Promise of A Young Heart

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Written by: Oanh Trịnh

English Translation by:  PhuongHuynh@Chunlovers

Original language posted @ Chunlovers – Park Yoochun Vietfans

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8 thoughts on “Promise of A Young Heart”

  1. in reality this story is not just your story . . . there are many chunsas out there who almost have d same as yours but what is overwhelming is the fact that it still gives d same FEELS from d first time i knew of Park Yoochun and from then on followed every account about him and his activities . . . anything and everything . . . every word written here make me appreciate d fact that i was not wrong in loving him as i am not alone in doing and so proving that he is really extraordinaire . . . let’s all be strong as we wait on him . . . fighting . . . keep d faith.


  2. @ Oanh Trịnh,

    ” I will also love you more to compensate for the time I didn’t know you”

    If you are only 20, you couldn’t possibly love Yu Chun any earlier. When he debut in Dec 2003, you were only 8 or 9 years old. So cheer up, you are doing great as a chunsa. The important thing is to wait for him to return in 2017.


  3. @Oanh Trinh: Thank you sweetie, for sharing your letter. I hope Yoochun gets to read this one day.

    When I first read it @ Chunlovers Fan Page I almost had nosebleed understanding the auto-translated version of FB haha! So thank you so much to Chunlovers Admin, Mọt, for having it translated to English by Phung Huynh and sending the letter to Pages. You girls are awesome. Cảm ơn. 😉


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