Dear Yuchun,

I need to tell you something. I have a problem. You see, I can talk ABOUT you all day, I won’t lack for anything to say. I think I can even fill pages if I don’t check this urge, this compulsion to write about you. But here’s the problem. I don’t know what to say TO you. I get pen-tied. Or is it keyboard-tied? I won’t include tongue-tied because that will never happen. I’d have dropped on the floor before ‘tongue-tied’ happens. 😛 More than three years ago I was in awe of everything about you, although I feel like I’ve known you since 300 years ago. Now, I am still in awe of you. You do inspire lasting ‘in awenessness!’  (Sorry for these silly gibberish haha.) 😜

Happy birthday, my love, my most admired, my stress-reliever; to the leading man in all the stories I’ve posted at Pages, the owner of the voice that has affected me like no other, the owner of the face (and the shoulders!) that for me nobody can hold a candle to, to the man who sometimes act like a naughty boy, to the boy who thinks like an old man, to that cute little boy who grew up to be what every mother would pray for their son to be, to the big brother every dongsaeng would be so lucky to have, to you  dearest Park Yuchun. May you be happy and healthy, may you find what your true heart desires. Happy 31st, sweetheart.

Waiting for you,

Jellybean noona


mickey ears


mickey ears


mickey ears


mickey ears


mickey ears


mickey ears


IMG_6618 copy 2

This video was shot in 2013


(Pic credit to owners)



2 thoughts on “#Happy6002Day”

  1. nice words sista JB
    YU very lucky to have u as a fan ..
    let’s keep supporting YU
    always waiting for YU
    stay beside YU
    and to a person , talented,and charming
    happy birthday … keep smiling keep fighting keep the faith … wish all the best to YU
    i will always love YU


  2. @ Seasidewanderer, you are one amazing chunsa. Yu Chun needs to know that you will travel in deep seas ( scubadivng to show him your birthday message to him ) and overseas ( HK) just for him.

    For those who may not be aware, this chunsa was 7 months pregnant when she traveled with other Filipino chunsas to Hong Kong to attend a JYJ concert a few years ago. How many of us can claim that we brought our babies with us to see Yu Chun in a concert? 🙂


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