Chunsas love to spazz about Yuchun. We do it on blogs dedicated to Yuchun and thru SNS like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We form E-mail groups, WhatsApp group, Line group, Viber group, or any group thru any form of communication available on the web, just to spazz over Yuchun. Since we come from different parts of the world, we spazz in English. But sometimes, spazzing in your own language gives off a different feel. There are words in your language that has no exact translation that would give off the same feel in the English dictionary. Hence, some create yet another group, whose members speak the same language, who have became virtual friends as well as real-life friends. It may be just a group of three, a group of five, or a group of ten. Numbers don’t count (hah), as long as we love the same person and are able to talk about him to our heart’s content. Hence, theMicktyTrap was created about two years ago by a very small group of ladies who saw the need to spazz over Park Yuchun in Filipino, after spazzing over him in English.

 theMickyTrap Cs

Why “theMickyTrap?” For the simple and obvious reason that we were trapped by theMicky and turned us into Chunsas. 😜😜😜


mickey ears



 I received a message last May 25 from one of the girls (Abbie) that she has a small-scale idea for Yuchun’s birthday, a miniscule one compared to our dream. You see, our dream is to build a library for children under Park Yuchun’s name. Yes, the same as what our pioneer Chunsas  (Blessing Yuchun) have been doing for so long. Yuchun was once asked, if he were to be given a chance to do something again, what would it be. He said he wanted to go back to school; he wanted to attend university. I think he misses school; he values learning, and we know he loves children. And on our part,  I love books, and so do the girls. I’ve told a Chunsa friend this funny experience of mine once and we ended up laughing so hard. I told her I fell in love with a library when I was in 3rd grade. Yes, my first love was a library.  Hence, our dream, a library for children!  😄  But that’s in the distant future.

Most things start small, even itsy-bitsy small. So that’s what theMickyTrap did; we took a tiny step towards a dream. A dream that was formed as a way of showing our love for Yuchun, emulating the good deeds of the ‘senior’ Chunsas, consistent with each girls’ individual inclination, and giving back a little something to the community. But for now, this is our baby step.

The biggest local bookstore in our country, National Bookstore, through its National Bookstore Foundation, has an annual back-to-school campaign called “Project Aral” (“Project for Learning”). They distribute school kits (notebooks, pencils and other school supplies) to children in the remote areas of our country, children who live in the mountains or across rivers.

National Bookstore Foundation



(Pic credit to NBS Foundation/as tagged)

theMickyTrap was able to contribute 220 sets of school kits under the name of Park Yuchun. These 220 sets will be given this month of June to  110 children who will receive 2 sets of school kits each.



Yuchun-ah, we couldn’t give you any gift on your birthday. What we have is an abundance of love for you, and a little something for the children. The smile on their faces when they receive these simple gifts will surely melt and break your heart.

Happy 31st birthday, 6002theMicky, from theMickyTrap. 💞





Babydoc45 (Doc CoraChun)





4 thoughts on “theMickyTrap”

  1. I salute you Mickytrap girls! I believe Yu Chun will be very proud of you all. Take a bow. 🙂

    But will the kids know who the “Park Yu Chun” shown on their package is ?


  2. Oh… really respect for the good deed to the society with “Park Yuchun” name from MickyTrap!!!
    Yuchun sure will be happy with fans like yours…


  3. You guys are amazing! :’) Yoochun will be very happy and proud and thankful..
    I’m deeply touched, it wil inspired many people out there (including me) thank you Mickytrap ^^


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