Chunsa, After “I Do”

When a woman marries, she changes her name; she leaves her parents and joins her husband. When a Chunsa marries, will she leave Yuchun? Will she remove Chunsa from her name?

Today, a Chunsa got married. Wish her well, Yuchun-ah. She has been in love with you for more than seven years now. There was a time in her young life when she was so down she wanted to die, but the thought of you marrying another girl and her not knowing anything about it – because, well, she’s obviously dead – got her out of her misery and forgot about dying. LOL! She may be laughing about it now, but back then it wasn’t so funny. So fight she did. Fight for life. Fight for happiness. Fight to have a chance to marry YOU! She thought what a loser she would be if she wouldn’t even know when you finally got married. If it isn’t going to be her (we can’t have everything we want in life after all), then at least let her be under the same sky when you finally do it. She was never not “in love” with you. Even when she met someone not called Park Yuchun. Now she has married him. But she didn’t go into it like a normal bride. A normal bride would say something like, “Honey, I snore really really bad, will you mind?” And the answer would be, “Of course I won’t mind sweetheart!” But this Chunsa bride said to her groom, “Honey, I really really like Park Yuchun, do you mind?” And the answer she got was, “I don’t mind sweetheart, I like Katy Perry too.” Poor man. He doesn’t know that the love of a Chunsa for Park Yuchun is a universe away from his liking for Katy Perry. 😀 LOL She even secured a YES to watch a Yuchun/JYJ concert from time to time. What a lucky Chunsa!

When does one become a Chunsa? 1) Before marriage and 2) After marriage.

It seems harder to become a Chunsa when one is young and unmarried, rather than when one is already married. Why so?

  • A young heart is so much more susceptible to falling in love with Yuchun than one who is not so young (and married of course). Ehhh? Says who? Haha!
  • You set your standard so high to match your ideal man that is Park Yuchun that you will be in danger of not meeting seeing Mr. Right. Lucky for you if you meet AND recognize him while you couldn’t take your eyes off Yuchun!
  • When you finally meet the nearest thing to Mr. Right, will it mean you might have to give up Mr. Park?
  • You will always be not ready for Yuchun to get married himself.

And what awaits a Chunsa after “I do”? Being a bride is nerve-wracking enough; at least I think so, haha! Being a Chunsa bride, besides worrying whether one is ready or not, and that there’s a No Return No Exchange policy to these things, a Chunsa has to contend with another minor worry. Will her marriage end her Chunsahood? Will she still be able to watch JYJ’s concert and Yuchun’s FM? When Yuchun finally gives in and have his own solo concert – it could happen you know, the album did! – Would she be able to watch it? Will she still be able to spazz like crazy? This one, I guess not as much as she used to, if at all. Will she have the guts to tell her husband, “Let’s call our first son Micky!” Will she resort to sneaking out of bed and into the bathroom when her husband is asleep so she could check her TList if a Chun-sighting happened while she was being someone’s wife?

Now compare this with someone who is already married before she became a Chunsa. I think it’s easier for them! They know how to deal with their husband, they’re sort of experts by then. Maybe the most you will hear from him when you’re trying to dominate the living room watching SKKS for the 50th time is “Oh God, here we go again.” Some Chunsas even ask their husband to buy Yuchun goods for them when they go to Korea or Japan for business. Instead of asking their husband to buy them bags or whatever, they would say, “Honey, can you buy Three Days DVD for me?” Sometimes, because the husband has been doing it for so long, it becomes automatic for him. If he sees anything that has Yuchun’s or JYJ’s name on it he will automatically buy it for his wife. And who could be luckier than a Chunsa who gets accompanied by her husband to a JYJ concert! Although a husband who stays at the hotel while the wife goes to the concert counts too. These Chunsas must have saved someone’s life 300 years ago! Well, if they saved a nation, they would be Yuchun’s cody now haha! 😉 And the married Chunsas are more open to Yuchun getting married, ergo; they won’t cry buckets when he finally does.

But whatever our fate, whether we are a single or a married Chunsa, whether we continue to be so or end up being an ex-Chunsa, I think our heart will never forget Yuchun. You do not easily forget someone you loved like your own.

To the Chunsa who got married today, my best wishes to you and your husband. If Yuchun knew, he will be happy you found someone who will make your happiness happen. God bless you, sweetheart.




12 thoughts on “Chunsa, After “I Do””

  1. I wish the Chunsa who’s getting married and her husband a blissful marriage.

    Those lucky chunsas with such doting husbands should really treasure them, together with their Park Yuchun.


  2. @jellybean..congratulations to the Chunsa who has just gotten married!
    I am a happily married woman before I met Yuchun. Now I am a happily married Chunsa. SPOT ON hubby is exactly what you describe. .He is now a half Chunsa. Will share my story one day!


  3. @Jellybean, this has to be the best wedding congratulatory note I have seen. Best wishes to the chunsa who is getting married today.

    Now we are waiting expectantly for Yu Chun’s turn. Will he do a “Junsu ” on us where it takes reporters to snap his dates in his car before he would admit to dating? Or will Yu Chun announce proudly before the paparazzi catches him?

    @Beanie, congratulations too to you. I can’t wait to hear your half-chunsa story. So are you the chunsa whose husband who shops for JYJ/Yu Chun products? Or stay in the hotel while you trot off to the JYJ concert ? Surely you can’t be the addicted chunsa who watched SKKS 50 times? That woman needs….er…..some help. LOL!


  4. @YC Love Hahaha..No I am not the addicted Chunsa that watches SKKS 50 times! My beloved half Chunsa accompanies me to the concert and buys JYJ/Yuchun goods for my birthdays…ok ok.. will work on my story soon!..more to come. @jellybean I really must have some good deed in my previous life.


  5. @Jellybean unnie,
    hahaha! this made me laugh, the way you wrote it… so much wit aigoo!
    I love how you specify both sides!

    ~ It seems harder to become a Chunsa when one is young and unmarried, rather than when one is already married. – jellybean

    Ok now I know, its really hard! toinks!!! 🙂

    anyways, I am so amazed, to that married Chunsa who reached 50times watching SKKS! when I know her it was around 30 or 40plus times I can’t remember exactly ahaha!!! and the numbers is increasing? wow! did she finished Miss Ripley??? LOL!

    btw Congratulations to the newly-wed Chunsa! Wishing you a blessed life! 🙂


  6. I just found this! So sweet! I hope to find the One for me too, and then I’d take him and our kids to JYJ’s concerts too <333


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