#Waitingfor6002: What It Means To A Chunsa

Two hundred and seventy odd days into waiting:  how are YU doing so far? How are WE doing so far? Looking back, time has flown very fast. It feels like not so long ago when Mugak was just churrrrring his way into the hearts of many. But looking forward, another four hundred days seems an eternity.  Who ever said “time is relative” surely knew what they were talking about.

“Out of sight, out of mind?” This could very well happen. I mean, how could it not? Yuchun is doing the service outside the military “wall” and yet one would think he is hidden in the deepest and most secured section of the military barracks. How many times exactly did we see his photo this past nine months? During his one-month military training: exactly five times. For a four-week period, five times was really A LOT for Yuchun. It was a festive month for Chunsas! The next eight months after his graduation from the training, about eleven (?) – according to a great Chunsa friend who has got a photographic memory (pun intended haha). Do we count his cars’ appearances?  I’m inclined to think there’s a HUGE difference between #Waitingfor6002  – no news, nothing to very few and far between sightings – and #Waitingfortheothers –  whom one would see regularly as if they never left at all. But Chunsas are really cool about it. Are we complaining? NO. Are we forgetting? NO.WAY. Because we know that’s our Yuchunnie, our hobo man, our ninja Chun. Chunsas’ hearts have passed the test of MIA-time. These hearts were made for this cave-dweller of a man called Park Yuchun. And most importantly, Chunsas understand what he wishes for: to live normally and peacefully during this two-year service, to gain strength for the grueling times ahead after this break. But that’s not so say he wasn’t thinking about us. In his own way, he showed that he cared. He knew it was going to be a long wait. So he chose to give us a gift while we’re waiting. A gift like no other. Hearing his voice, his thoughts, his heart; contained in that beautiful Wallet.

At first, he said, “It’s okay to forget me. It would be selfish to ask you not to forget me.”  Like a lover, he was trying to be chivalrous; he was trying to be unselfish. But the moment he saw the love of his fans, how beautiful that love was, he broke down and became only just a man, who would be terribly pained if forgotten. How unbearably painful would it be to be forgotten by the people who showed him that beautiful love? Hence, his last plea, “Please don’t forget me.”

And so the sunflower promise.  We go on with our lives, we continue doing our own thing, but with the corner of our mind’s eye fastened on the calendar on the wall, counting down the days, the heart longing for that moment, smiling for all the world to see, “I’m okay, the waiting will be over soon,” saying that hashtag like a mantra: #Waitingfor6002.

Every Chunsa has her own way of waiting. But what does she really mean when she says she’s #Waitingfor6002?  She may say it in a single-stemmed sentence or a bouquet of paragraphs, but all comes out from a sincere heart, she is longing for Park Yuchun’s return.


Jellybean:  It’s a promise, a very simple but unbreakable promise: “I will be here when you come back, right here where you left me. Some things in you may have changed, some things in me will surely have changed, but the one thing constant until that time comes will be the love. The feelings that I had from the very beginning, will still be the feelings I have when I finally greet you when you come back. That’s my promise. I am #Waitingfor6002.”

Mysunshine6002:  Sometimes, busy life makes me forget important things, but in my heart there is a little corner where I will always remember.  Waiting for someone is a happy and magical feeling. Waiting for Yoochun helps me experience many things. My daily habits of searching everything new about him, has now turned into searching for old information about him. I now recall stories about his past. It’s like being in a quiet space, so peaceful and serene,  in a life with so much noise.  I miss him and I’m always here waiting for him.

Angella6002:  Waiting for him until he comes back. This also means I should give him his own time and give myself a break from fangirling. That’s in theory. In actual fact, he gets to rest, but I never stop looking for him kkkk and always want to go back to his country even if I know there’s a slim or no chance at ll of seeing him.

