Who would have imagined that one day I, the picky girl, will love this guy so much? How I adore his talents, his attitude and I dont think it’s easy to replace him no matter what, whether he’s hot or hobo. He’s just lovely and precious. There is something about him that you can’t find in other men. My Chunsa story may not be as special compared with others but Yoochun makes my life as a Chunsa very special and I will treasure this.

It’s not a first sight love I admit and since I’m not one to easily like actors, as I am quite picky in liking dramas and liking the actors at the same time. When I started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal I already liked his acting but didn’t declare myself as his fan yet until I watched Rooftop Prince. I was really thankful that our system at the office was down during that time haha. I couldn’t do any work and I was bored to death so I chose to watch Rooftop Prince.

And this actor Park Yoochun left me an amazing impression with his 1st scene. I still can’t forget his flowing tears when he saw his crown princess drowning in the lake. For me, for his first scene to have that sorrowful feeling while the love feelings weren’t built yet, it was not easy to portray and I was very impressed. I finished that drama in 3 days and the wanting to know more about him was killing me.

Rooftop.Prince.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.720p-ione Ultimate.mp4_000277210

Rooftop.Prince.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.720p-ione Ultimate.mp4_000304842

I searched his videos and learned that he is a member of JYJ. I’m sorry because I’m not a KPop fan so my knowledge about KPop was quite limited. I found one fancam focused on him where he  was singing IN HEAVEN. This is where my interest in him went further. I was spellbound! I was like, who is this guy, how the hell can he give such great expressions when singing? After some searches, I came to know why it was hard to see JYJ news/music videos on my local TV. Knowing their obstacle in the Kpop industry made me adore and respect JYJ more. And thank goodness their music is just nicely suited to my ears. Because of Yoochun, I learned about JYJ and followed them too. And hey, Yoochun can rap plus with his deep husky voice I can’t help but adore him even more.

Back to Yoochun’s journey as an actor because I am still amazed to see this idol-actor’s acting level honestly. I checked his filmography 1st because I was pretty sure I still had not watched some of his works and there was Miss Ripley. I still remember how I was hesitant to buy the DVD since I always get frustrated when I started to like someone but ended up disappointed with their next project. After some research, I finally bought the DVD and watched it. I read various comments though, but I liked how he changed himself, especially in the 2nd half. BTW, I shouldn’t have to explain much about the story and character right?


And he continued to amaze me in melodrama I Miss You, action-packed Three Days and his 1st debut film, Haemoo, for which he received 9 awards for his Dongshik character. Then and now, I want to learn more about him so I google him, watch more videos from his old group DBSK and current JYJ. I read almost all his news. Thankfully there are so many Yoochun sites, be it for JYJ or individual and they make it so easy to learn more about him.

And I still remember when I declared myself to be his fan. I was afraid to watch other dramas just because I was afraid I might be tempted to turn to other guys haha. I’m not kidding, I was on hiatus from watching dramas for about half a year until I challenged myself. At first I failed to finish the drama since I would always imagine him playing that character. But now I can proudly say, I have already overcome it. I can watch any drama or movie because no matter how I like the drama or film, this Park Yoochun still stay strong in my mind and in my heart. Seriously asking now, who are you really Park Yoochun? 😀

And I never thought I will join Chunsa & JYJ events too. It never ever crossed my mind that I will like him to that extent really! He’s the 1st person who made me crazy but of course not to the extent of stalking him. Don’t worry, I still know the boundaries. I went to Chunsa/JYJ’s events, I went to JYJ concert, I went to MicKiss and met his auntie, I bought his merchandise, I created a blog just for him, I google his news like every time whenever I am free. This only ever happened for this magical man called Park Yoochun because I’m still under his spell and there is no other spell that could undo his spell. There is no medicine to cure this disease yet, if this is a disease. And you know what, I don’t wish to be cured, I don’t wish to be free from his spell honestly, because I’m happy with it so why should I want to be free from it? I’m so proud to be his fan, I’m glad to see his achievements even though sometimes I want more from him. I will proudly wait for him because this man deserves our love and support.

You have proved to us Park Yoochun that you can play any role, the only one left is being a villain hehe. I’m waiting for that, I’m completely serious here, okay? And your role as a seaman, Dongshik, you put on some weight, wearing baggy clothes, living like Dongshik even after the film has wrapped up, but THOSE never changed my love and support at all. Long live my dear Park Yoochun, please comeback safe and sound and handsome and manly (hahaha just kidding)! Just be Park Yoochun. That’s all. Because besides your talent and good looks, it’s your attitude that makes you lovable and so special in my eyes. You taught me how to be a patient person, to be grateful and keep a low profile but still work so hard! Keep that attitude my dearest Park Yoochun! Manse ~~~~ XDDD (long live).




