A Chunsa’s Thoughts On Yuchun’s Enlistment


Written by:  Pink Sapphire


Photo used cr. to owner



One thought on “A Chunsa’s Thoughts On Yuchun’s Enlistment”

  1. @pink sapphire, Ha ha ! That doesn’t sound like a mother waiting calmly for her son to be drafted into the army! All mums face some anxiety over potential accidents that may happen during training.

    Popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk who was drafted on the same day as Jae Joong, had already been pre-maturedly discharged due to a serious knee injury sustained during training.

    I marvel you for your calmness. I worried over Yu Chun as he has the tendency to get injured during his filming activities.Thankfully his injuries were minor and having a desk job now should be safe unless he trips over his paper clips and his face cracks the glass top of the photocopier.:)


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