6002theanna: Literally, it means I’m waiting for him to return from his duty and be back to being Yuchun, the artist.  The deeper meaning in my heart says I will be forever waiting for him, supporting him, be his fan forever. Yes, to be honest, he was not my first bias. But I can say he’s my last. No other one but Yu. He really means so much to me.

Maize:  I will be by your side, even after two years.

Beanie6002:  Waiting in anticipation for a loved one to return to my heart. It would be like peering into the horizon and waiting for this person walking towards me. I will open my arms wide and give him a huge and warm hug. Yuchun is always in my heart, but I yearn to hear him speak and sing finally.

Pink Sapphire:  Even when he is now doing his MS, he is still in my daily life.  I see his pictures and clips daily over SNS and on the internet.  So what does waiting for 6002 means to me? I am always waiting for him, looking out for his news, wanting to know how he is getting on.

Bossie:  6002 = Yuchun. And now that he is in the army and could not act as an artist until his service is finished, so I’ll wait for his return.  We may peek and still enjoy other excellent works from other artists while waiting for our baby. 😀 I’ll be here as long as he is performing (acting and/or singing). ^^

1727_lizzie:  Yoochun is not just an idol. I consider him a brother.  Waiting for him is just like waiting for a brother to be back safe and sound from his duty. Really, it’s the similar feeling to what I feel for my little brother.  It may sound weird but maybe it’s because I’m not “fangirling” over him because of his idol appearance, but because he has locked me and my heart with his personality. Other than that, I also hope that he doesn’t stop acting and singing. But whatever decision he makes after his service, I will try my best to respect it.

Onlyforyoochun:   When you say you are waiting for someone, time feels so long. It feels like the one you’re waiting for is a burden to you. So for me, rather than say that I am waiting for 6002, I am anticipating for 6002. Anticipation gives you more feeling of excitement that soon you’ll be able to meet him again. It makes the longing more bearable.

K R A P 6002:  To me, #Waitingfor6002 is simply waiting for Park Yoochun.. I know waiting won’t be easy, but I know it will be worth the wait. Yoochun is worth it. I have faith and trust in Yoochun that he is strong enough, that he will be able to make it. And to Chunsas, as well, #Waitingfor6002 reminds me of sunflowers in bloom. One day, when he’ll come back to us, the days would be a lot brighter and beautiful.

Abbie.gaile:  #Waitingfor6002 is accepting the fact that there will be moments he will not be around, and enduring those moments ‘coz we always look forward to seeing him again and have him make our heart skip a beat. J

Cathryn Tan:  To me, #waitingfor6002 means waiting for Yuchun to complete his MS and which also means we can then, see more of him and his work when chunsas do countdown pics with #waitingfor6002. It can help us to keep track the number of days he has been enlisted and the number of days more before we can see him again.

Sharon Lee: For me #WaitingFor6002, I searched high & low for the answer after Chunnie entered the army training camp.. Then, later I found that, to me, it means, While we fans (Chunsas) stay put at our current place still supporting & thinking & missing, still loving him more than ever, we are waiting for a a BETTER MAN – a healthy, more responsible man to be returned to us.. As the long wait is over, we would then sigh the sigh of relief.. Shout the shout of love, that, #ThisManIsDefinitelyWorthOurLongWAIT

GrandmaOfFour:  #Waitingfor6002 is waiting for days to be full of life again . . . Yes, we survive the days without him showing up, we make do with old photos and videos to fill in the feeling of voidness . . . making us wait patiently with hope that all will still be well for him and his career.

MickyMong6002:  #waitingfor6002 means I’m waiting for Chunface. You have no idea how I miss his Chunface. I need a new dosage of Chunfaiseu! So Yoochun, I will wait for ‘The Return of Chunface.”

