Winter Without Yu

Dear Oppa,

This winter, you are not “beside” me.

I usually call you “uncle” or “slipper brother” or “Micky face.” But today I want to call you “oppa” sweetly.

Chun yah! It is more than 2 months since you left. Two months didn’t go by too fast but honestly, I still don’t feel that I miss you. It just seems like you are enjoying the winter vacation somewhere and you will suddenly appear. Since the day you went, I still don’t believe that you have already gone and you will not appear in the next 2 years. In fact, I saw you a few days ago. You are still handsome with your Micky face, charming smile and your forehead, which is as large as SuSu’s soccer field. You received the award given by the Prime Minister. So majestic! I am proud of you, as well as JaeJoong and Junsu. Seeing the three of you together at that solemn ceremony while you and JaeJoong are in the period of military service, I think that you really are just on winter vacation now and sometimes you will show up.

I can’t remember when I started loving you. You have been a part of my life since I was in secondary school; now I am a sophomore. I have followed you for 6 or 7 years. Back to the time when I started to love you, I called everybody elder sister and elder brother but now I am called elder sister. It seems that I get really old. My youth is connected with all the joys and sorrows with you.

It is a long time since I have been your fan. There were bitter and sweet memories, tears and smiles. But I have never wanted to give up because you give me so much motivation. Most of my friends have already had their lover while I just have one love for you. Loving someone who doesn’t know me is quite crazy but that craziness makes me so happy. There were so many obstacles on your path, which reminds me that there will be many difficulties on my way too, but if I try my best to chase my passion, I will definitely succeed. Chun yah, I have learned these things from you.

Many of my friends used to like you, but time passes and they also grew up. That love is has faded little by little over the years. Some of them laugh at themselves when they recall their craziness because of you. But I will never be like them. I don’t know how long I will follow you but I am sure that if there is a day in the future when I won’t love you very much like now, you will remain my sweet memory. You are always my first love and my youth.

This winter is so cold…because you are not “beside” me.


Waiting for you 6002,


Nấm Chun



Written by Nấm Chun

(Photo cr. to owner)

Vietnamese Trans here


Etrans by PhuongHyunh@Chunlovers – Park Yoochun VietFans



2 thoughts on “Winter Without Yu”

  1. @Num Chun,

    I read your story with love for a fellow chunsa. Much as I admire your undying love for uri Yu Chun, I believe he will want you to meet a man, marry and be happy . And hopefully tell your children who Yu Chun is and how they can model their lives after this good person whose strength of character we all respect so much. Best wishes to your future.


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