discuss with us to a full pledge 6002 PAGE is now one year old. Woah! Time flies… I have yet to read all these beautiful stories one at a time.

    Congratulations on doing a great job on this one @Jellybean.


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