Happiness and Sadness: The Tears of Park Yuchun @ Chunsa Magz Part 2

 The tears of Park Yoochun, whether as a boy crying on national TV, expressing his deep loneliness at being so far away from his family, ; or a boy who’s too choked up to sing his part, too overwhelmed that they were able to stand on a stage after all the hardship they had gone through; or a Prince’s desperate wail on witnessing the body of his beloved Princess floating down the river; or the unshed tears of a broken man looking at someone who he must have thought and hoped will be by his side after surviving the unspeakable tragedy they have both gone through; or a grown thirty-year old man who couldn’t stop his tears from falling at finding how beautiful his fans were; all these have touched something deep in me. The first one made me see that there is so much more to this boy than meets the eye and made my heart a willing captive. The last one was a reconfirmation that, yes, my heart was right in choosing him.  Sadness and happiness. Happiness and sadness. The tears of Park Yoochun.


The Tears of Park Yoochun and a whole lot more of reviews and spazzing @ JYJ Caffeine’s  ChunsaMagz Part 2

Part 2A

Part 2B

Fallen Leaves and Nine Reviews

To Roweina and the contributors of Chunsa Magz Part 2 (Beanie, Mong, Mettugi and Yuya), I salute you ladies. I am absolutely wowed. I am looking forward to Chunsa Magz Part 3.


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