Written by:  A Mysterious Chunsa

(Photos and video/GIF credits to owners)



9 thoughts on “Spellbound”

  1. @A Mysterious Chunsa
    Welcome to Pages! So glad you shared your story here, thank you…
    Hey girl, wow! what a lovely and very fun chunsa story!
    I love every bit and agree with you with almost everything you said! hahaha!

    I liked this one particularly :
    “There is no medicine to cure this disease yet, if this is a disease. And you know what, I don’t wish to be cured, I don’t wish to be free from his spell honestly, because I’m happy with it so why should I want to be free from it? ” – mysterious chunsa
    —— ME TOO !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    wow I’m glad to know you liked Miss Ripley too! but I became a chunsa too in RTP, coz I ignored him so many times aigoo! anyways
    I love Mr. Song really… I noticed the changed of his character on 2nd half.. I liked it too… ❤
    but some chunsas (here-LOL) have not tried or have not finished Miss Ripley hahaha! but don't worry, they love Yuchun so much too, just can't bear the story hahaha! some have watched SKKS for the nth time hahaha!
    omg, you are really funny!
    that Manse ~ long live ahahaha! very very apt – nice! you include it seriously? LOL! daebak!
    aigoo! 🙂


  2. @alyne6002, Hey! Are you talking about me ? – “some chunsa have not tried or have not finished Miss Ripley ” .

    OK , OK, I have promised Pink Sapphire I will finish watching Miss Ripley when our dear Chunnie is doing his service for his country ! BUT I am so tempted to add another viewing of SKKS to my watchlist. How to forget my first love – Lee Seon Joon??

    @ A Mysterious Chunsa,
    “who is this guy, how the hell can he give such great expressions when singing? ”

    Ha ha! I just had to watch the ” In Heaven” clip again to see what you mean. And you are so right. How the “hell” could he express “heaven” so well ?

    Because he has acting in his DNA.

    And I was so besotted by his good looks. I was actually distracted by his beautiful face and forgot he was singing. Yes, every time, I see his face ( except for his chubby days in “3 days” and “Haemoo” ) , I always say this under my breath ” What a beautiful face.”. “Handsome” is everywhere. But “beautiful” is reserved for divine good looks for people like Park Yu Chun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Yc Love, you had to pick this line huh? “who is this guy, how the hell can he give such great expressions when singing?” The first time I read Mysterious Chunsa’s story, that was the line that caught my eye haha! Because that was exactly my question when I got addicted to that video. “Who the heck is this guy??!!!” But it didn’t stop there. There were a lot of times after that when I had to ask that question again and again. IN. AWE. 😀


  3. @YC Love,
    hahaha! yup. plus another chunsa (here-LOL) toinks! 🙂
    well, ok, I know you are still under Lee Sun Jun’s spell, ok no problem, you watch SKKS again but,
    please give Mr. Song a chance hehehe! LOL!

    “But “beautiful” is reserved for divine good looks for people like Park Yu Chun.” – YC Love
    —- OK True! Very well said ❤


  4. @alyne6002, Ha ha! I will give Mr Song a chance. Meantime , enjoy your holiday !

    BTW, when you exclaim Manse ! ,are you by any chance saying Manse , the youngest Song ( no, not THAT Song from Miss Ripley ) triplet looks like uri Yu Chun when he was a kid? Many Chunsas seem to think so. 🙂


  5. Thank you, @Mysterious Chunsa, for sharing you lovely story at Pages.

    That first scene that got you was also trap #1 for me. I cried buckets of ugly tears during that scene, he was that good!

    That Manse there, I thought it was Song Manse and I was wondering why you mentioned the little boy’s name haha! Until I saw the enclosed long live. I was like, “Ohh so that’s what manse means!” Haha! Unintended pun? 😀


  6. @JellyBean,
    who is the chunsa who have not watch Miss Ripley?
    well that chunsa just told me, she will watch MR soon, I think she reads comments here toinks! 🙂

    you did not know the meaning of manse? well I know about it… ahaha!

    and so after reading it, here, when @Mysterious Chunsa included it in her story…
    I totally understand and laughing hard coz… she is referring to the “real” meaning of manse while also its (intended) pun… coz cute little Song Manse really really looks like Yuchun hahaha!
    that helped me recognized who is mysterious chunsa – when she use that manse and that Save the Children – Yuchun Knit GIF kkk! 🙂

    @YC Love
    thank you haha! … enjoy your long vacation too hehe!!!
    and ok, I’ll hope that you will give chaebol Mr. Song a chance… just like the other chunsa have just told me she will watch it soon… kkk! 🙂


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