How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet: Thoughts And Colours

  1. 그리운, 페이지를 넘기며.. (Piano By Yuhki Kuramoto)

A piano piece capturing the essence that is Yoochun:  brightness along with sweet melancholy. Subtle optimism. The notes travel you to a special place that is moody and dark but with several rays of sun coming through. As a piano player myself, I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to this mini album. You can close your eyes and imagine him playing it, in a big black piano, in a candle-lit room surrounded by paintings and heavy velvety curtains. It’s like a private moment he shares with us all.


  1. 감기지 않는 마음

Right after the last piano note of the previous piece, here comes his deep, sweet, baritone voice. It feels like this is a continuation, as if it’s the same piece. Only this time, along with the piano chords, the subtle sound of the guitar comes to make the feeling lighter, to make you leave that dark-lit room and find yourself on a beach at dusk. It’s the moment when the day says goodbye and the night starts making its presence. Isn’t this the time when most of us feel our love for him more strongly? After a hard day’s of work, his voice is the light breeze caressing your cheeks and the music is the sound of waves reaching your ears and bringing you peace. A combination that brings happiness and relaxation.



  1. 당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요.

The little gem of a title track. The sound of maturity and experience that comes with it, but so sweet and childlike at the same time. The melody is a perfect accompaniment to this lovely message that he wants to convey. A music video that touched our hearts, lyrics that will stay with us forever. This is what he has in his heart and he has shared it with us so we can gain strength from him. Who didn’t cry with this? Who will forget the soft notes, his expressive voice, the lyrics, and most of all, this title that got so misunderstood by some at first, but it’s so Yoochun. You have to know Yoochun to realise what’s behind it. How much love do you have in your wallet? It is so deep that it makes me cry. Even in an object as is a wallet, its purpose being to keep money within, you can find love. From the couple of pounds you’ll use to buy your loved ones something to bring a smile to their faces, to the pictures you save in it, to always be reminded that it’s love that matters, even inside a wallet.



  1. 마지막 앨범까지.. (Feat. 요조)

The atmosphere is now lighter, but still sweet and melodic. I now find myself in a beach bar, and I’m sitting on a comfortable chair, while he’s singing sitting on a chair, a girl beside him to give extra warmth to the music with her soft voice.  This is like a promise of things to come, a better future. The colours are white now, with some orange hints and light blues, like his individual colour. It’s a nice early evening, to spend with your friends or loved one. Have a light cocktail or mixed juice, or a glass of white wine, listen to the music, sway a bit with it, have fun. This is a song like that. Enjoy the little pleasures that life gives you.



  1. 그녀와 봄을 걷는다.. (Live Ver.)

The indie pop gem we’ve been waiting for ages. When I first listened to this, I thought, is this really written by him? It could have English lyrics and I’d think it was Coldplay or another British indie pop band. You can see Yoochun’s influences here: he loves melodic music. Music that is always pleasant to the ears, never too harsh, never too sudden, and never ambiguous or an acquired taste. Says a lot about his personality, doesn’t it? What a romantic guy at heart. Don’t you worry, we will never leave. We’ll always accompany you. And we thank you for this gift that came so unexpectedly.


  1. 당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요. (Inst.)

We finish like we began.  Back in the dark-lit room. But this time, we’re deep into the night, we’re wearing our pajamas, maybe holding a glass of wine in our hands, our feet comfortably resting on a table or a chair. This is a piece to relax and enjoy the melody. Then memories are welcome,  but there’s no talking, just images going by fast. Like watching a movie, but with images of your own life. This is a piece to do that: reminiscing. A retrospection at the end of the day. A perfect ending.


Thank you, Park Yoochun. Your gift will always be cherished and treasured and have a special place in my heart.

Written by:  Lina


(Photo/GIF credits to owners)





19 thoughts on “How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet: Thoughts And Colours”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I can vividly picture myself walking through the different rooms and experiencing the exact feelings which you describe.
    Thank you Lina!!

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  2. Lina, U wrote it so beautifully. Thanks for that.

    I knew that he didn’t just randomly put which song for which track (when YU put ur heart when making something, I think YU must prepare & thinking the best for it).

