A Letter To Yu

Dear Yuchunie,


Being your fan for 3 years, there are so many things I’m very thankful to you for. A lot of things have changed in my life. You have turned my loneliness into happiness. Although it hasn’t always been all happy, but it’s okay, that’s life isn’t it?

Thanks to Han Jungwoo who introduced you to me, and thanks to Lee Seon Joon who made me curious about you.

When I started liking you, my English was really bad. I was so afraid to talk or write in English. But because I was curious about you, I wanted to know anything and everything about you, and I wanted to read all news about you. Then my English improved little by little. I cannot say that my English is good now, but one of the best things I learned is to not be afraid to write or speak in English. I think I’m even addicted on doing it now. 😀

I’m also thankful that because of you I’ve met a lot of new friends, not only from my country but from all over the world. It never crossed my mind before that I would ever meet people from outside my country, much less become good friends with them. That, for me, is so amazing! ^^

I realize that I am not special and I should not feel special, but I am really touched by your kindness. You seemed like an unreachable star, you still are, but somehow your signature has made you closer to us here.

My dear Yuchunie, I’m not a perfect fan, but I’m always here to support you. Maybe because I always look for news about you everyday that it has become a habit that sometimes I lose the desire to do so. I’m thinking about it these days and then I realized that you are simply in my blood. So even if sometimes I lose my desire, I can’t live without my blood, the blood that’s always flowing in my body.

Somehow…in “knowing” you, Heaven blessed me a lot… more than I expected.

I pray for you like every Chunsa pray for you, wishing you and your family happiness, health, and strength. Don’t give up when you encounter hardship because we are always here to support you, will always here with you in whatever condition.

Yuchunie, thank you for coming to into my life.




3 thoughts on “A Letter To Yu”

  1. @Angella, Looks like this is one of the first articles to go into Pages Vol 2 book ! Ha ha !

    May your YC blood flow forever in your veins. I mean, who says blood must be grouped into O,A, B and AB? We can always mix the ABC and XYZ to form a YC combination. So if any YC blood group patients need infusion, there’s plenty in our chunsa blood bank. Boy! This comment is too cheesy for Jellybean to approve. 🙂


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