Interview With A Chunsa

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Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan

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By:  R. Anne @onlyforyoochun


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5 thoughts on “Interview With A Chunsa”

  1. Hellooooo!!! @onlyforyoochun hahaha! finally your lovely chunsa story is now here at Pages!
    and its on Page 64! waaaaahhhh! Yuchun’s birthday! So happy for you! ahaha!
    #fate 🙂
    anyways, thank you so much for sharing your story. I love every bit!
    I can feel your lots and lots of love for Yuchun… ❤

    also you made @Jellybean Unnie so happy with your answers! hahaha! 🙂

    and yeah, it feels nice to read this… even if I knew most of them already… hahaha!
    thanks for writing it down… you did a good job! you wrote very well…
    See you soon! I miss chatting w/ you #yoosu hugs ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Yessssss @alyne6002 after 6 long months of pushing me I finally finished my Chunsa story. Thanks to @Jellybean unnie for helping me, without her patience I dont think I could be able to share my story. Haha. Yessss i’ll see you soon! Let’s meet and celebrate Yoochun’s birthday!!!! Miss you too. Yoosu kisses and hugs for you ☺♥


  2. @onlyforyoochun: You only needed a little nagging haha! As I was reading your answers, I think I was at the last part (the English proficiency interview part), a colleague of mine caught me grinning from ear to ear ^______^ and asked me “What is that huge smile for?!” Ahaha!

    Thank you for sharing your story and your Yuchun-anecdotes. 😉


  3. @onlyforyuchun.. I enjoyed this interview.. thank you for sharing this.. i can relate to it most of the part.. hahaha.. 🙂 it brings back memories..

    the english proficiency exam (which you passed with flying colors) is to die for.. every chunsa would love to have that kind if experience when all you do is to talk about YuChun and it’s a part of your job interview.. aaahhh.. and yes….. 30mins isn’t enough when it’s all about YuChun you’re talking.. hahaha..

    @jellybrit… thank you for your hard work.. as promised… i’m back… 🙂 i missed this.. 🙂

    @alyne6002… hi there.. it’s been a while (i mean a long long while)..

    again…. thank you for sharing your story..


  4. “Who would have thought that I would pass an exam by spazzing about Yu Chun”.

    @onlyforYuChun. That has to be the most amazing chunsa story I have heard so far. Yu Chun should hear about this.


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