    I think U really can describe ChunNi’s thought. The descriptions of those feeling when We heard his album.

    Btw, would you mind if I put ur thought on my ChunNi’s Bday project?
    So, he can know that we get it (the message) what he want to tell us via his solo album?

    Once again…. Thanks & I love it.

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      1. yeahhhh….Thank You Lina,

        I forgot to write, coz I think Pages on Print Vol. II still hasn’t had schedule, so it’s like @YC Love said “we hope ChuNi read it” so it will be better if ur thought included on my ChunNi’s Bday Project.
        It’s for his B’day present so he will receive it on his bday, hehehe….Sooner is better.hehe

        n OMG…U wrote it just in a few minutes…..that’s Awesome…..imagine what will we get when U write something in a few hours? hehehe…So, do U want to write about something else?

        oh yeah, for everyone who join this B’day project, should write B’day message for ChunNi.
        Better in handwritten , hehhee…n U can email me at


        PS : Everyone could join this B’day Project as long as U want to write short comment about MuRim’s couple (it’s also TGWSS 1st Anniversary) or thoughts about the lovely Wallet.

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  3. @Lina, this is more than just a piece of good writing. I cant imagine what the songs were all about and how best to listen to them.Reading your expression really helps. I really hope Yu Chun reads this and know there exists a chunsa who knows how to enjoy his music the way he wants us to enjoy.

    Brilliant work. I hope you write more .

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    1. It amazes me to read that, thank you so much! I just wrote down my thoughts when I got the album into my hands and didn’t think much of it. This was literally written in a few minutes. To see that people liked my thoughts and that it even helps them to enjoy the album more makes me ecstatic.

      Thank you for your message!! 🙂

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  4. @Jellybean, Congratulations again for compiling the chunsas’ stories into a Vol 1 book for Yu Chun. We are looking forward to your Vol 2 . Any idea when you would embark on it?

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    1. Thank you, @YC Love. I wouldn’t have had anything to compile if you ladies didn’t share your stories and thoughts about Yuchun. So I should be the one thanking you. And I thank you all sincerely.

      The plan is to print a volume on December of every year. So Volume 2 will definitely be in Yuchun’s hands by this time next year. A very kind Chunsa has already volunteered to bring the magazine to MicKiss when she goes to visit Seoul. 😉

      Definitely Lina’s article will be in it as it’s originally posted as part of Pages, together with all the stories posted after Volume 1 cut off. I think this time there will be less mistakes haha! I’ve learned some pretty good lessons while doing volume 1.

      Thank you everyone! Let’s read more of your stories and thoughts about Yuchun on Pages on Print Vol 2! 😀 ❤️

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      1. @Jellybean, I just realise I am not giving the credit due when I say “compile”. It’s more than simple compiling which conjures images of stapling papers together ! I can’t imagine the sleepless hours you spent selecting the relevant photos from a thousand and one suitable ones, designing the layout, picking the color scheme and a myriad of artistic steps you had to go through, rushing against time to complete it for delivery.

        Of course, Lina’s beautiful “Wallet” article has to be in Vol 2 as I bet Yu Chun would have expected it after reading it here. Your illustrations of the dark drapes, candles, beach scenes etc are so well put together.You and Lina have done a great job together in this article.

        I look forward to your Volume 2 which I am sure can use some of your experience from Vol 1. Fighting !

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      2. Ohh @YC Love, this article is ALL Lina’s. After reading it on my email, I asked her if she had photos in mind. I wanted this to be 100% Lina. I didn’t want to touch something so beautiful for fear of ruining or spoiling it haha!

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  5. @Roweina, sorry but I need to clarify that my comments “hope Yu Chun reads this” is more a figurative speech than just nursing a desperate dream.

    Because putting his signature on Pages Bound by 6002, means Yu Chun is aware of the existence of this blog. And he has more time now in these 2 years to read chunsas’ love for him not only in this blog but others dedicated to him too.

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  6. @Lina, a thousand thousands. I thought Jellybean did the photos as she usually does it for an IT-challenged person like me. Now I see what Jellybean means. She’s right, such a beautiful expression can only be complete with what images the author has in mind. And your selection of photos is impeccable. One may even suggest each para in your article is a caption of the photos you chose.

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