Okay I’m serious now. To be honest,  I don’t really use this hashtag of #waitingfor6002 since I’m afraid I will fail in waiting for him and it means I might break his heart.  Nooooo! But Chunsas who know me, can see how I always try to spazz about him almost everyday. How excited I am every time there’s news about him. So as a Chunsa, I will act like he’s always around us. He is just taking his break and happily enjoying his life as a caveman and will comeback soon. Chunsas, this already happened 3 years ago right, so we can do it for sure. As Chunsas, we will be #Waitingfor6002 coolly, handsomely and sincerely.

Jojo: Before his debut album was released, or even announced, that was me . Before his dramas, movies, or any other projects were aired, that was me . Before concerts, his pictures, or any videos that we could get just to see him, that was me . After his enlistment, waiting for his updates, what he has been doing, how he is doing, that was me . And for all these, I have realized that means whatever he does, as long as I still support him, as long as I still love him, as long as I still care, even when he’s on hiatus, or even when I am on hiatus, I will keep on waiting for him. Whenever I miss him, that’s when I know I’m .

Umeira – an indescribable thought. Not merely an utterance of words, but realising the means to remain excited loving Yu, omnipresent as air, a dosage of vitality to continuously stay exuberant as an adorer❣  

Alyne_6002:  What does waitingfor6002 mean to me? If this question was asked to me last year during the first months of Yuchun’s enlistment, my answer would have been as simple as “Warmly waiting for Yuchun’s comeback”.

But now at this point in my life, when everything is about to change, I find it hard to answer. Not because I’m having a change of heart, ‘coz I am still currently waiting and will always wait warmly and patiently for Yuchun… that is for sure… It’s just that because of life’s uncertainties thrown at me, I am totally lost for words to answer this simple question. Probably because I know that when the time comes that Yuchun is back, I might not be around to welcome him. I might be occupied with something else in a little corner of this world.

I just want to say that even if I will not be visible as a Chunsa, I can promise that no matter where I am, or whatever I will do, my heart will always beat for Yuchun.

I’ll just end this with two lines from 2 popular love songs.

” I will be right here waiting for you ” – Richard Marx
” I will always love you ” – Whitney Houston


Believe_Yu: Waiting… waiting can make ones heart flutter sometimes. I never regret knowing Yoochun later than others. It’s better late than never.  “Waiting is just like remaining inactive while expecting something.” But I believe Yoochun and all Chunsas are not remaining inactive. Instead, we all keep improving ourselves in this period of time. In the waiting period… there will be Hope, Anticipation and also  testing our patience… for something better in the future. Time will fly… but the binding will remain…  even though I miss him so much sometimes, and a piece of news about him will make days brighter. For sure I will be looking forward till that day. I believe he will come out better than before.

LinaWaitingfor6002… in other words, waiting for Yoochunnie. At first, I had to think of a definition: what does waiting really mean? Is it the same for everyone, or each person experiences it differently?

Waiting – the act of waiting (remaining inactive in one place while expecting something)

Remaining inactive while expecting. I think that sums it up well for me. I am waiting for Yoochun to come back, to see his face in more dramas and movies, to listen to his voice in more songs, to read his thoughts in more interviews, to watch him goof around with his friends in more videos. I can do all that now, but I’m waiting for new material. Aren’t we all?

I am waiting for Yoochun also means, being loyal. Fulfilling the only thing he asked of his fans: “don’t forget me”. He’s given me so much, and I won’t satisfy his only request? How can I…? I’ll wait and wait and wait and then wait some more, and never forget him in the process or change my feelings about him.

Waiting can be sweet. Like a lover waits their loved one to come back. Like a mother sending her son to the army. Like a sibling waiting for their sister or brother to come back from studying in a different city. Like a teacher waiting for their students after the summer holidays. Time apart either strengthens, or weakens a relationship. Chunsa relationship with Yoochun is a platonic, mental love, a unique experience in every Chunsa, but also a common one. While we may be experiencing it differently, others with more sadness, others with longing, others with happiness, and others like nothing ever changed, we all have one thing in common: we wait. And as we wait, we come together to keep strong.

