Lightness Of A Full Heart

A heart that is full, brimming with happiness, filled with gratitude, couldn’t be any lighter. It could soar any moment; a puff of wind could send it to the skies.

That was how a Chunsa’s heart felt on January 8th. Our hearts soared.

“A Chunsa is faithful, generous, optimistic, plucky, passionate, witty and protective of a Yoochun. She is his angel after all. Although she adores a Yoochun, she is not blind to his shortcomings. A Yoochun’s imperfections are what make him perfect in the eyes of a Chunsa. She is known to have an inexhaustible patience when it comes to waiting for a Yoochun’s solo album. A MIA Yoochun doesn’t alarm or agitate her, simply because she is used to it. A Yoochun may disappear for months on end but a Chunsa simply takes it in her stride. But once a Yoochun sighting is made pandemonium breaks out in Chunsa world. One can only imagine what will happen when a solo album comes out.

“One can only imagine what will happen when a solo album comes out.”

What I said I could only imagine, I can now say I have ‘seen’. Some cried: some loudly, some quietly. Some jumped and danced. Some screamed, some swore! Someone’s exclamation points just weren’t enough to express her happiness. Some could not do any work. Someone couldn’t explain that feeling on “seeing ‘Park Yoochun 1st Mini Album on online Korean music shops.” Someone turned into a “cheeseball, an emotional mess.” Some succumbed to panic preordering. Pandemonium broke out in Chunsaland. The precious thing that they have patiently been waiting for, something that they have kept their faith for, something they knew in their heart will come one day, has come.

“How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet?” At first glance one will immediately think of equating love with money, or ask, “Why is love being equated with money?” Others will take an imaginary look in their wallet and count how much could be set aside to buy something so precious. Some would list things to give up if the wallet wasn’t in a very robust condition (I did haha!). Others laughed, the ones who didn’t know Yoochun. Yes, they did. Some shook their head. But some quietly pondered over it. Those who listened to his words during the Ichigo Ichie ment came up with the nearest possible and probable explanation. Because with Park Yoochun, you read between the lines.

I had a dream last night. And I saw my dad. About ten years ago, I gave him ¥10,000 bill. In yesterday’s dream, when I looked at my father’s wallet, the  ¥10,000 was there just as it was. After seeing the money… I realized today that I was wrong in the past. I’m talking about my dream because more than money… I’m very happy to meet you like this. I thank you once again.”

The man has depth; that is so old news! So why even be surprised when he gives us an album titled “How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet?” That is Park Yoochun. The thoughts of this man rise up from a different level. Remember that boy who named a dish (ear shells, octopus and chicken) Cheonjimi, meaning sky(cheon), earth(ji), taste(mi)? Or the boy who composed a poem in a matter of minutes with only two unrelated words to work on? Or, yes, the one who composed “Dad, You There?” The old soul inhabiting a young boy’s body is now, well, inhabiting a 30-year old man’s body! It’s the same old soul.

A Chunsa (@Bubbly) said: “You can sing twinkle, twinkle, little star and I’d still be buying…” This is most probably true for all Chunsas. That’s how much we have wanted, and waited for, this solo album. With the track he prepared for us, he is not only sharing himself, but what he himself loves and enjoys. Again, this is so Yoochun! This album is more like his way of communicating with his fans. I feel like he wants to say, “This is me, these are my thoughts, these are the things that are important to me, and I’m sharing with you something I enjoy and find beautiful. I hope you could feel what I feel when I listen to it.”

We thank you, Park Yoochun, for giving us this gift. You don’t know how precious this is to us. God bless you, uri Yoochun-ah.




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4 thoughts on “Lightness Of A Full Heart”

  1. As usual, I think what u said is what us chunsas think of. I love that he did things unexpectedly. And I can’t wait to hear his voice, his lyrics, his melody and hopefully seeing him too :).
    I should be grateful that cjes give us the news only 10 days before the release. Just cant imagine if we know about this months before!! Pls give your thought when the album is here 🙂


  2. This is so wonderful. You were able to put in words what we all felt. Until now I feel like I am still dreaming and still floating at Chunsaland. And yes, it is true, this album is so precious. ♥️

    January 7th when rumors spread out that Yoochun will be releasing an album. I dont want to keep my hope too high but my Chunsa heart is praying hard that it is true. The next day it was confirmed. I couldnt be any happier. I was even shaking when I saw that Cjes update on IG. I couldnt type and spazz properly. Lol. We all celebrated because of the very good news. After I gained back my composure, I thought “aaah… Yoochun really loves us for him to do this”. Because of that, I fell in love with him again 100x deeper.


  3. He really knows how to surprise us! I’m really happy when it is confirmed. I didn’t want to think too much about it when I heard the rumour the day before to prevent any disappointment. I think Yuchun has really heard our wishes and he prepared this gift for us in advance. I am really touched by it.


  4. Thank you @Jellybean unnie for writing this for us…
    I am also one of those who can’t work properly when this good news came out!
    also shaking, trembling, while tweeting about “Park Yuchun’s mini album”…
    the pandemonium you were saying in your Chunsa description happened and I am still amazed seeing the reactions from fans all over the world… it was Epic hahaha! ! 🙂


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