How Do I Feel About Park Yuchun?

“A good ear for music, and a taste for music are two very different things which are often confounded ; and so is comprehending and enjoying every object of sense and sentiment.” – Greville

This quote reminds me of Park Yu Chun. Why? I will explain in a while.

How does womankind feel about him? For flushed teenyboppers, he is our symbol of sensual delight. For bashful ajummas, he is our object of sentimental endearment. These two classes of skirt wearers are no different when it comes to loving Yu Chun if you do not check the age on their passports.

I am not allowed to enter kindergarten grounds to interview toddlers so I cannot advocate for them. The noonas are a sandwich class, who can speak for themselves.

Did I miss out any other women who are dying for a piece of Yu Chun? Mermaids do not count. They are slimy characters we do not want associated with Yu Chun.

I do not want to talk about mankind who must be wondering why their wives are not cooking dinners whenever JYJ concerts are in town. And why their girlfriends prefer them to sing “My Girlfriend” (composed by Yu Chun) on Valentine’s Day instead of demanding for diamonds.

Do teens and ajummas have exquisite taste in music like Yu Chun? So they understand what is good music?

Or do these teens represent power by sheer numbers when they descend on YuChun, whether at his fan meetings or JYJ concerts?

And who are these ajummas who are no longer the subjugated women of the Joseon period, reminiscent of Kim Yoon Hee of the Syungkyungkwan Scandal (SKKS)? These sweet ajummas are the epitome of the movers and shakers of the entertainment world. They thank the spirited and spunky Kim Yoon Hee who fell in love with Lee Seon Joon, on their behalf.

In their heart of hearts, they must have imagined Lee Seon Joon is Yu Chun, seductively removing their cumbersome hats in an elevator that never works. Doesn’t matter if the elevator is cramped. The more cramped the better. So there is more skinship with Yu Chun.


They are all willing to wait for their turns for the hat removal ritual while an ambulance is waiting outside. Ajummas’ hearts are no longer nubile and it is wise for medical assistance to be on standby. Ah! Yu Chun, would you perform CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) as an added service besides removing the ladies’ hats?


These ajummas have the time and resources to let their love for Yu Chun overflow into helping underprivileged children. To donating tons of rice to charity. To even starting a new internet radio network in 2011.

These ajummas echo Lee Seon Joon when JYJ sees doors of TV stations slammed in their faces. They assure Yu Chun and his two JYJ team members “ If you need a miracle, we will create one for you.” Just like how Lee Seon Joon assures the hapless Kim Yoon Hee before the archery competition. The poor girl doesn’t know that a bow is not something pretty you pin on your hair if it is short. And an arrow is not something you stick into a chignon bun to hold it up if your hair is long.

So when the internet radio station was birthed on 3 March 2011 in South Korea, it was attended by these ajummas as midwives. Great scriptwriting in SKKS in the 15th century turning into reality in modern day Seoul. Give yourself a pat, Miss Scriptwriter of SKKS, for your miraculous statement. You wrote a drama. But you should get a social award for moving an army of midlife citizens into action. You have a thing or two to teach clueless politicians. Consider getting these ajummas to help you write SKKS Part 2. Starring Yu Chun again, of course. In Part 2, we want to know how he is progressing with the bedroom techniques he is learning from the little red book given by the player Yeo Rim.

As what Greville noted – comprehending and enjoying –   are different things that stump us. A noona fan ( didn’t I tell you noonas are such clear minded creatures ) has wisely advised me – stop analysing why you love Yu Chun. Just love him.

Mr Greville, wherever you are now, I hope you get a chance to watch Yu Chun in JYJ and his dramas in your celestial existence. You will then comprehend why we wax lyrical over this object of our love.

I may not comprehend Yu Chun. But I enjoy him.

Thank you, Mr Greville, for telling me the difference.

Written by: YC Love


Photo credit to owners

Originally shared by Park Yoochun Singapore Global Fan Club



5 thoughts on “How Do I Feel About Park Yuchun?”

  1. @Pink Sapphire, actually amongst all Yu Chun’s love scenes in his dramas, there are a few I re-wind non-stop.The SKKS elevator scene is one of them. Didn’t you see how sexy and seductive Lee Seon Joon was when he removed his hat and Kim Yoon Shik’s? It’s like making love in the most legitimate and artistic way.

    It’s as sexy as the one where Lee Gak’s kissed Pak Ha at their wedding before his body disintegrated into thin air.

    These 2 scenes are the best kissing scenes for me. Just look at those dreamy eyes of his. Makes me dream……


    1. @YC Love, I was going to post the GIF here at comment section but I couldn’t, I still don’t know how to make some things work haha. So I just updated your article and put it up there. 😜


  2. @Jellybean, I revisited this post today and was surprised to see the GIFs and your comments clarified why. Sorry I only saw your hard work today. 3 months late !


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