I’m one of those who are happy. Because Yoochun is happy and because he needs this time off to refill batteries. I’m patiently waiting for the moment he’ll come back to us, stronger than ever, with new energy and new things to show to us.

Even for someone like me though, who’s happily accepted the wait, Waitingfor6002 is bittersweet. There are moments I miss. There are moments it feels like the waiting is too long. But I get by. Like every Chunsa. 🙂


Thank you so much to the Chunsas who have shared their thoughts.

To all the Chunsas who are waiting, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be waiting with you.

By: Jellybean


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17 thoughts on “#Waitingfor6002: What It Means To A Chunsa”

  1. It’s lovely to read all these comments! Again, you’ve done a brilliant job JB! Thank you for bringing us all together. 🙂

    PS Your intro is absolutely delicious


  2. Omo, I just realized that I forgot to reply to your question my dear @Jellybean :p
    Can I reply to you here?! xDDD

    Let’s see~
    hashtag-ing #waitingfor6002
    simply is my way of telling our Micky boy that he is still very precious to me
    as precious as
    if not more precious than (haha)
    the days before he left for his MS
    …and that he is far, VERY! FAR! from being forgotten/replaced, hehe~ ^__^

    Dear my ninja 6002,
    Hope you are now truly enjoying your much awaited away-from-radar-“normal”-life.
    Just remember that you are so much loved by us all.
    And that we are all #waitingfor6002 to come back safe and sound.


    1. Oh heyyyy Bubbly! I’ll add your answer to the article later so it will be included in the printing hehe.
      Thank you!

      Here’s another hashtag for you: #IWantBubbly’sStory. 😜


  3. #Jellybean. Absolutely beautiful and meaningful thoughts of Chunsas. And yes Jellybean..that introduction is beautiful.. there was a lump in my throat after reading this article.. Yuchun. .We will always wait for u!


    1. Thank you, Beanie. You were in Montreal for business when you answered my question, right? No matter where you are in the world, no matter if you’re in a meeting or waiting for a flight, when it’s about Yuchun, you always have time. 😉


  4. @jellybean.. i’ve been waiting for this since you told me you will post #waitingfor6002 soon..

    this is just beautiful.. this makes me smile ‘coz i can feel my heartbeat flutters while reading their answers (more like a confession to me).. it’s like i can endure the waiting part more knowing there are chunsas out there waiting patiently like me.. the feels it gives me is something i can’t even explain though i’ve been feeling this every time i read a chunsa story/confession..

    again, thank you.. 🙂


  5. hi JB… thank you so much …
    so #waitingfor6002 is very meaningful not just a words . GOOD JOB JB 👍👍👍

    btw, for me there is no burden at all to wait for him to come back, why? because to me, he was always around me, every day I can see him everywhere, was able to watch his dramas or concert/fm , listen his songs, , whatever. so I never felt he was far away from me 😁


  6. Each of you writes such touching thoughts . Sorry, I must be living under a stone while Yu Chun is hiding in his cave. I wasn’t aware what you girls were up to.

    For me , it’s simple. I JUST WAIT. AND WAIT.


  7. This is so touching.. I’m happy to found this article on Pages ❤ Endless thank you for JB unnie, send you lotta love and hugs ❤

    “This also means I should give him his own time and give myself a break from fangirling. That’s in theory. In actual fact, he gets to rest, but I never stop looking for him kkkk “ Angella6002
    Exactly what happened to me XD

    It makes me think that #waitingfor6002 for me means dealing with all those ups and downs I can’t ignore. Its not always easy but not always hard too. I miss him a lot but I’m happy he got ‘normal’ live he wants and he gave us a surprise, a precious gift.. seeing how cool other chunsas are, I learned that Its not waiting that is matter but our attitude during waiting that matter. Day by day passes with different colour, I learned how to enjoy every single day with a big heart until that day comes to fulfill our sunflower promise.

    Till then, keep happy 🙂


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