From Vietnam, With Love

From Vietnam with love - 1

From Vietnam with love - 2

Vietnamese Translation HERE

Written by: Nguyễn Thanh Hà

Vietname flag

Photos used credit to ladyM, Osen & News 1



9 thoughts on “From Vietnam, With Love”

  1. @Nguyễn Thanh Hà, ha ha! You are not much different from most of us. How many of us thought Yu Chun was handsome the first time we met him in dramas ? None, I believe. But you did very well to fall for him immediately when you saw him walking in the airport , of all places !!

    Welcome to the “Waiting for Yu Chun Club”. We can keep each other occupied the next 2 years. 🙂


    1. @Yc Love, I did find Lee Gak handsome, especially when he was teasing Buyong. It’s just that I didn’t “fall” for him in that instant. Now, had I seen him at the airport just like Hà did, walking like a glowing vision in that white, neat shirt and black pants, he would have had my heart right there and then haha!

      I’d like to ask Hà something. It’s easy to find someone handsome when he’s the only one in the crowd who’s handsome, right? But there were three handsome guys there, one was even out-of-this-world handsome! So why Yoochun? I was talking to another Chunsa the other night and she was telling me about her friend who had another bias but when she saw them she just couldn’t take her eyes off Yoochun. What is with this guy anyway? 😵


      1. Yes, quite many people say that Yuchun seems not to be so outstanding when he’s with JJ and JS. But the time I saw them walked out Tan Son Nhat airport, the only one that caught my eyes was only Yuchun. I loved the way he walked, the way he held the phone and especially the white shirt. He was not that handsome, but tidy, plain, and a little bit reserved. I knew he had been an idol for a long time, he was so skillful with the media and knew exactly how to appear perfectly at the airport, but what I saw was that he didn’t try to shine :)) I thought it had been something under that handsome appearance that I desperately wanted to discover.

        I’d just type a lot then the comment disappeared and I have to re-type. This is the second version, hope that I remember it all :))))


      2. @Hà, I would agree with you that he doesn’t try to shine. That’s Yoochun in a nutshell. But he shines anyway. He shines, he shines! Now why does that sound familiar? Ohhh it’s Grandma of Four’s poem for Yoochun haha! He tries not to stand out but he stands out anyway. Not outstanding? But he so is haha! Now I realize even Chunsas see him differently. But no matter how different we see him, we love him anyway. Maybe we just have different definitions of “handsome”. He definitely fits mine to a T haha! My “handsome” has to have flaws but is able to eclipse the perfect ones, maybe because of and/or despite of the flaws. And it has to be a complete package, not just the physical. And the aura, it has to be there or everything else will just make you scratch your head and say “there’s something missing.”

        I’m rambling, aren’t I? Haha! Sorry, when I get started on how handsome Yoochun is, it’s so hard to stop haha!


      3. Haha I think we need a forum or even a page just for Chunsa to tell about how handsome Yuchun is and how they define “handsome” :)) Anyway, I agree with you that we share the same love and the difference itself makes it more interesting :))


  2. My family and friends tease me a lot that I may become an old maid too if I continue fangirl~ing over Yoochun. They told to me to stop and forget YC. Instead, find someone and settle down. But ottoke?! Even if I’m worried I may become one, I cant stop liking Yoochun. HAHA ❤ ❤


    1. @Lei, you’re too young to worry about being an old maid because of your fangirl-ing over Yoochun. Just don’t try to compare (physically or otherwise) every guy you meet with him! Or else you really have much to be concerned about haha! 😜


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